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  1. Can you give me more infomation on these caches and where its located ( state park ). I figured its in washington state but what town or city is it close to. Thanks
  2. Has anybody heard about the next challenge? I'm not seeing anything on the TPWD website.
  3. Happy New Year everyone !
  4. Checkout the icon it has changed to something different. Much better than before !
  5. Thanks for the info ! I agree the icon is kind of lame.
  6. Merry Christmas !
  7. Whoever figures out how to activate these coins let us know?
  8. Yep got mine also !
  9. That is really great I cannot wait to see the coin. I thought they would wait till Jan 31st but I'm glad they are hopefully mailing them out soon. I was so siked that when I finished the challenge I mailed my forms from a La Grange post office. We traveled great distances in most cases just shooting for that one cache in each state park but in the end I really miss the challenge and cannot wait to start the next one. BRING IT ON !
  10. Happy Thanksgiving everyone hope its a good one. Save room for BBQ on monday park and gab 19th! I was wanting to get a few caches in today but the wife was not gonna have that.
  11. I'm listening to Nickelback right now with a little bit of Kid Rock and The Who mixed in.
  12. Anybody received a coin yet? How about the early cachers that finished it the first week? :-\
  13. The cache probably fell down that cliff that was so close. That is bad for people making the trek out there I truely feel sorry for them. If there like me and can only tackle these caches on the weekend they have to wait another full week. Completed 12 for 12 today!
  14. Looks like this past weekend was a busy one for this series. Alot of cachers where out despite the weather.
  15. Yep 2 days into it and 5 cachers have finished already. I agree all the coins will be gone. There seems to be some cool stuff after the coins are gone that you still get. So once all the coins are gone keep on finding the caches and sending in your passport till the end.