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  1. Benttandem added a post in a topic Hairy trees   

    There is a cache in Austin where you have to stick your hand in a mass like that to get a container.
  2. Benttandem added a post in a topic Critters seen while caching   

    No pictures but from the look of my hand I found at least four @#$%%& fire ants.
  3. Benttandem added a topic in General Discussion   

    George Bush Park Bike Trails
    I tried biking from the equestrian parking lot up to I-10 today.  The HIGH WATER sign wasn't kidding.  It looked like a mile or so of the trail was under water.  I turned and went west from the parking lot and that was OK.  The ditches were full but the trail was dry.  It turned out to be a pretty good day for wildlife.  On the way to the soccer fields on the west edge of the park a coyote crossed the path in front of me.  I doubled back down Westheimer Parkway to the baseball fields and picked up the trails that lead on out past Hwy 99.  I spotted two cottontails, a couple of rosette spoonbills, a flock of ibsis, several great egrets and one fairly large alligator that seemed to be stalking a great egret.  I have noticed that after a good rain bird watching gets really good out here.  As I was riding, I got to musing about the old saying "Does a bear go in the woods" (this is the family friendly version).  My thought was - does a feral pig go in the woods.  My answer would have to be no!  He goes on the bike trail!  This usually isn't a problem if you are paying attention and the scat is dry.  If, however, it is wet and you are not paying attention, your bicycle wheel can spread it around in unwanted places. The pigs can be a real hazard.  If a bear was around, he would probably do the same thing.  G B Park is a great place to ride but it does benefit you to pay attention in even the quietest and most secluded places.     
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  4. Benttandem added a post in a topic 2015 TXGA Challenge in Lubbock - March   

    The local bicycle club used to rent a tour bus for trips to places like Colorado.  I don't think the per person cost was very high.  You would still need a motel room. 
  5. Benttandem added a post in a topic The obligatory Congratulations thread   

    Congratulations to Cook Cachers for hitting 4000!
  6. Benttandem added a post in a topic Roll Call! Who's going and when?   

    We plan to leave Friday morning and get there around 12 or 1.  Staying at Comfort Inn.  Buckeys at 8 sounds good.
  7. Benttandem added a post in a topic Lab caches in Bastrop?   

    I feel kind of dumb.  I have clicked on all the links I can find on these lab caches and I still don't have a clue as to what I should do.  Do you download something?  Is there any kind of a printout?  I am pretty much at a loss.
  8. Benttandem added a post in a topic SETX Hunt Team T shirts 2014   

    I would go for grey.  I wear last years shirt in the summer and black may make me look slimmer (a vain hope) but I am less likely to expire from heat exhaustion in grey.
  9. Benttandem added a post in a topic New Years Resolutions Caching Style   

    Lets see:
    Complete 4000 caches.
    Complete 700 puzzles
    Learn to get back in a capsized kayak.
    All doable but doubtful.
  10. Benttandem added a post in a topic 52 Week Challenge Complete   

    Congratulations!  That takes real determination.  I would guess the quest for the plate helped a bit - and you got them both.  Way to go! 
  11. Benttandem added a post in a topic Longest since last find   

    Ah, fendmar is my beta noir.  I have all kinds of his puzzles laying around that I can't solve.  I'll check this one out but it will probably another one that beats me up.
  12. Benttandem added a post in a topic Longest since last find   

    Riding the Rails III - I don't know if it is still there but contrary to the previous post, it has been solved.  In my case it was with a whole lot of help but others have solved the puzzle.  It is one of the hardest puzzles I have encountered.  It is a real challenge if it is still in place.
  13. Benttandem added a post in a topic Posting a DNF vs. Note when you don't get to GZ   

    I never feel bad about posting a DNF after searching thru that #$@% bamboo.
  14. Benttandem added a post in a topic Muggled...favorite stories   

    If I tried to pull that off, I would be like a friend I had in High School.  He went into the beer joint and asked for four four packs.  The clerk ask him how old he was and his reply was "I am 17 but would you sell it to me anyway".  
  15. Benttandem added a post in a topic Houston Control   

    Get better Larry. Dixie and I wish the best for you.