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  1. Texas A&M Health Study

    Hey there all, Wanted to let you k now that I also recd the recall for the email because they left something out or something like that. But if you signed up, you should still be in the study. I recd my little pedometer in the mail this week and tried it out, nothing hig-tech, just counts one digital # up when it gets jostled. Had to figure out just where to clip it on my waistband/hip to make it work. Had to adopt a little bit of the Grampa McCoy 'hitch-in-ur-git-along' and it worked fine. I also recd a little log book that was a bit confusing since it was asking for a cache id with each entry of steps made. I called and spoke with Whitney Garney who is listed as the Brazos Valley Regional Manager at 979/862-1212 and had a few questions for her. (She sounds like shes about 12 years old) Anyway, I explained about how some caches might just be one P&G and barely one step out of your vehicle or some could be just a handful and be on a 6 mile trail... how they are so varied and wanted to be clear about how precise we had to be about the # of steps per cache id. She was very sweet and I can tell she is just now realizing that there are a lot more variables they may need to consider in caching and also maybe adjust their anticipated outcomes. She said they were seeing that they were going to have to readjust a few things and that she had received quite a few calls about the same thing - the recording of steps per cache. She told me that they would like us to use the booklet for our notes in any way that made it easier for us to track our progress/steps. However a caching trip large or small worked out, just keep a record of the steps during the activity and have a total in the end. So, guess it's not so complicated afterall for me. Just write down the steps on the counter and maybe reference a particular cache that will reference that day or trip. Hope to see you guys in April down at Port A if not sooner.
  2. Delta Downs Commercial

    Ps ... By 'new one' I mean a cache - not a commercial
  3. Delta Downs Commercial

    Hi guys Yep, that's me. Sounds like you enjoy it. I'm glad and tickled that you recognized me did it make you wanna drive on over to Delta Downs? thanks for your kind words. I have a new one in Jesse Jones, kinda fun I'm told. Go by if you get a chance. Hope to see you on the trail soon. Ruthie/MWG
  4. 2011 Houston Area Geocaching Awards Event

    Ohhh Noooo .... I've had my head in the sand at work and didnt even see this was coming up! Thanks to Chris / Adventure777 who called me while the awards ceremony was going on although it was too late to be there. Thank you so much for recognizing my cache 'A Brown Bear Went in the Woods'. Ive gotten so many neat logs from finders on that one ... I think I really enjoy building and hiding caches the most just to hear about the fun and adventure (or mis-adventures) that fellow cachers have on the hunt! Thanks for all the 'Favorite' votes it has, I think that also encourages more cachers to go pay it a visit. Thanks again and again .... TFTV
  5. I think I can help out here if you still need help. I need to confirm with my work situation, I'll know by Monday. I have a screened type shelter and also one of those pop-up canopy things. Also have a cooler and a table and assorted chairs. Not sure what else you might have or can supply. I'm not any kind of professionally trained first aid person but I did raise 4 sons, several dogs, delivered kittens, fixed a broken wing on a duck ... revived a drowned turtle and am trusted with my grandkids overnight... Not sure if I can fill the Lead position with all the hours coming up at work but give me a few more details and we'll see.