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    I received a DNF on one of my caches in Rosenberg yesterday. Kirbydox Left Between H and I. The cache has been out for 3 years and I have NEVER had to replace it. Since I was at my computer at the time, I immediately sent a message to this cacher to look again because it is not your typical light pole cache and not an easy cache for a newbie. They looked again and couldn't find it and replied that I was full of it. IN THIS CASE(!) I had to disagree with the cacher. Today I took the 30 mile roundtrip drive to check on the cache and it was there. The cacher has ZERO FINDS. I channeled BaytownBert and tried to teach this newbie about unusual hides without totally giving it away. On the bright side, the log was full and needed to be replaced, there were a lot of cool songs on the radio I listened and sang to on the drive and I got to spend some quality car time with Wolfie the dog. Oh, and it wasn't raining yet either! I'm also thinking of making all my caches Premium Member Only.
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    Little late here but, my first thought was that this was yet another marketing ploy to bring in more potential paying members. Myself, i'm tired of the gimmicks and tactics GC.com has tried using over the last couple of years to increase quantity of members. They've pushed the phone app which has caused a ridiculous amount of turn over and a degradation of our hobby. Things like souvenirs and badges could have been a fun thing but because so many are pushed out these days, there's really nothing special about most of them. The option to buy premium membership without auto renewal was taken away and is simply another ploy to catch some members off guard.I hate the fact that GC.com knows they have the monopoly and can do anything they want without regard to it's members.TPTB are seeing dollar signs so the main thing is numbers. Because of this, the overall quality of geocaching has gone down and geocaching as a whole, is suffering. I'm sure this is one of the bigger reasons why we've lost so many good, dedicated people over the last few years. Ok, not sure why i got on my soapbox just now. Don't guess it matters much since most aren't reading this anyways because they're using their phones with facebook and the app. Go back to your regularly scheduled program.
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    https://www.facebook.com/groups/setxgang/ is a good one. There is a Houston Area geocachers group as well, but I got kicked off of there because, apparently, I'm such a disagreeable human being,
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    Hi all. Sorry, I decided to shut off all digital communication for a few badly needed days of unpluggedness. THOT: Re: The Digital Compass The digital compass has progressed rather nicely and has improved substantially since the 60 series Garmin handheld receivers. For one thing, they became triaxial, which meant it no longer needed to be held flat to render an accurate bearing. To render an accurate direction, however, it requires regular calibration. The chip used for this triaxial compass has improved substantially in performance and lower cost thanks to cellular smartphones and automobile navigation systems that also use the technology. Garmin uses a very sensitive device in its handheld GPSr units. I believe I described the compass in some detail previously on the board. In a nutshell, if you wish to use the digital compass, in ANY handheld device, and you wish for it to function properly, you must calibrate it regularly. Yes, that includes smartphones too. This is especially true in Garmin 62 and 64 series units because of the rechargeable batteries. Each type of battery affects the sensitive digital compass. Software compensates for the various chemistries. That is why it is important to select the correct battery type in the user configuration settings of the GPSr. It's good practice to then calibrate your unit's compass after changing the batteries out. Also, because of geological differences, it's a good practice to recalibrate the compass when you travel to a different location. Sometimes that calibration process can be a little wonky, but if you do it regularly, it becomes second nature, and it only takes a minute. Muddy Buddies, Stan, by all accounts a very experienced and exceptional geocacher, has told me that he really doesn't care about the compass, at least in the past. And, I agree that, as long as you are moving, and have good satellite lock, you do not need the compass for a reasonably accurate COG and you should probably ignore the compass screen altogether. I counter, that the calibrated compass can be very helpful when you are standing still and you want to know which direction you are facing. The "assist" that a calibrated compass affords the geocacher is considerable in my opinion, so why not use it? Re: Bluetooth The Bluetooth wireless functionality built into the Garmin 64 family have so much potential in my opinion, for wireless connectivity to smartphones in the field, and connections wirelessly to the PC for logging and file exchange. Thus far, to my knowledge, this hasn't happened. So as far as I am concerned the BT doesn't bring much to the party. However, the 64 family of GPSr units are by far the best of the button type handheld receivers yet produced by Garmin. Why? (1) The GGZ file format replacing the GPX format, which allows efficient storage of unlimited geocaches. (2) GLONASS support. The addition of the GLONASS satellites network of 24 "birds" provide for much faster satellite position upon power on, and substantially better fix in Urban geocaching scenarios because there are more points in the sky at any given location. Two satellites are simply better than just one! This has benefitted many newer smartphones too, by the way. (3) Mature software is the product of all that Garmin has gleaned from the previous GPSr units. The 64 series is now a mature and stable platform which performs really well for the price. The accessories are all backwards compatible with the 62 series too which makes the upgrade easier on the pocket book if you have handlebar mounts and stuff like that. My recommendation: Get a 64s and use it with your modern smartphone. The Garmin gets great battery life, is rain resistant, tough, and is excellent in most situations. The smartphone allows detailed logging (I prefer dictating my logs), satellite views in real-time when and can be really helpful. I hope this helps. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year fellow cachers!
