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  1. Congratulations

    Congratulations Team Four Paw
  2. Car Insurance

    Thanks everyone who responded. Think I'm going with State Farm. Deb
  3. Car Insurance

    We are looking into changing auto insurance companies. State Farm seems to be the lowest between All State and Geico. Does anyone have State Farm? Seen different ratings an they are rated #2. I've noticed a big difference in monthly premium, $50.00 to $100.00 or more. Any idea why the big difference? Anyone delt with State Farm in processing claims? Thanks Deb and Jim
  4. Facebook

    Thanks everyone. I did a google search and found that ctrl 0 at the same time does the trick. Deb
  5. Facebook

    I was on facebook last night and was scrolling down when ths screen resolution went very small. How can I get it back to full screen? Its all in the middle of the page and the font looks like about a 3 or 4. Can anyone out there help me? Thanks Deb
  6. Electric Providers

    Thanks for all your posts. We decided to go with Infinante. Thanks SockPuppet.
  7. Electric Providers

    Thanks everyone for your input.
  8. Electric Providers

    What electric provider are you using and how does it comprare to Reliant. I know there are better ones out there. Just not sure of their service. Any input? Thanks Deb and Jim
  9. Look who I bumped into today while caching!

    What a great picture! I'll be smiling all day now. Jim
  10. Merry Christmas to All:)

    "on earth pease, good will toward men" Jim and Deb
  11. FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH . . . . .

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Jim
  12. Do we want to get a new mascot?

    Accually, Snoogans came up with it. He likes John Waters movies and he had access to a bunch of pink flamingos to mark our camp sites at the first challenge. It was really cool seeing flamingos everywhere. It sure did set us apart from everyone else! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069089/ Jim
  13. Fun Car Quiz

    88% They even had a 57' Pontiac , my first car. Jim
  14. One of my first calculators still works after 40 years

    Let me check, way in the back of my junk draw I think I have a slide rule that might still work. OOPS. I guess not. I can't find the manual. Jim
  15. American Literature

    As luck would have it I'm watching "of Mice and Men" with Gary Sinise and John Malkovich right now. It's been many years since I read the book in school, I'm 62 now, so I'm not to sure how closely the movie follows the book. I as I watch the movie I can see the other person's and Cook Cacher's reasoning. Maybe George did kill Lennie because he had become an inconvenience rather then out of compassion. There is a heck of a big difference between euthanasia and murder. I guess my younger eyes were not as cynical as these old eyes. I'll have to reread it. Thanks for the discussion on one of my favorite books. Jim