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  1. I am never going geocaching again!

    The bugs don't bother me much (probibly cause I'm a Cootie) , and I haven't gotten PI yet. But, Sticker and burrs get me just about every time I go into the woods.
  2. SETX Area Cachers Stats

    Tried to follow the link and got an error message.
  3. How close is too close?

    Went out on New Years Day trying for my 25th find. Well my 24th was "Lest We Forget" (GC1H6PO). The text on says its a "4"X4" Lock-N-Lock container". Well, I looked all around the where my GPSr sent me for about a half hour and couldn't find it. Then I backed away and tried again. This time I found it. But, it was a long plastic container about 6"" long and about a inch or inch and a half across, ithe natural camo glues to one end. This was about 50 foot down the fenceline from where I was first was looking. I signed the log and left. But, this morning when I was loging my finds in to I started to wondering if I found the wrong cache. Can the be placed that close together? Did I record a find on the wrong cache, or am I safe? By the way, later in the day, I did make the 25th find on "Castle 2"
  4. How it could have been

    that's funny.
  5. Park & Gab: 19th Edition

    Last month was my first and we had a great time, so I'm planning to attend. But we leave the next morning for DC.
  6. Son is off to join the Navy

    Will keep him in our thoughts and prays. Having spent 25 yrs in the Air force, I have a soft spot for any vets. Let me know if I can be of help. When not geocaching, I'm the District Chaplain for VFW and the Military Order of the Cootie in the Houston area. Am also a supervising veteran's Employment Rep for Texas veterans Commission.
  7. Prayers for Team More Left

    I'll send a card and add him to my list.
  8. Jarihend Visiting Hospital

    Yes. Please keep us informed. We are still with him in prayer.
  9. SETX Area Cachers Stats

    Tried to bring up the page this morning and my 'puter says its not there.
  10. I guess I'm the resident codger. I grew up listening to hits -- I particularly like ballads -- in the 50's and early 60's. I still listen to them at work when I'm working on a boring report.
  11. SETX Area Cachers Stats

    I'm fairly new at it, but I go out whenever I have a free afternoon, and I live in the Jersey Village area. Do I count as a 'Houston area cacher? And how do I get on the local list?
  12. New guy in town

    Thanks. I'll try to attend the meeting on the 21st. But, I've got another question. How do you get your stats tag to show up under your fourm inputs?
  13. New guy in town

    Hi all, I thought this would be a fun hobby for me when I retire (in a few years.) I found this site and the national one and signed into both. But I haven't met any one else doing geocaching. Well, today I desided to put my toe in the water and went out "for a walk". I found my first cache, not a mile from my home. I have to admit, even for a 60+ year old retired military member, I was stoked. The GPS is much easier than a plain compass and its fun to use old skills a new way. Anyway, I've got couple of questions. 1) Are there any kind of regular meetings, or anything like that? 2) Is there an experienced member close to me that can bring a newbie along? I live in the Jersey Village area part of the time and the FM1960 and Veterans Memorial area the rest.