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    Some photos of our recent Bike and Barge and Geocaching trip to France and Belgium.
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    As some may know, during a psychotic episode a few years back I decided to have some Houston Geocaching Society geocoins minted. They are nice 1.75" diameter coins that are trackable on geocaching.com with a custom icon. I released some into the wild (a few are still traveling), sold some, traded some, and gave some away. Still, I have a couple of boxes of them left. If anyone is interested in one (or 50) I'll let them go for $8 each. For $10 each, I'll include shipping them to you. PM me if you're interested. I might consider a bulk discount if you want several, so make me an offer.
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    There's another version where the one stripe is blue, representing police officers. I personally don't care for them jacking with the American flag like that, no matter the cause.
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    From BlueRajah: https://firennice.squarespace.com/journal/2017/4/9/thanks-to-prime-reviewer?p
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    We will water board ya if you stop.
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    I have seen a plethora of gadgets for smartphones that implement a magnet of some sort. For example, I've seen a number of automobile mounts that involved a powerful but small magnet to stabilize the phone in the cradle. Just know that when you expose your smartphone to such a magnetic force, you totally screw up the internal electronic compass. The messed up compass calibration will manifest itself in some irritating or annoying ways when you are using any GPS app for automobile navigation such as WAZE or Google Maps, etc as well as geocaching apps such as C:GEO or Cachly, etc. The effect is that while you're standing still, on foot or in the car, the phone has no way to accurately tell the software which way you are facing. So it either guesses erroneously or simply wigs out bouncing all over the place. To be honest, I'm not sure that there is any permanent damage to the internal compass, but I do know it sends the calibration out of whack. Recalibration depends on the device, the operating system, and the app(s) used. But if your phone is acting strange sometimes, consider any scenarios where it may be in close proximity with a magnetic force. Even without the aid of a compass, the smartphone's gps functions are unaffected as long as it can "see" satellites and you are moving. While moving your device can accurately detect your position, bearing, and course over ground. Anyway, I just thought I'd pop up and toss that out there in case it solves any mysterious phone app behavior for some fellow catchers. K
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    Current Projects Smash Childhood Cancer OpenZika Help Stop TB FightAIDS@Home Outsmart Ebola Together Mapping Cancer Markers
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    I'm here to encourage others to join. This is really a chance to participate in something worthwhile that costs you almost nothing. Here's the current roster.
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    April 22nd proved a great day for kayaking, geocaching events and brand new geocaches. Team 150% and mcguyvertwo set out a bunch of new caches. Then mcguyvertwo hosted a breakfast at the launch point for the other events. Team 150% (Josh and Annie) hosted a hot dog lunch on an island in the lake. Finally MsPatt hosted a CITO event so we could all get a souvenir for the day. There was a small chance of rain but the weather cooperated wonderfully. We paddled north and at the north end of the run a front came thru with a great north wind to blow us back to the start. On "The First Annual Paddle Lake Kingwood for a Dog!" GC72KX7 are 20 pictures of the events and the search for the geocaches. If you are interested there are these pictures plus some more. It was a nice outing.
