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  1. 7 or 11 Symbol Challenge Cache

    You will like this cache... Good luck with it.
  2. Geocoinfest 2014 in Houston!

    Where is Walter White Park located?
  3. Brenham Geotour geocoins arrived today

    Very much can be done in a day. An afternoon will be pushing it a bit.
  4. Another suspicious package

    That's a pretty good waste of an ammo can. I can't believe it didn't get muggled before the squad was able to get to it.
  5. Check Your Billing Address

    Just thinking about it. A friend received the bug but their label was printed to a different state. When they went in and looked at their billing address, it was shown as the same mistake as the label. That was an odd coincidence and might have been somehow tied into the mistake.
  6. Reflecting on the discussion about the last trackable address problems where people had wrong address information on their shipping labels, you may want to check on this... Go into your profile and have a look at the form of payment you have on file for annual membership and verify your billing address information. It may be wrong and needing a correction.
  7. Newbies double, triple logging caches

    It has happened to a lot of us where you hit the submit button and nothing happens so you hit it several more times. Next thing you know... BOOM, they all go in, resulting in multiple logs.
  8. Pig traps in George Bush Park

    I wonder if that is by design to allow the little ones to go in and out if nursing?
  9. Armand Bayou Water Hyacinth

    Wow, I have never see it that bad before.
  10. BBQBob2 Clementi - RIP

    I am happy to see the photo of Bob with the kayak. His interest in boating was high and he would have liked that being there.
  11. How Accurate is Google Earth?

    Not bad RMS Error.
  12. No caches in/near Seawolf Park

    If I remember right, years ago, there was a cache at the concrete ship.
  13. BBQBob2 Clementi - RIP

    Bob was a really neat guy. I will never forget him coming to events with his cute, little granddaughter, Emily. RIP Bob.
  14. New Free TB

    That would be a fun event. We received the socks a couple of weeks ago.
  15. Geo-tour app?

    I really enjoyed the GeoTour and would come back for both Tours. I really like the city of Brenham. I really like historic homes and historic stores and places. We totally agree with that. It is a very neat place.