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  1. Challenge Caches coming back with changes

    I am jumping up and down with excitement...
  2. Trackable Event Wed May 25th, 2016

    Gotcha covered Bro! If it wasn't on the busy side of town in work hour traffic, I would come.
  3. Trackable Event Wed May 25th, 2016

    Park & Gab 97th Edition - Another Trackable Event 5-25-16
  4. Do you have a good explanation?

    Just be candid and tell them it is a high-tech treasure hunt.
  5. Do you have a good explanation?

    I explain geocaching, plain and simple.
  6. Copying and pasting the code below into your cache listing makes a nice HGCS promo. <div align="center"> <table width="210"> <tr> <td> <hr> <div align="center">This cache placed by a<br> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src= "" alt= "Houston Geocaching Society" border="0"></a><br> Member<br> Come visit our <a href="" target= "_blank"><b>website</b></a>.</div> <hr></td></tr></table></div>
  7. Hello I'm a Newb!

    Welcome to the grand game! Go here for about anything you want to know about geocaching!
  8. A Jeep must have

    Nice! I have a small aluminum folding table, but I like this. Do you have a link?
  9. Houston Cistern o[pen to the public Friday the 13th

    Neal, you are something else! LOL
  10. Death of a Local Favorite???????

    Facebook took its place a long time ago. Online forums have fallen victim to short attention spans. The TXGA forum is also probably soon to go.
  11. Forum decline

    I have no clue to help you. I run a forum here in Baytown and it is active during the week and dead on weekends.
  12. Forum decline

    Well, I've did my share is all I can say.
  13. Tide Calculator for paddle caches

    Here is the one I have linked on
  14. My Last Cache

    Prime holds all the cards and even has his hands around the throat of Groundspeak. he makes a better friend than enemy. YMMV
  15. My Last Cache

    I am probably out of line here, but I say let a sleeping dog lie.