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  1. Fredericksburg - Places of interest

    Sorry, Bigjake. I didn't check this forum until just now. Hopefully you'll be able to get this, but just about everything was covered. There was this nice little out-of-the-way pie shop near the town square. Fredericksburg Pie Company, 108 E. Austin Street, Fredericksburg. They say they close at 5, but it's really when all their pies are gone, so don't wait until after supper! Go for lunch!
  2. Texas County Challenge

    Hey WTT-B2, that's what my fiancée is going to do. That's her official goal now. So, I get the county caches (and her too), but she is really after a picture of the courthouse now. Major congrats, HC! And congrats to those that have completed it. It's a huge long chore but oh so fun!
  3. Baytown Bert's A Cryin GC3B8ZZ Mashup June 23 0700

    If I forgo from personal hygiene I can be there by 7am.
  4. Baytown Bert's A Cryin GC3B8ZZ Mashup June 23 0700

    Count me in. Can I get a 7:15ish? I gotta come from Cypress these days!
  5. Texas County Challenge

    Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! I'm taking note of all of them!
  6. Texas County Challenge

    Hey guys, My fiancée and I have decided to complete the Texas County Challenge by June 1, 2014. I've searched this site but I can't find any posts regarding best practices, past experiences, and general information from those that completed it. Can someone post some links? I know it's here somewhere, I just can't find it with the keywords I'm using. Thanks!
  7. Fredericksburg - Places of interest

    Thanks guys! Writing all this down. Heading there now! The GF is especially excited about the tunnel. She's never heard of it and has been to Fredericksburg many times.
  8. Fredericksburg - Places of interest

    I will, thanks for the suggestions!
  9. Hey all! My girlfriend and I are going to visit Fredericksburg tomorrow for some goold ole German food, to enjoy the area, and to get some caches. The question is: Are there any really neat obscure shops or places to go there? I'm going to look at the most popular caches in the area and search online, but I was wondering if anyone on the board has some unique hole-in-the-wall-type places they can recommend. Thanks!
  10. I think Parentheses/Exponents can be interchanged the same way Multiplication/Division can be interchanged, as well as Addition/Subtraction (as long as you take the positive/negative with the right number). Do P/E left to right, M/D left to right, and A/S left to right. If you choose to go out of order it's not math's fault. If you want to force the calculators to do it right, use HC's suggestions.

    Yeah, I figured my name would be on the list. I am so NOT an FTF'er. Here's a clipping from my GSAK macro: 1 02/13/2010 GC23TW2 BNC - The Tall Silent Type 2 03/03/2010 18 days GC24F61 Gateway to History 3 03/17/2010 14 days GC24ZRC Hide & Seek 4 03/21/2010 4 days GC257WG Rusty Hands 5 05/01/2010 41 days GC275J9 TXGCC San Jacinto SHS 6 06/23/2010 53 days GC2AG7P Baybrook Place Trials #2 7 06/23/2010 0 days GC2AFBM Voltage 8 07/17/2010 24 days GC2BR0H BB's Well That's Your Problem Right There! 9 08/07/2010 21 days GC2CNVC BB's Psycho Bluejay Cache A small window from 2/2010 to 8/2010.
  12. Bidding has opened on GWX Playing Cards!

    What's with the 3 and 10 of clubs being reserved?
  13. My router died

    Black and Decker handheld routers are nice when you're trying to work on small projects. If you have bigger stuff, you can always use a tabletop Craftsman router. I have both and you're welcome to borrow either any time for a few days. Linksys/Cisco are really the best router for the $. They're cheap and run like a champ in my professional opinion. I've bought more than I can remember for customers and myself and have had almost zero problems with them. You can get a linksys router for $35-$50. If you're paying more for a router I just think you're spending more than you have to. D-Link is pretty much the worst mainstream brand you can get, but it may work just fine for you. Netgear isn't too bad, but they tend to be pricy. I think Wireless N is flawed and is the root of a lot of problems. Also, if you can swing it, I HIGHLY recommend to plug your equipment in WIRED instead of wireless. That removes a lot of headache too. All that said, I looked over at my router and see that I have a D-Link. I think in the last 6 months that I had it I had to reset it twice. Good luck, and you can't borrow my D-Link for a few days.
  14. Me and my lovely girlfriend are going to be attending and challenging!
  15. Texas Challenge almost mega

    But also I think that the GC.com HQ has to agree that it's really a "mega". Which I don't think there will be any question if we have 500+, just whether they will recognize it to be.