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    April Update: In the four months since the last update, 11 caches on the list were found, 3 were temporarily disabled or archived and 62 more were added to the list. As of March 31st there were 116 active caches within a 75 mile radius of downtown Houston that have not been found in over three years. They are: Chopped... GC189K6 - was last found on 4/22/12 by Log Dawgs, criffree and SeekerOfSeasons. SW 4 - High Plains Cacher GC227AX - was last found on 7/8/12 by rocky4. Part of the Family GCW38B - was last found on 12/3/12 by Raven & Georeyna with one DNF since. SW 3 - The Good, The Bad & The Cacheless GC227AW - was last found on 12/15/12 by L Clan. Hyperhidrosis GCM3E4 - was last found on 2/9/13 by cachestacker with one DNF since. Watering Hole GC2KZ0W - was last found on 2/14/13 by Moose.Head and TimGrady with one DNF since. FTFC #73 St. Patrick's Revenge GC24Y0V - was last found on 2/17/13 by Rich&Lola. Night Time Ninja Aptitude #8 GC2NPZ8 - was last found on 3/1/13 by dmtex, with two DNF's since. Night Time Ninja Aptitude #9: The Unknown Grave GC2P4G6 - was last found on 3/2/13 by DJAX96 & jjax12, with one DNF since. Ninja Bait #2 GC3VW63 - was last found on 3/2/13 by DJAX96, jjax12 & TimGrady. STP (Soda Tube Puzzle) GC1YMXM - was last found on 3/2/13 by L_Clan. Ninja Bait #3 - Ninja Eye Candy GC3VW6V - was last found on 3/2/13 by DJAX96, jjax12 & TimGrady. Ninja Bait #4 - Animal Crossing GC3VW78 - was last found on 3/2/13 by DJAX96, jjax12 & TimGrady. DEER XING GC1BADQ - was last found on 3/3/13 by rocky4. Timberlane Hike and Bike 2 GC2JJ1P - was last found on 3/8/13 by TexasWriter & CornDoll. The point of no return? GC252F0 - was last found on 3/12/13 by skunkonthefog & Silliams, with two DNF's since. Alphabet Soup Bonus #1 GC2579Y - was last found on 3/23/13 by L Clan. FTFC #112 - Yes, it is tax time GC49G4W - was last found on 4/12/13 by FamilieRyan, Manofsteel73 and criffree. Russian Roulette # 2 GC3AF87 - was last found on 4/17/13 by BaytownBert. Off the Grid GC2WARC - was last found on 5/14/13 by Kirbydox. You can't get from there to here GC4D0G2 - was last found on 6/12/13 by theBasty and Craziestcatlady. FTFC #71 - 2010 GC22WDP - was last found on 6/15/13 by TexasWriter. Night Time Ninja Aptitude #11 GC2V42P - was last found on 7/27/13 by AVOdizzle, with three DNF's since. Oldies but goodies GC350B3 - was last found on 8/1/13 by drew8, with two DNF's since. I See You GC2NPTT - was last found on 8/15/13 by finnfive, with two DNF's since. Old and (Not) Gold GC37AV7 - was last found on 8/16/13 by amaranth1211. Grant's Hole in the Tree GC2K21Q - was last found on 8/18/13 by cache.points. Under Water? What was I thinking? GC4EK4Z - was last found on 8/19/13 by rambetta. You can get here from somewhere, maybe! GC4DWJ5 - was last found on 8/19/13 by rambetta. The Found River GC4D0H9 - was last found on 8/19/13 by rambetta. You have to go this way to get it from here GC4DZH3 - was last found on 8/19/13 by rambetta, with one DNF since. Badguys Rule! Heroes Drool. T-850 model 101 GC2MQ31 - was last found on 8/21/13 by TrailHunterD, with one DNF since. Badguys Rule! Heroes Drool. KARR GC2MQ3J - was last found on 8/21/13 by TrailHunterD with one DNF since. Santa's Coming GC39ACM - was last found on 8/25/13 by fendmar, with one DNF since. Wave It GC4C1H3 - was last found on 8/31/13 by Cache Advisor with one DNF since. Troubled bridge over still water GC4D0HM - was last found on 9/1/13 by redcar & mr redcar. Scrambled GC3XZQD - was last found on 9/4/13 by davarle. FTFC # 82 - The Final Game GC2KEE7 - was last found on 9/10/13 by MedTexPlacer. Wizard's House - Redux GC44MAV - was last found on 9/19/13 by Benttandem, with two DNF's since. FTFC #115 - Hard Sudoku GC4FQHW - was last found on 9/19/13 by Benttandem. GBP West Trail Series #3 GC1HX88 - was last found on 9/22/13 by Hoosier Ranger, with eight DNF's since. A SERVICE FOR ALL GCMRRF - was last found on 9/28/13 by finnfive, with one DNF since. Shakespeare or