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  1. Does anyone happen to have complete Garmin maps for the Lonestar Hiking Trail?
  2. Introducing Caching Toolbox

    That's what the software is for, so you don't have to do any!
  3. Introducing Caching Toolbox

    Caching Toolbox – Free Download (30 day free trial) Do you ever get tired of searching the internet for all of the tools to help you solve those puzzle caches? Introducing Caching Toolbox! It’s a software program meant to help bring the geocaching puzzle solving tools to you fingertips within one application! Current Features: GPS coordinate conversions Mapping of coordinates Coordinate calculations Distance between coordinates Projections Intersection of two circles Unit conversions Angle Area Length Temperature Time Velocity Volume Translations Base numbers Text/numbers/binary/octal/decimal/hexidecimal/Base64 Morse Code Digital Code reader/generator Barcode QR code Ciphers Columnar Transposition Keyword Image Substituion Bionicle DancingMen Maritime Pigpen##XX Pigpen#X#X Theban Rail Fence RotN/Caesar’s Vigenere Tables Try it free here! Trial period is for 30 days. If you like the program and wish to continue to use it without a nag screen, you can register the product for a small fee. Click here for more information on pricing and registration. *Windows XP/Vista users: The Exit (X) button does not work for you. Simply select the dropdown in the upper left corner and chose Exit.
  4. Houston Control

    Glad to hear that Larry! Take care!
  5. Houston Control

    Hope you're feeling better this morning Larry! Get well soon!

    Congratulations Ladies!

    I suspect there's not much of anything else in there either! TexasWriter wouldn't happen to be a Taoist Monk would he? Congrats Brian!
  8. I bought a metal detector today

    In another life I would research old war sites and take my metal detector out there. I have buttons from uniforms from the civil war and the War of 1812. That's really fun to do. There used to be annual "hunts" held by different clubs. They would bury 100's of silver dimes and tokens for free prizes like new metal detectors. That was a blast too. I wonder if there is such a club in the Baytown area?

    Wow! Way to go Kirbydox!

    Thank you very much! And THIS POST is #500! Whoop!

    Congratulations on 2000 finds BaytownBert!!!
  12. First Aid kits

    It's in mine. Dead leaves just ain't the same as Charmin.
  13. First Aid kits

    Nah, but it is customary to go ahead and drop a new cache there.
  14. First Aid kits

    I usually just bring a gun. That way if someone gets hurt we can quickly relieve them of their misery and continue on caching without ruining the whole day.