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  1. Geocoinfest 2014 in Houston!

    Where is Walter White Park located?
  2. These Burgers Sure Do Beat Poi

    Here is the listing. She got it written up.   Yes, we are seeing a Sista again.
  3. These Burgers Sure Do Beat Poi

    For our Geocaching friends, keep the date 11 March open for an event. This one's name is: "These Burgers Sure Do Beat Poi" and will be a Tuesday evening event running from 6:00 to 7:30pm. It's in the NASA area. Details will be upcoming.
  4. I Have a Dream... of getting the (S) CLAPS

    Don't they also sell Scuba gear?  
  5. Shoot Your Heart Out Event

    We are in for 2. Good idea!

    As a matter fact, yes they were. We didn't look into our gift bags till after returning home and were real happy with the contents. Now we have a use for those plastic tops we have been saving. The Dragon company had some really neat things in the bag too. Another event well done.  
  7. Geocoinfest 2014 in Houston!

    Nice! This will be really interesting.
  8. 2 Kemah Events - Sat. Oct. 19th

    We will be there with a bunch of Slaying Cancer, trackable geocoins for sale. A major portion of the sale of these is being donated to the Relay For Life by the coin owner. This is a fundraiser coin that some Beaumont cachers have going and they are supplying me with some to sell in our area. This is a whopping 3 inch wide coin. Wait till you see it in person. Look for us at the events.  

    Here is another event to celebrate the day. ZWÖLF - DOCE - TWAALF
  10. SETX Gang Octoberfest 2012

    We drove Dyfen and Zoothornrollo (ZHR) up with us for the fun. Had a blast too!
  11. SETX Gang Octoberfest 2012

    Headed that way if all works out well.
  12. ATMA Geo Limpics 2012

    Sick day!
  13. ATMA Geo Limpics 2012

    Here we go! Get ready for the fun. Our Geo Limpics Event is set to go. We are looking forward to having a good turnout again this time.
  14. San Antonio and Maze

    But I can tell you that Evergreen Aviation would be a nice place to visit. We were there a couple of years ago and it is really nice.