the Bible? GC1ENJW - was last found on 10/7/13 by BaytownBert with one DNF since. Over the Woods and Through the River! GC2K2CK - was last found on 10/27/13 by RRM10. Points of Interest GC4RKPM - was last found on 11/11/13 by FamilieRyan with four DNF's since. GBP Hike: Berm GC41EHX - was last found on 11/13/13 by uptrain. GBP Hike: Animals GC41EDY - was last found on 11/13/13 by uptrain. GBP Hike: Cluster GC41EGD - was last found on 11/13/13 by uptrain. GBP Hike: Another Fence? GC41EGW - was last found on 11/13/13 by uptrain. GBP Hike: Tree GC41EHC - was last found on 11/13/13 by uptrain. Don't Be Crude GC3DFKM - was last found on 11/15/13 by marinebuck with one DNF since. Looking Right At It GC3D3JF - was last found on 11/16/13 by MsBhavn70. Southwest GBP #6 GC2VRWW - was last found on 11/28/13 by Backwards Charlie from Austin. Badguys Rule! Heroes Drool. Wile E. Coyote's cache GC2MQ2V - was last found on 12/10/13 by drnarnia with one DNF since. Down the Pipeline #10 GC48MD0 - was last found 12/11/13 by LACampers with four DNF's since. Submitted For Your Approval... GC1YV9G - was last found 12/13/13 by TexasWriter. FTFC #111 - St. Patty's Day Pub Dash! GC47H3C - was last found 12/13/13 by Muddy Buddies CR1999: Music Smorgasboard GC2AB1T - was last found 12/13/13 by TexasWriter 007: Cachefinger GC1VG41 - was last found 12/16/13 by TexasWriter Forest Stump GC1P15T - was last found 12/16/13 by TexasWriter NTNC #4: Mostly Harmless GC2WN9Z - was last found 12/16/13 by TexasWriter insurance GC2WN9D - was last found 12/16/13 by TexasWriter FTFC #90 - It's Hot in Houston! GC2X676 - was last found 12/16/13 by TexasWriter Asteroid Impact GC1PDDP - was last found 12/19/13 by TexasWriter, with one DNF since Riding The Rail III GC1TF97 - was last found 12/20/13 by TexasWriter FTFC # 83 A Remorseful Cache GC2M9WF - was last found 12/21/13 by juleed, green-eyed & powerdog02 Blue Star Day 8 GC35VJH - was last found 12/31/13 by -Scarecrow- Blue Star Day 7 GC35VHV - was last found 12/31/13 by -Scarecrow- Blue Star Day 6 GC35VH0 - was last found 12/31/13 by -Scarecrow- Blue Star Day 5 GC35VGJ - was last found 12/31/13 by -Scarecrow-, with two DNF's since DUcK SOUp GC2P0HD - was last found 12/31/13 by TexasWriter and CornDoll Phobia Series: Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia GC21XB1 - was last found 1/4/14 by L Clan with two DNF's since. NinjaKurt Hits 1111101000 GC3FG8D - was last found 1/6/14 by Kirbydox FTFC#72 - Temple of the Four Orders GC23P8B - was last found 1/12/14 by L Clan A$OFC$ - Pennsylvania Railroad GC1MFK3 - was last found 1/18/14 by OMA&OPAof5 with one DNF since. GBP Hike: Old Fence GC41EDP - was last found 1/18/14 by debojusd Travels #2 GC4T2TQ - was last found 1/19/14 by Hoosier Ranger NTNC#2: Crossroads GC2RJK2 - was last found 1/20/14 by puravida88 with one DNF since. A$OFC$ - Tennessee Avenue GC1MNB9 - was last found 1/21/14 by Stampingpiper and piperf Lumpy's Delight GC10Z03 - was last found on 1/26/14 by todd.alan.bryant, with three DFN's since. Some Easy Math GC4KW1A - was last found on 1/31/14 by Craziestcatlady with one DNF since. You've CAT to be KITTEN me right MEOW! #1 GC4JFXK - was last found 2/1/14 by krwolf with twelve DNF's since. Constantly constant GC4H33F - was last found 2/1/14 by Hoosier Ranger with two DNF's since A Fridge Too Far GC1MZH4 - was last found 2/7/14 by jjax12 Mossy Feeding Grounds GC2AJ8H - was last found 2/7/14 by jjax12 The Fridge Was Too Far GC24X08 - was last found 2/7/14 by jjax12 Over the river 1 GC1NXYR - was last found 2/9/14 by FalconFinds Over the river 2 GC1NXYZ - was last found 2/9/14 by FalconFinds After the Fire #2 GC34GZG - was last found 2/9/14 by FalconFinds FTFC #116 - Crypotographers needed GC4HP9Y - was last found 2/9/14 by FamilieRyan A$OFC$ - St. James Place GC1NCM1 - was last found 2/9/14 by Stampingpiper GCWLGBP - The Southern Part GC1YYAG - was last found 2/12/14 by TexasWriter Land of Giant Oaks GC1VH2D - was last found 2/14/14 by Rathergohiking Walking along the berm 3 GC1NXY8 - was last