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  1. Longest since last find

    I should have  waited for the February update.  Today I found FTFC #59 - Deja vu  GC1K8WW.  It was last found by Texas Writer in January of 2014.  It was muddy but not a bad walk in the woods.  If someone else should go for it, be smarter than me and take a fresh baggie and log.  I left some fresh paper but the next rain will probably get it too.
  2. Lab caches in Bastrop?

    I feel kind of dumb.  I have clicked on all the links I can find on these lab caches and I still don't have a clue as to what I should do.  Do you download something?  Is there any kind of a printout?  I am pretty much at a loss.
  3. SETX Hunt Team T shirts 2014

    I would go for grey.  I wear last years shirt in the summer and black may make me look slimmer (a vain hope) but I am less likely to expire from heat exhaustion in grey.
  4. Ms Bentttandem and I should be there to hunt. Our daughter and family will probably join us. They live in Austin but have always hunted with us.
  5. Sharing of accommodations

    We had planned to have our daughter and her family with us this weekend. We now find they cannot attend. We have a 2 bedroom condo rented. If anyone wants the other bedroom the cost would be $158 for 2 nites, Friday and Saturday. Let me know if you are interested. email
  6. 2013 Armand Bayou CITO Spring Cleaning Sunday - 4/21/13

    If you are planning to attend this event and are in the market for a boat, you might want to check out AKC's in the water boat demo days on April 13th and 14th. They say they will have 80 or more kayaks, paddle boards available to try at no cost or obligation. April 13th is in Missouri City at Independence Park (on Court Road) from 10 till 4. April 14th is in Elizabeth Kaiser Meyer Park (near Stubner Airline and Cypresswood) from 10 to 4. If you have any interest visit their web site at This is a good chance to try out a lot of different kayaks and be ready for the event.
  7. International Earth Cache Day - October 14th

    I took Houston Control's advice and did the Long Point Fault Earthcache today. It was an easy one that you didn't have to get out of your car to claim. I got the Armand Bayou Earthcache but that was yesterday at the kayak event.
  8. WE WON!

    I guess all the scratches, the cold and the wet was worth it. Climbing trees is a little hard for us old folks but is a lot of fun. Our little team was great and ready to try anything. Great job Gsguru. The Challenge is always fun but winning is a lot of fun too. The tech suppport was excellent. Way to go SETX!!
  9. Dixie, our daughter-LukenKyle, and myself plan to be there and to be on the hunt team. We are looking forward to another Challenge.
  10. Will Cache for Food #8

    Bump  GC30JXY  6PM till
  11. Heading to Austin Any Recommended Caches

    We visit our daughter in Austin quite often so here are some of our favorites. Indiana Jones and the Golden Skull    GC24T47  a puzzle Majestic Oak  GC1CM1P Pokemon Trivia Cache  GC1BT13  a puzzle  (hard if you are not a Pokemon fanatic) These three are all on a trail in NW Austin. EENIE MEENIE MINEE MO; WHICH WAY DO I GO?  GCQ42B Walnut Creek Park Caches - There are a lot of them.  North Austin near Parmer and I35 Area 51  GC!CDJH Is this the end or only the begining    GCTG0V  our daughters cache so it has to go in. Search around the two Walnut Creek caches and you will find lots of caches. If you decide to do any of those and get stuck give me a call 713 818-9273 and Ill try to help.
  12. Will Cache for Food #8

    The 8th "Will Cache for Food" event will be held August 8, at Fuddruckers in The Fountains.   The address is 11445 Fountain Lake Dr., Stafford, Texas.  Lat 29 38.298  Lon 95 35.026.  Dine or visit from 6pm till    For information contact the Pindroppers74 or Benttandem. See event cache  GC30JXY
  13. 2010 Awards event

    Senior moment - I forgot theday.  Who won?
  14. GeoWoodstock IX

    Niagara Falls isn't far away and Dixie has always wanted to see the falls.  This may be a great chance for us.
  15. Texas Challenge 2011 Event - Kick-off Meeting

    I'll attend the meeting and will try to bring Dixie along also.  We can help with most anything.