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  1. Baytown Bert added a post in a topic strangest cache SWAG   

    Just this past week I did a trial run on all the caches in Jenkins park in Baytown before MarineBuck and I took the Outsiders Science club cache there.  In one cache was an unopened condom, which I removed.  Very weird seeing it was found by a reputable geocacher 2 months ago.
  2. Baytown Bert added a post in a topic Rite-In-The-Rain InkJet Paper   

    Thanks for the heads up.  I thought about using the water-proof paper and I would need a laser printer I guess.  I bookmarked the one you suggest.  I just go out and replace the gooey logs or rely on good folks to stab a log in when they go bad.  You know, the whole logging issue has changed over the years (to me anyway) where the online log is more important than the written one.  Of course, I want their John Hancock on the log, but if the log is bad, just toss one of mine and add a new one.  I have been using a couple of printers that "are broken" and tossed to the side that I resurrected.  I just buy new cat-ridges on eBay every so often and that is that.
  3. Baytown Bert added a post in a topic Geotour rape by GS   

    "We work with destinations and tourism offices that have a budget to pay for our assistance in creating a GeoTour program. We help develop and heavily market the GeoTour with special features and dedicated pages that highlight your destination with unique geocaches. It's a full year of global marketing and promotion.
    We do offer room for commercial sponsors (like your regional Visitors Bureau or nearby hotels) to be listed on the main page. This may be the perfect solution for smaller towns that have smaller budgets."
  4. Baytown Bert added a topic in General Discussion   

    Geotour rape by GS
    I am doing my best to raise awareness that Groundspeak has raised the price of hosting a geotour.  They now offer 3 packages ($5000, $7500, & $10,000 PER YEAR!)  They responded to my inquiry by saying city's should pull in local advertisers, such as hotels and restaurants for GS can get their pockets filled.  I am asking the TXGA leadership to submit a letter of discontent, then contact certain key players (example:  FTF magazine) in this game to possibly crowdsource the displeasure.  I am being told it will do no good.  I've heard this refrain all my life and didn't believe it as a kid and I sure as heck don't believe it now.
    The City of Baytown got the funding last year to do a $3000 a year geotour.  Not $5000-$10000.  I can hardly envision that GS can justify these steep programs.  What's next?  Offer $20 per cache hide so you can be listed?
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  5. Baytown Bert added a post in a topic Want to play a game?   

    Other than the heat, no.  Houstoncontrol sums up geocaching in our Texas Summer heat this way, "Geocaching here is a winter game".
  6. Baytown Bert added a post in a topic 2015 Lone Star Roundup   

    Has anyone tent camped there?  Which area is the most scenic?  It appears the cabins are expensive, but the night temps will be in the low 60's, so I am camping 3 nights for $69 at the Mountain View Loop.
  7. Baytown Bert added a post in a topic 2015 Lone Star Roundup   

    I am going.  I think I'll stay in a motel.  It appears the straightest route is over the top of San Antonio.  Nope!  Camping in a tent.
  8. Baytown Bert added a post in a topic Experiment   

    Ah so.
  9. Baytown Bert added a post in a topic Experiment   

    I'm still trying to figure out how to make it show me the latest reply at the top so I don't have to hit the END button.
  10. Baytown Bert added a post in a topic Experiment   

    Top left:  Home
    Top Right: More
    Select: Activity stream
  11. Baytown Bert added a post in a topic Posting events to the calendar   

    The calendar is being updated 2X a week, so it should be fairly current.
  12. Baytown Bert added a topic in General Discussion   

    Chambers County alligator attack
    TheBasty has caches here:  GC1NFX5 Islands in a Sea of Green

    A boy and his father survived an alligator attack at Cedar Hill Park today, according to the Chambers County Sheriff's Office.

    An alligator bit 13-year-old Kaleb Hurley on the arm and took him under water while he was swimming near the bank, witnesses said. When he ran into the water to save his son, 42-year-old James Hurley also suffered an injury - the same alligator bit him on the leg. The father kicked the alligator until it let him go.

    Authorities said the father and son were in serious but stable condition when they were flown by Life Flight to Memorial Hermann Hospital.

    Sheriff Brian Hawthorne of the Chambers County Sheriff's Office said it is currently the nesting period for alligators, which have been displaced by the recent flooding.
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  13. Baytown Bert added a post in a topic Garmin Oregon 650 problem   

    Kenny, the problem is between where routes you and where Garmins' Nuvi routes you.
  14. Baytown Bert added a post in a topic Critters seen while caching   

    Holey mother of all that is sacred!  Is it venomous too?
  15. Baytown Bert added a post in a topic BlockParty 2015   

    That is the plan, but I think he will still keep his hand in.  I will adopt all of his caches and then begin adopting them out.  I already have control of his account.