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  1. Tide Calculator for paddle caches

    Here is the one I have linked on
  2. My Last Cache

    Prime holds all the cards and even has his hands around the throat of Groundspeak. he makes a better friend than enemy. YMMV
  3. My Last Cache

    I am probably out of line here, but I say let a sleeping dog lie.
  4. Appealing a Reviewer Decision

    When they say no, I say okay. YMMV It happens now and again to me.
  5. Brazos Bend State park

    One of the main geocachers there is no longer active. (Brazos2011) Many of their caches have been found by veterans and are off the trail a good piece. I contacted another active cacher in the area (Versana) who told me this. What I am wondering is if this fellow archives their caches, is there a veteran cacher who would be willing to place a good number of new better hides (with Texas park's permission)? One of the problems I see with Brazos2011's caches is they are often fairly far off the trail for no real reason. If you ride your bike to get them, you risk having it stolen and with all the wildlife in the park, why disturb it when hunting for the cache by trampling out 250 feet?
  6. Lake WHAT?!?

    Har har! Poor ducks! They need to rename this one Black Aquatic Bird Bay.
  7. We are one week out! Each adult attendee to the (8am to 10am) CITO should get a Baytown Trash Bash t-shirt (I will have 10 and 10 large/x-large first come first serve). Immediately after this is the Nurture Nature Festival where the TXGA will have an educational booth. I have one volunteer to help so far and could use a few more. (Please contact me directly). I can get you a meal ticket. 10am to 4pm. This is an event especially designed to educate kids with a lot of hands on activities. NO PETS ALLOWED in the nature center. BB's (5)Blue Heron Parkway SETX CITO 4-9-16 and BB's TXGA Nurture Nature Event! 4-9-16
  8. Lake WHAT?!?

    2008 Discussion of a new name began when the county reached an agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation to take over responsibility for Battleground Road, which leads from 225 through San Jacinto State Park to the Lynchburg Ferry, and for Crosby-Lynchburg Road, which runs from Interstate 10 to the ferry. In exchange, the county received an overgrown piece of state property near Broadway and Loop 610 that Precinct 2 Commissioner Sylvia Garcia hopes to turn into a park. Crosby-Lynchburg Road also is defunct, renamed Independence Parkway North. A spokesman for Garcia said safety improvements are planned for both sections of the 4-mile road, as well as cosmetic changes to incorporate it into Project Stars, a broad effort within the San Jacinto Texas Historic District to promote historic tourism.
  9. Lake WHAT?!?

    What if it said Indianhead lake, would that be offensive to anyone? I am not for a wholesale renaming of everything every 50 years because folks are currently offended.
  10. Lake WHAT?!?

    I am well aware of this body of water. It was named that many years ago. The word negro is not a derogatory term, even though PC folks would like us to think it is. Negro: a member of a dark-skinned group of peoples originally native to Africa south of the Sahara.
  11. Who's Prime Reviewer

    Like Amberita, I always thank him for his volunteer service to the geocaching community. Going to war against any of the reviewers is the last thing I want to do.
  12. April 9, 2016 Baytown Events updater

    Here is what is happening in Baytown April 9th. BB's (6th) Blue Heron Parkway SETX CITO 4-9-16 will start at 0800. Hopefully everyone who attends (I per parent) will get a Keep Baytown Beautiful t-shirt (I am being given 20). The sizes are 10 large and 10 XL. I cannot get my hands on gloves the shirts until 0900 and have to have the booth set up at the Baytown Nature Center by 0930 for the BB's TXGA Nurture Nature Event! 4-9-16 so I can hand out the CITO shirts at this event. This is a city wide trash bash before the rescheduled Nurture Nature Festival. All of this was precipitated by the city and my desire to get a free t-shirt to everyone who does the CITO. The original date for the CITO was April 16th. I would like help at the booth to hand out TXGA literature and to talk to people about geocaching in general. Please contact me directly for details. The event there lasts from 10am to 4pm, so any time you can make it, you can log it. This is a free event and very, very educational and kid-friendly!
  13. How Many People Are Having This Problem?

    I only have one Premium cache and it's a Large, Letterbox, TB motel.
  14. Who's Prime Reviewer

    At our last Challenge, a cacher told me the guy "is really a great and friendly guy in person". He's a killer programmer who has written a lot of code Groundspeak uses and pretty much sits on a throne that holds hostage. That is my understanding. YMMV
  15. Repellents

    I've got a couple. They work if there is no wind and you are not moving.