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  1. First, it isn't on my gadget. I don't really use it much any more. I am still caching, but the community is so much larger and spread out that it doesn't fill in 'the gap' that it once did for me. I would say that it did a great job for the community for a long time. If it is time to say good-bye, I will have fond memories.
  2. I agree. If Bert shows up topless, I will yak.
  3. We hiked to the top of Guadalupe Peak, but it was foggy by the time we got there, so we couldn't see anything. We did take a picture at the monument, seeing as it it was about six months before we even knew what Geocacahing was, we didn't have a GPSr with us.. We haven't claimed the virtual, and don't know if we want to make the hike again.
  4. Does the FCC know?
  5. ATMA, Walter Hall Park used to be called Galveston County Park. I'm sure you spent some time there on Friday nights during High School. I did!
  6. We have nine of them. We work on counties,but Gorilla stash is on our list to finish the Jasmer.
  7. I think there are antibiotics that may help with that, Bert.
  8. I've looked at the merit badge, and bought the book. I think it is too complicated, and there are requirements that we haven't used, but overall, it seems fair.
  9. If you actually check logs to see if they were really signed, be sure to look EVERYWHERE. If the log is mushy, or the mossies are terrible, we sometimes initial it whererever we can, and just put initials. A better plan would be to look at their profile and see if they have found other caches in the area, or read their log to see if it indicates they were there.
  10. When I read the original post, I didn't read anything about the book being based on Geocaching, just that it was an option for advertising.I I am wondering about the topic of the book, though. AND the question I posed wasn't really rhetorical... chime in if you read "The Racketeer" because of the TB, please.
  11. Is that his Norton Utility Belt, Bert?
  12. It now says it is secure. I can sleep now! Thanks, Jason.
  13. If we go, we'd get in the Norton-mobile and go!
  14. I'm not sure that it is a good idea to do it on your own. A few people would get a reward, but I don't think it would lead to much publicity. For example, how many of us have read the Racketeer, just because of the trackable? People got excited about the 'free' trackable, not the book. If you put something in a cache, the person that gets it will be excited, but nobody else (including you) would benefit. As Geocaching grows, it becomes more commercial, but only if it benefits the "powers-that-be". Oh, yes, and a "Moo" to Bert.
  15. My Norton Security gives me that message when I log on to this page. Two questions: Does it happen to anyone else? Do you know why, TFP?