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  1. Come play w BFF's in NW HOU Thu Eve!

    Is 2katz gonna be there? I haven't heard word yet
  2. Lawyers, Guns and Money GC52ZMA

    I also have a mosin nagant. Sweet
  3. CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)

    Ill probably be in on that bob

    Eh. Maybe I didn't think that one through enough. Probably not enough room. I do like the Galveston state park idea

    What about baytown nature center?

    I agree about gbp. Not sure if thats a great idea for tx challenge
  7. I Have a Dream... of getting the (S) CLAPS

    I may be showing up. Gonna have to wait till its a lil closer for a for sure
  8. Shoot Your Heart Out Event

    If I had my class 3 I would bring some of my good toys. Have to stick to my 1911 though
  9. BB's Nov 16 Flash Mob in the Pines!

    Well I was going to talk to bert and try to ride with him. I now have a funeral to attend so wont be able to. Yall have fun
  10. In for hunting as always
  11. 2014 challenge

    I thought that's what it was. Just wanted a definite answer.
  12. 2014 challenge

    Does anyone have a definite answer on where this coming challenge will be?
  13. Good Luck to SETX!

  14. Day Trip to the Texas Challenge?

    Haha. Yea its not a fun club right now! Im definitely with you if its for food stops though. Im all about some good food
  15. Day Trip to the Texas Challenge?

    Join the club bob. My dodge died on me to. Needs a new engine. Good luck