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  1. external GPS devices?

    Does anyone have any recent experience with one of the external GPS devices to be paired via bluetooth for phones and tables? I have pretty much always cached with an android phone (and all of the challenges that come with it), I read about the Garmen GLO about a year ago and the reviews turned me off of it, but it looks like a new crop of devices are available with most of them having good reviews. I am android based, love paperless caching, but hate the fact that I have to decide if I geocache based on how much battery life I have and a guestimate on how much time I would actually have based on the horrendous battery life using the internal GPSr. Is anyone using on of these? which ones and what are your experiences? Any other things an android based cacher should be considering to preserve battery life (cached or pocket queries for example). Thoughts?
  2. Cool new plans for Buffalo Bayou park
  3. West Nile Virus Epidemic

    Should not be a big surprise but it looks like Barker / Addicks reservoirs are the hotspot for Houston West Nile.
  4. I am about to head out of town for the weekend, thought I would drop a note in case anyone else was interested but did not know about the Perseids meteor shower this weekend. Saturday August 11th is Perseids meteor shower peak weekend for 2012. (but should be plenty visible tonight as well) It should peak between midnight and 4am. It also looks like a thumbnail waning crescent moon, that doesn’t rise until 1am or so, which is also excellent news as that sliver of moon will not light up the sky and distract from the meteor shower. If you have them, use red lights (does not effect night vision) (red saran wrap works), and have a nighttime picnic and watch the north east sky for the meteor shower. Go somewhere dark away from city lights and take your families if they have never seen one. Look to the northeast, depending on conditions you may see between 10 and 20 per hour or as much as 70 to 100 per hour. You can get more specific location information here for your state or even just generic info as well. Even if you miss the meteors, have a great weekend ...
  5. #0036

    nice. since I am out of the facebook loop I do not see all the nanja action, but glad to see you made it. You would have had my vote girl. Obviously you did not need it. . o O (Kinda silly to be a ninja on facebook if you ask me). whats "ninja" about an audience of 300 million?
  6. Picture Size on GC

    my vote for the rationale goes to making the picture fit within size constraints for width in the cache page. The idea being not to have horizontal scrolling for cache pages so they try to limit the allowable size of images so that at a baseline resolution, (call it 1024x768), the user will always have the screen full but in view. Thank goodness it's not 1999 where the baseline was 800x600.
  7. Chiggers SUCK! Remedies?

    for ticks, I have a tick tool I got somewhere (academy I think). I just searched and it looks like a few companies make them under the name tick key tickedoff ticktwister here is one of them .. Cant beat it. I will still use fingernail polish for chiggers. and what geocacher doesn't have an aveeno hydrocortisone tube or two? (I really do think it works better than generic hydrocortizone on itchies).
  8. Chiggers SUCK! Remedies?

    I agree with thacatfish, clear fingernail polish. been doing that since I was a kid and it works. and every man should have some clear fingernail polish in his toolbox, it's a great substitute for locktite.
  9. USB as Geocache and other type of Geocaches.

    I would not plug a usb in that I did not know the complete history of. I have done network design and security for financial tradefloors, datacenters for global fortune 5 companies and did a pretty large stint working on the infrastructure that powers the us power grid for nearly 15 years. (ercot, caliso, spp, pjm, miso, isone, other iso's and rto's). You would be amazed at what gets onto usb drives. Stuxnet for example was carried in on usb drives by seimens techs. A common attack venue of all corporations is to "litter" usb keys in the parking lot, smoking sections and outdoor eating/seating areas. People carry them in to look and see what they find and boom. Not no, but hell no. I would probably throw them in the trash on my way out of the park on general principle.
  10. C:geo update

    taz, in the live map screen hit the menu button. There is a new button called strategy that has some options on what to pull. They have a fast, faster, detailed, and maybe some others. I played with it when I wasn't getting a cache I knew should be on the live map and it came right up. Might be worth a look. I dont understand why the gpx loading is as slow as it is, I just dont understand what could be taking so long to parse what is essentially a text file.
  11. Trees in the Gulf

    Here is a sediment photo from satellite of the lower gulf coast. You can see the debris being flushed out, not only from the creeks, but all the oil and junk on the roads which end up in the stormwater drains and into the bays. This picture was from 3-22 but it shows how the sediment accumulates from the river deltas. (Brazos, Trinity, Colorado, San Bernard, etc). They all have the same characteristics.
  12. Trees in the Gulf

    I was fishing in Sargent last weekend and the water was heavily brown/red stained. Fishing in the canals around Caney Y area was a complete bust do to the heavy rain Thursday or so and the salinity of the creek and delta was way too fresh for the trout. At the beach it was the same thing fish-bite wise with deadwood everywhere. Not only is it the fires from last year, its the fact that the preceeding drought killed something like 10% of the trees in Texas and all of those are being flushed out too. Aside from catching a buzz, and getting a few caches from the area the fishing trip was a bust.
  13. Two casios, two TI's, one says 9, one says 1, an iphone says the answer is 2? I got a laugh out of this thinking about the folks who rely on calculators for lifes math needs. http://www.mathmagic...cs/CalcPuz.html
  14. Penny horders

    Not interested in the copper, but I do keep an eye out for old silver. Basically most silver coins made before 1964 are 90% silver. 11 dimes is an ounce, so with silver at 32 or more per ounce, a dime is generically worth 3 bucks at melt value if it is not worth more as a coin collectors want. If you get the older ones, (Barber "Liberty Head" dimes are 1892-1916, Mercury dimes were 1916-1945, Standing libert quarters were 1916-1930, and Frankline half dollars were good up to 1973), you can collect very nice numismatic value as well. I see these coins regularly in my change at the end of the day. All you have to do is hit the ATM (at your bank so you you dont get hit a fee) and pay cash when you buy things, these are out there in direct circulation.
  15. Mosquito Spray?

    Living in Texas I have been using mosquito spray since I was a child. It used to be "off" was the best one and I used it frequently. Looking at the label it is 13 or so percent deet these days. Since then I have used other brands and lately I have seen the sportsmens max from repel at 40% deet, and I have even bought the 100% deet spritzer spray bottle. The last time I was at academy they had a new one with 0% deet but a chemical I could not pronounce. I didn't try it because I wanted to stay with tried and true but wonder how it would have worked out.. So the question being - what is the best spray for mosquito's that you have tried? Is there a go-to? I wouldn't mind hearing about organic home-made blends if anyone has them. (...just hope it woks).