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  1. GSAK Wrapper

    3.8 seconds? More like six minutes. Way more clicking than just learning to use the filter function. Interesting nonetheless. Hope it can do more than filter.
  2.   What???!??  Those still exist?   I do a fair amount of work in the Dallas Area and this still amazes me.  I was on their GIS database the other day and I bet it's the only only GIS database with a filter for "Alcohol Layers".
  3. Geocoinfest 2014 in Houston!

    Can somebody down that way spread some trash out at the park to make sure we have something for all these catchers to clean up?
  4. CLAPS Cachin' on the Bayou Post-Mega Paddle Event

    Not sure if I should start a new thread...   You think PR will have an issue if someone such as myself hosts a CITO on the Saturday of GCfest for those of us trying to grab as many icons in a day? 
  5. Need help hosting event for out of towner

    Wish I could but the time conflicts with Boy Scouts. So hard for me to do evening events. But if there was ever a significant draw, the Saucer is it for me.
  6. Back on topic, I posted this response:   Take it or leave it.  Frankly it was rather difficult to find the right web page and select and navigate on a smart phone web browser.  I had to go to the MEGA website and click link and then click another link and then click another link.  I don't know if they are officially supported in the official app, but the whole thing is still wonky.  For the record I use GeoSphere and GSAK and not the official iPhone app.   It most definitely is not the same Geocaching experience.  It feels separate and apart.  I really wish you would bring them back as virtuals and quit playing with them only at Megas.  The whole idea was the lab caches would be a laboratory experiment before making changes to GC.com.  Well now they are taking on a life of their own and being presented as rewards for being premium and attending mega events.  Stop it.  It has been eight months since they made their debut.  Quit playing around and do something.  Your leading question tells all:  Are you more likely to attend an event if it included Lab Caches?  That means you view them as incentive and not just a laboratory for development.  Furthermore, where is the subsequent concepts?  It is the same concept for the last eight months.   While you are at it, throw some development time and dollars at WhereIGo.  The tech has now caught up to the concept.  It is ready to be primed again.

    Now I see this thread about MOGA... Agree that TXGA should look into that. Bert - as rep this is now ur job.
  8. Revise Memorial Mob?

    Could be a gonner...
  9. Lab caches in Bastrop?

    I personally liked having the answers in the window and the opportunity to not interact.
  10. Revise Memorial Mob?

    Cool beans. Way to be a CO and take charge. You go girl. The arboretum is a wonderful spot and has nice trails. I wish I could attend and show You all my trail to FTFC 89 - it's not binary.
  11. Need help hosting event for out of towner

    I'm there. When is it?
  12. SETX Hunt Team T shirts 2014

    Can I pay with bitcoins? I've been looking for some place to spend them.
  13. Revise Memorial Mob?

    There is an easy way to this one.  Should be a 20' bushwhack. Look for an entry point to a gully around this very rough estimate N29°45.485' W095°26.975'.  The gully wends its way parallel with the bayou over to the final GZ.  There were a few downed trees to climb over, but nothing difficult. You will end up coming in south of GZ.
  14. Revise Memorial Mob?

    Back on the south side there are very few muggles that get back to the Buffalo Bayou Overlook cache. It's actually pretty easy to get there but only Tx Writer has gone back there since I adopted it.
  15. Revise Memorial Mob?

    I will help with that. Be sure to ask the arboretum to place caches on their property. There are some open spots in there. I've been wanting to do a multi in there (well it was going to be in Memorial but I have my spot to another project in the works).