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  1. Lake WHAT?!?

    What is really sad is that we jumped to the word negro referring to a man of color. This area was settled by the Spanish first and the word Negro means black. I am sure the "name" for this was originally "Black Lake". I bet if we searched carefully we would find a lake within a hundred miles called Blanco Lake. Sent from TDW's iPhone using Tapatalk

    I thank all of you who have sent me kudos, but the truth is I decided that I wouldn't take this task on unless I had a solid group of volunteers. I cannot adequately thank all of those who were a part of this Sent from TDW's iPhone using Tapatalk Endeavor. This was genuinely a group effort and is proof that teamwork gets things done. Thank you to each of the volunteers. Sent from TDW's iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. 1) On the cache page (http://coord.info/GC5NTX8) there is a bookmark list of the rest of the events that will be happening during this extended weekend. We plan to start Thursday, March 10 at noon and finish up with a CITO on Sunday morning, March 13. We hope that you will be able to attend all of these events. Be sure and place these events on your WATCHLIST so that you do not miss any updates. 2) If you are planning to be in Brenham in March, we would appreciate you registering for the Challenge. Go to http://texasgeocaching.com/events/ . By registering you are entering your name into our database that will print nametags, sort out any purchased swag, etc. 3) Registering for the Challenge Event is imperative if you plan on competing. ONLY preregistered cachers are allowed to compete. The reason for this is that everyone is assigned a personalized scorecard for the competition. Competitiors are free to compete on any team of their choosing, but usually participate on the team from their region. Out-of-state contestants can compete on an Out-of-State Team or as a part of one of the Texas Regional Teams. When you indicate that you want to compete but have no preference to which team you would prefer, then you will be assigned to a team. 4) Unfortunately, the TXGA data base doesn't interface with groundspeak.com. That is why we also need you to post a WILL ATTEND on the actual event pages. This lets groundspeak see if this event is truly going to make mega status or not. 5) We have some local hotels and BnB's giving us special deals. Go to VisitBrenham.com for more information on accommodations and don't forget the info about the GeoTour (http://www.visitbrenhamtexas.com/geocaching/). 6) Finally, we are still planning and coordinating so place all of the events on the bookmark list on your WATCHLIST. Also you might want to subscribe to our 2016 Texas Challenge FACEBOOK page (https://www.facebook.com/2016-Texas-Challenge-in-Brenham-408631855996762/). Sorry for the long post, but the Host Committee wants everyone to have the most enjoyable time possible. We look forward to seeing you in March!
  4. Where in Houston can you buy travel bugs?

    Well, TravelingGeek has the best deal in town.... especially since I just got back from REI on Westheimer. According to Steve (SACruz) the geocacher who owns the cache in front of the store, REI no longer carries Groundspeak items because Groundspeak wouldn't allow REI to markup the price. In other words, if GC sold the item to REI for $2.50, they expected REI to sell it for $2.50. Uuuuh, Groundspeak, that is not the way our economy works. Bottom line, now you only have three choices: 1) Buy Travel Bugs online, 2) Buy them at a MegaEvent where vendors are present or 3) Convince TravelingGeek to meet you at your local pub. For my money, I think I will always prefer #3!
  5. I know that you can buy official GC.COM Travel Bug tags at REI, but is there another store in town? Sometimes I don't want to wait for someone online to ship it to me.
  6. Now at the Flying Saucer in Sugar Land with a bowl of chili and a beer. Sent from TDW's iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. ATTENTION ALL SETX / HGCS PUZZLE MASTERS: On Saturday Morning, March 14, the Texas Challenge starting gun will go off at 9:30 am. For everyone who is not driving up to Lubbock, there is still a way that you can help the team. We need folks sitting at home by their computers to solve the puzzles that we will be handed. Everyone is encouraged to lend us a hand. If you are a really good puzzle solver, you could be out of the house caching in Houston by 10:30am! Contact the Team Captain (Texas Dreamweaver) at txdrmwvr@gmail.com NOW to volunteer. Before the Texas Challenge Weekend, I will coordinate with you so that we can email you the puzzles at about 9:45 am on Saturday morning, March 14. The more puzzlers that vollunteer the faster the puzzles will be solved and more time allowed for those of us in Lubbock to find them. Thanks! *** Only geocachers who can read are eligible. Members of the homo neanderthalensis or homo sapiens neanderthalensis species are ineligible to participate under penalty of federal regulations. At no time was intelligence used in the composing of this announcement.
  8. Obviously an excellent idea, however next weekend is my wedding anniversary so that was a no go for me. After the drinking "planning" event in Sugar Land on Thursday evening, I will send everyone info on where we might be able to get together in Lubbock on Friday evening. In the meantime, if you have registered to compete, expect an email from me later today.
  9. Hey SETX! Challenge is one month away… and I can tell you that this year it is going to be really laid back. Due to the location, the teams are the smallest that we have seen in years. The SETX strategy will be to have FUN. We will NOT be going to go into "Ultimate Fighting” mode; however, we will attempt just enough organization to make the challenge FUN. Mainly we need someone to take charge of loading the coords into everyone’s GPS… and at this time that means 11 team members. We will also want to be able to communicate with each other. I have yet to receive the rules so I do not know if this years challenge will be strictly urban (and therefore have adequate cell tower coverage) or if the caches will be out on the edge of town in a park or nature area. That is the kind of stuff we will discuss at an EVENT scheduled in Sugar Land for Thursday evening, March 5 at 7pm. Informal, we are not even making reservations but will pull a couple of tables together at the Flying Saucer. FYI, even if you are not “participating” or even attending the Challenge, you are welcome at this event… so spread the word that everyone can get a smiley face along with their favorite ale. Gary Foster Texas Dreamweaver txdrmwvr@gmail.com
  10. Jason I will take you up on that offer if the team gets larger than 12.
  11. Woo Hoo we now have 8 "fun hunters".
  12. Tech team?? We have to have a tech team??? Thanks for the update. So far both on and off forum I know that we have 6 team members including Baytown Bert and myself. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens geocachers can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead
  13. After Water-boarding, Sleep deprivation, a turn on the rack, threats of donut boycotting and the reinstating of a TDW ONLY Prohibition Act , I have told our SETX Rep that I will serve as the 2015 SETX Team Captain. I figure since there will only be about 20-30 of SETX cachers attending in Lubbock, the aggravation factor vs the torture was a fair trade. The "Mean Flamigators" will be focused on one thing and one thing only ---- HAVING FUN. I will figure out when and where to hold a SETX Planning Event (just so we can all get a smiley). It is quite possible that the first and only meeting will be in Lubbock the night before the challenge.... at a beer hall or course! Details to come at a later time. For now, if everyone who is attending could let me know, I would appreciate it. BTW, Baytown Bert will be in charge of official correspondence, notifications, drug testing and ensuring that the game balls are properly inflated.
  14. Thanks, I should have looked it up instead of using my "fuzzy memory".
  15. I have absolutely ZERO first hand knowledge about camping, but I think that GZ is a convention facility near the center of town.