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  1. Road trip

    Well, we did our big road trip in effort to get 50 states eventually. Drove to SC, NC, TN, KY, IL.Of course also went through LA, GA MI and AR, but already had caches n those states. Only 5 states left to go: MI, WI, IN, OH and Hawaii.. Will do the 4 next year, AFTER winter, and Hawaii in January of 2019. Get the 50th state on our 50th anniversary cruise out of Los Angeles. Got 72 caches and drove 2800 miles. Had a great time. Mr & Mrs. Sugarlandians.
  2. Road trip

    Been a long time since we have posted here, but we just completed a 4,088 mile road trip! Won't say that we are working on getting a cache in every state, but it is beginning to look that way, We got caches this last week in KS, NE, SD, WY, ND MN, (Canada, just for the hell of it), IA and MO. The main point of this trip was to see Mount Rushmore, but as long as we are out there, why not pick up 68 caches? Had a great time and ready to go again. Turned over 2,300 caches, and now have 2,316.
  3. Road trip

    Who said we broke it up? We were zombies at the end of every day....we drove 8 to 11 hours every day.
  4. Road trip

    No. we only stay at Best Western and booked them all in advance.
  5. Oldest Caches

    We got MINGO, GC30, last week.
  6. Geocaching pet peeves.

    Do you have a pet peeve? I bumped into my #1 pet peeve this morning. I was going for a FTF on a new cache about a mile from my office in Pasadena. I was in decent business clothes and spent 15 minutes pushing through some brush to get to the cache, only to find out that someone else had made a FTF on it and had not bothere to log it. The FTF was yesterday, so they had time to do it. Folks, if you are #15 or 20 to find the cache, I could care less. But, if you are FTF, LOG IT! Let others know that the FTF is no longer available! (steps off soap box) btw, the cache is very nice for someone's first attempt...and the coords were spot on. GC4EXWH
  7. Geocaching pet peeves.

    Yes, and the person STILL has not logged that FTF.

    Congrats, Trea! We will be there eventually.

    Will toot our own milestone horn today. We finally got #2,000 today. Now I think she wants to do 3,000!
  10. Trip east

    We decided to give our county cache quest a break this past weekend, and instead decided to expand our state resume. Hopped on I-10 and headed east. Went through Louisiana (which we already had), Mississippa, Alabama, Florida panhandle and snuck up into Georgia for one cache. I had never been in Florida and Georgia. Drove 1580 miles and all deer population is intact. Didn't get a lot of caches, but the state map looks better.
  11. County cache dash

    Well, we did it this past weekend and it was quite scary. Left Friday morning the 27th headed north hoping to get 35 counties all weekend. We rented a Nissan Cube from Enterprise (was all they had). Friday night at about 10:30, in Foard County., we hit a deer at about 60mph. Mrs says I never hit the brake. I think I may have for a microsecond but it did not slow us down a bit. It was a large doe and the front end of the car was demolished. Air bags deployed and I really thought the car was on fire because of the smells and fog from the airbag propellants and powders they use. The deer must have survived because there was no body anywhere. We were probably at that place for 2.5 hours alltogether with the sheriff deputy and then waiting on the wrecker. In all that time not a single car passed. I talked to the county sheriff today and he said that is probably the lonliest stretch of highway in Texas, and he has known people that broke down on that road and been stuck there for 24 hours. Thank God for a cell signal to call 911! We were towed to Vernon, Texas and got a good rate in a brand new Hampton Inn there thanks to the wrecker driver. Lost about half a day the next day waiting on a replacement car to be brought to us from Wichata Falls. We were not injured but pretty well shaken up. We contimued with an abbreviated trip that took us all the way out to Muleshoe. It was so late in the day that we did not cache on the way back to our hotel in Comanche,Texas, but got up Sunday morning and did a few counties then headed home. Did not get home until 10pm, though. Alltogether 35 caches in 30 counties. so almost got what we set out to get. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

    We hit 1500 last weekend. This coming weekend (27th, 28th and 29th) we hope to get 35 counties on a dash that will take us to Muleshoe and back. Pray for no cold fronts and blizzards.
  13. Texas County Challenge

    We did a run to the panhandle over 4th of July weekend. Got 36 counties and crept up across the Oklahoma panhandle to get a cache in Colorado. Drove 2122 miles. This sport was fun when gas was cheaper.
  14. Funny

    OK, have seen some funny/strange logs posted on various caches, but this typo takes the cake. Cacher's name left out to prevent embarrassment: Quote Out doing some caching since I had the day off from work. Once I got to GZ I realized I left my porn in the car! After making the trip back I left a pen in the cache just in case the next cacher forgets like me. Tftf. TN. Sl. Unquote You just HAVE to remember to take the important stuff with you!
  15. Funny

    I thought that, too, but nothing indicated that it was sent by phone. And "pen" was used later in the log just fine.
  16. !

    2nd full day at sea and about 24 hours from Jamaica. Hope to find at least 1 cache in each port of call. Internet is EXPENSIVE on boards ship. Take care, friends.
  17. !

    She was.
  18. !

    Well, we are back and got caches in all 3 countries. Trip was great despite the pall put on it after sailing from Cozumel by a guy going overboard and could not be found. Sad.
  19. !

    Reporting from far caches in Jamaica and Grand Cayman. Tomorrow Cozumel. Wish us luck.
  20. Willl cache for food

    Next one coming up on Monday the 12th.' I see on the calendar that it is a full moon that day. Will anyone turn into a werewolf?
  21. Hi from Katiexcore and baby k

    Welcome to the madness, Katie. Saw you even placed a cache almost on top of Mrs. Sugarlandian's office. She is looking forward to finding it some Thursday (the one day we don't carpool and she keeps the car).
  22. down?

    I cannot get onto the website at all...and wife's cgeo showed nothing today.

    Rather late but CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  24. Will Cache for Food #7

    Will cache for food is up. Hope to see you there
  25. Texas County Challenge

    We are toying with it. Up to 69 counties now but that barely scratches the surface...and the price of gas is a killer. Knocked off 9 East Texas counties this past weekend.