found 2/15/14 by idcacher Amatuber1K - Help, I lost my tube! GC2MC3W - was last found 2/15/14 by TexasWriter Bastrop Bayou Water Cache #1 GC4HBDW - was last found 2/15/14 by --Wendel, with one DNF since. Akokisa's Summer Home GC2W7D3 - was last found 2/17/14 by ej2525 Micro in the Woods! GC4AKPB - was last found 2/17/14 by Raven FTFC #113 - Random Patterns GC4AJH3 - was last found 2/17/14 by Raven Congrats on 100 FTFs, Latitude_Attitude! GC2Z886 - was last found 2/17/14 by Deltawolf 11, with two DNF's since Just Above Flood Zone GC3P65B - was last found 2/20/14 by geocacher coza Unscrambled GC3YF1Y - was last found 2/22/14 by BigBender Puzzle People-davarle GC2KDJ1 - was last found 2/28/14 by Hoosier Ranger A tree that screamed for a cache GC34VRY - was last found on 3/15/14 by uptrain and Kirbydox Rabbit Coordinates GC1M7BB - was last found on 3/15/14 by uptrain CC1000 - Bottleshock GC1XWGE - was last found on 3/16/14 by Honeysuckle Vine and Swagglepuss Rock is in the country but is country in the rock? GC3G9DV - was last found on 3/18/14 by Hoosier Ranger Sons and Daughters GC1QH5V - was last found on 3/18/14 by .jpeg and teamCull 1,000 down GC3B5P7 - was last found on 3/20/14 by msbbop with one DNF since. A Bridge Too Far GC1HCW3 - was last found on 3/20/14 by TexasWriter with three DNF's since Ele079 - Gold - (Elements Series) GC2XB37 - was last found on 3/23/14 by geocacher coza Prowling behind the dam GC48TTB - was last found on 3/23/14 by TrailHunterD Middle of the Trail GC3D4V8 - was last found on 3/24/14 by Lambbear The Legend of George Bush Park GC2P4F9 - was last found on 3/25/14 by dmtex Sonic Berm! GC2NEG6 - was last found on 3/25/14 by dmtex Now off the list: I'm Sick of Puzzles Two! GC1DZJP - was found December 10th by Mama514, 46 months after it was last found. SW 2 - For a Few Caches More GC227AV - was found February 11th by gymgirl56 and phish4fun, 4 YEARS after it was last found. Here Come The Beatles! GC2VMQM - was found January 25th by teamCull, 46 months after it was last found. FTFC #54 - Pitch Perfect GC1EAGG - was found February 11th by Sweet Tides Crew, 44 months after it was last found. AHHHCHOO 097 GC2MCQM - was found February 22nd by txgo4fan, 42 months after it was last found. CR1000 GC1N97A - was found February 11th by Latitude Attitude and crumbcrunchers, 42 months after it was last found. "The Cut" - The Bend GC1CXEV - was found February 25th by MacyVeranda, 41 months after it was last found. "The Cut" - Piggy #3 GC1DE44 - was found February 25th by MacyVeranda, 41 months after it was last found. "The Cut" - Piggy #1 GC1DE3B - was found February 25th by MacyVeranda, 41 months after it was last found. 4 AGNAV GC1ZVVT - was found January 26th by JMCz, 40 months after it was last found. Behind the Stink GC3BXMB - was found January 9th by texastimr, 40 months after it was last found. Other changes since the last update: Muy Caja! GC18J5X - was temporarily disabled by a reviewer. Star Wars Empire- Darth Vader GC3PGZH - was archived by a reviewer. GCWLGBP: SUPER SUNDAY GC2MN0J - was archived by the owner This will be the last update. I thought I would slip to just updating this list once per quarter, but today's effort took all afternoon and the list almost doubled since the beginning of December. I've decided to pull the plug on this effort since the majority of folks seemed to have lost interest. It's been a fun ride, but just too much work. Anyone can just put the coordinates for downtown (I've used N29 45.450 W095 21.800) into the Geocaching.com search box, filter out to 75 miles, then click a couple of times on Last Found to get the list I reproduce here. Larry
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    Interesting. On the Remember the Alamo series of puzzles SW of San Antonio, the cache owner has pill bottles and 35mm film canisters listed as "Small". Geocaching.com used to use a film canister as the example for a micro cache. To me, if you can't put an normal-sized geocoin in the cache, it shouldn't be labeled as small.
