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  1. Well I went out today and found a cache (GCMHHM) that had not been found in a while. Actually it hadn't been found since November 3, 2005. Yes 2005. 14 Months. The cache has actually been archived due to the lack of tender loving care by its owner. Turns out, based on reading logs, that the owner was misled into thinking the cache was muggled. He then temp. disabled it. After not getting to it PA archived the cache. I didn't actually look at the page I just went to the coords I had. Bingo... walked right up to it. The cache now needs some lovin' as things are wet but it is still in good shape and the locatio is nice. Now my real question is what is the greatest gap between one of your finds and the last one on the cache?
  2. GPS to get to a street/block is OK but then the drivers need to use their eyes and look at the house numbers/addresses for the specific delivery.
  3. Is this what you saw?? An Egyptian Goose.
  4. I remember some of those views from my swim in the lake. I will be swimming again in April.
  5. Where is the trophy? According to the bug page it is still in the last cache.
  6. I have had major computer issues this summer and the solution is now in the mail. I hope to have this resolved in the next week or two, time permitting.
  7. I have a 4.25 (celestron 114) that I am interested in letting go of for the right price. Contact me...
  8. Congrats Gary?
  9. This Saturday Ironman Texas will be going on in The Woodlands. There will be lots of conjestion so I would recommend avoiding the area for caching. That being said if you want to see 2500 or so athletes competing in a 140.6 mile competition then come out and cheer these folks on, it is an unbelievable experience. And on a personal note you might just see me go by out there as I will be competing this year.
  10. Ok so those of you that were on the water today know that I lost my Vista to King Triton. Well I have already replaced it with a brand new 62s (Thanks Bass Pro Shop Closeout). Well I am trying to put the caching custom icons on the 62s and can't find the icons online or how exactly to do it. Any help? I did manage to talk Garmin into sending me a 2014 Map disk so that should be here by the end of the week. Yes I know I could get free maps from the web but wanted to see if I could get them from Garmin... I did. On last thing... does the device hold 2000 caches as caches or more. In reading through another thread I got totally confused. Thanks everyone.
  11. Is there a Houston-area Rudy's not in Texas? Depends on how big you call the Houston-area.
  12. Need some caches??? http://sellout.woot.com/offers/food-storage-sets-2-styles?ref=cnt_dly_img
  13. The page page has been updated. Sorry it has been a while since the last update due to issues. Thanks for the patience. http://home.comcast.net/~wberenzweig/SETX/HoustonBeaumont.html
  14. It is that time again when I start my MS150 fundraising for the Sam's Club MS150 in the DFW Metroplex. This year the ride will be May 2-3 and will finish day 2 in downtown Ft. Worth at Sundance square. My fundraising this year will actually be a supporting gesture to my big three events I plan to do in the first 5 months of the year... Houston Marathon, MS150, and Ironman Texas. All the fundraising will go to the National MS Society through my MS150 donation page. Thanks in advance... http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR/Bike/TXHBikeEvents?px=11667402&pg=personal&fr_id=24768
  15. Who says they plan to get them out alive. Once in the pen it makes it much easier to "hunt" them.
  16. I thought doors and tops were for garage decorations.
  17. In your pocket and use a real GPS.
  18. Sure Larry get him an old one then he has a vehicle to practice his rescues on. I mean that is all they are good for.
  19. Well here is my take on how Lab Caches are counted... It is stupid. 1. They count towards your total finds. 2. They don't count towards milestones (GC milestones list in your stats). 3. While some say they are counted like benchmarks they are not. My simple thought... either count them like benchmarks, ie they don't count in your find count or count them like finds and make them count towards milestones. Adding to the confusion is that they are not included in your found PQ so you have to add them to GSAK manually and then they don't have an icon either.... Thoughts???
  20. So I see that Soda Tube Trials #9: Pole Vaulting GC29H7W is on the list. Is this cache still there and just not found? I mean, it is visible.
  21. I wonder if she had already picked out a geocaching name for the baby... I am sure they had.
  22. Hoping to make it. It is a shame geo-pups aren't allowed.
  23. I got mine instantly. Remember thought the event has to be an official Makers event.
  24. I made a comment about how they are counted as finds but not milestones... made numbers counting confusing.
  25. I wish we could make this but I am volunteering at the Texas Iron Man in The Woodlands.