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  1. BBQBob2 Clementi - RIP

    Oh my god. I had just talked to him recently. He was a very close friend of mine and im proud to say that. I will miss him tremendously.
  2. Geo-tour app?

    I have yet to do the geotour there but I really want to. Hopefully I make it up there soon
  3. Geocaching Get Outdoors day

    Im definitely made for streaking!
  4. Come play w BFF's in NW HOU Thu Eve!

    Is 2katz gonna be there? I haven't heard word yet
  5. Samsung galaxy note 10.1 tab

    Maybe if someone could give me some cgeo tricks or something. Im almost positive I remember a thread about it I just dont recall where
  6. Samsung galaxy note 10.1 tab

    Alrighty. Ill get c; geo put on it and sse if I can play around with it and figure it out. Just trying to get back to paperless caching without purchasing another 62s. Im back on my yellow etrex now because my 62s got stolen a while back
  7. Samsung galaxy note 10.1 tab

    Lol. I do use a real gps. Im not a dedicated tablet or phone cacher. Just wondering for setting up like gpx files or something where I can have a bunch of caches loaded for an area on it for when I don't have phone service. I use a yellow Garmin etrex so I can't load caches to that
  8. Samsung galaxy note 10.1 tab

    I just bought one. Wondering what people's input on the best setup for caching on this thing would be?
  9. Kayak 101 in Baytown June 7th

    I probably won't be there. Wish I could though
  10. Longest since last find

    Its there
  11. TXGA gear special

    Hes a player. Just sayin
  12. Willis Area

    What you talkin bout?
  13. Lawyers, Guns and Money GC52ZMA

    I also have a mosin nagant. Sweet
  14. GPS or Smartphone?

    I just plug in one cache at a time. Find it then plug the next in. Sometimes I find the cache on my phone app plug coords in the gps and log on the phone. Depends on how many I plan on finding
  15. GPS or Smartphone?

    I have used my yellow etrex for all but about 1000 of my 5500 plus finds. It does its job with no problem in my book. I write down all my caches coords that I plan on doing then plug them into the etrex as I go