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  1. We need a team captain for 2016!

    Our two captains are Julee Denton and Paulette Boudreaux! Contact them for more info!
  2. We need a team captain for 2016!

    I am excited to announce that we have two people who have stepped up to CoCaptain the hunt team for SETX at the Challenge! Add your name to this post to be contacted to be a hunter!
  3. We need a team captain for 2016!

    Please step up folks!
  4. Longest since last find

    De Astutia (FTFC#4)  archived!
  5. Helllooooo

    Well, you have come to the right place!  Welcome! 
  6. Listeria in Brenham Blue Bell

    It's not regular Listeria; it's Jade Helm 15 Listeria!
  7. Denied Cache

    How about this place instead?  N 31 33.076 W 83 31.964  It would be easy for your dad to locate that solo bush.
  8. Denied Cache

    Is it on the right away?  Can you move it closer to a fence?  Will you post the coordinates so we can look at it?
  9. Angleton bans PED's while driing

    Yea, I never touch mine.  LOL
  10. Angleton bans PED's while driing

    Ha ha!  The idiots banned Nuvi's and other navigational devices. WHAT IS A PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE (PED)? PED includes hand-held telephones, personal digital assistants, MP3 players, or other hand-held music players, electronic reading devices, laptop computers, pagers, broadband personal communication devices, global positioning systems (GPS) or navigation systems, electronic gaming devices and portable computing devices.
  11. Connecting a PC to an old TV

    Yea, I wasn't listening.  I called Stan last night and told him to connect an 8-Track player to it, coupled with a TRS-80 and a pair of jumper cables. 
  12. Connecting a PC to an old TV

    Okay.  What you need is a Chromecast. You will need Chrome as your browser to make it work.
  13. Connecting a PC to an old TV

    I have six 15" flat screen monitors in my closet.  You want one for free?
  14. BRAWNDO in Baytown Jan 2nd!

    If I'm not mistaken, we did BRAWNDO (Baytown Rugged And Wooded Naturally Dense Obstacle series) in 3.5 hours.  We wern't rushing, but tthe area is grown over considerably more than when I placed it 5.5 years ago. Here's GASTX:  
  15. Retiring my caches

    I find this to be very honorable and considerate.