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    Got the mail today and my coin and other prize-level swag was in the mail from Saturday. I turned in my passport on Sunday by e-mail and got a nice acknowledgment back Monday morning saying the coin and swag would go out that week. They are on top of it! Loved the geotour. Took me to a bunch of places I have been to before, but also a bunch of places I've never been to or seen. There are some fun ones, some good containers, and one or two that were pretty challenging. It was a nice mixture all the way around. We ended up going to the Pipeline Grill. Never been there and thoroughly enjoyed it.
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    Here is an advance notice: This will be the last winter season for the TEXAS series in George Bush Park (picture below) The first cache in the series is: GC2K0CD The series was placed 6 years ago and has hosted many groups caching treks and most have been found over 100 times. This notice will give interested parties time to make the trek and find the caches. Sometime in March, the series will be collected and archived. It will be sad to see it go, but it's time to move on and open the space for something new. For those that don't know the area it is heavily wooded, with lots of thorns and vines, and a couple of ditch crossings. Some powerline r.o.w. and piepline r.o.w. access makes it a little easier. Also, the eastern entrance is closed until 2019, so you must access from the southeast or from the west. Parking suggestions are on the picture below. This notice was also posted on the FB site. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/608446622603627/)
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    This thread could help you fix that..
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    Makes me appreciate the building achievements of the Ancient Civilizations that much more; Assuming the Ancients weren't helped by advanced intergalactic visitors, or future Us traveling back in time to mess with ourselves in the present.
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    I emailed the San Antonio Parks Dept this morning and got this quick reply this afternoon. This is state plane coordinats for the more expensive Survey grade GPS, not your less than hand helds. The accuracy of the gps numbers are to the 1000 of an decimal inch, they geocachers would have to calculate it to what they use. Coordinates for this spot for Geocaching is 29* 29’54.91” N 98* 42’30.71”W 872’ Elevation This beta conversion tool gets you pretty close. http://beta.ngs.noaa.gov/gtkweb/ Received another reply to say the conversion can be down via GoogleEarth. I found another conversion tool but you have to enter the zone number which appears to be 4204. https://gis.tulaliptribes-nsn.gov/Home/FrequentlyAskedQuestions.aspx More on the History of State Plane Coordinates. Used in the US. http://desktop.arcgis.com/en/arcmap/10.3/guide-books/map-projections/state-plane-coordinate-system.htm
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    We had a good Thanksgiving in Austin. Lots of turkey, way too much football and a little geocaching. We found four puzzles and one traditional. The attached picture is our grandson Luke at "Le Tresor de La Salle". Thanks to his persistence we found the cache. Grandpa kept insisting in searching the wrong place while Luke spotted the right one and finally talked me into trying it. This is in the Bull Creek off Hwy 360 (Capitol of Texas Hwy) in north Austin. There are lots of good caches in this area.
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    While it might be interesting to actually write an obituary, I don't really have the time to do so right now. Much of the activity on this site has dropped off for whatever reason. However, I think the activity will pick up, especially in the private area, once the planning begins for the Texas Challenge. I think that communication is REALLY important and it would be a shame if this went away. I don't post much anymore on this site mainly because I never did initiate many topics, but I have been known to comment on the posts of others. So, if others are posting less, I end up posting less. Since I live on the extreme edge of the Houston area, I have always felt somewhat on the fringe of the group. I'm not yet at retirement age, but will be within a decade, and when I retire I know that we will move elsewhere. For those two reasons, (and my general level of being over-worked at work), I will not step up and volunteer to take over administration of this site. I think it would be a huge shame if it dies.
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    Well, at least you didn't get tagged with the needs archived flag! Great post. Some of the newbies have been rather sour and belligerent lately. Bummer. But they still don't cancel out those wonderful logs that show up from appreciative visitors now and then. I understand about the premium thing, but I also would urge you to pick and choose a percentage of good, easily maintained caches you own stay regular and accessible to the newbies. In our densely populated area, rich with hides, publishing as premium has become necessary because of some bad apples. Premium tag is not fool-proof, but it does help with jerk vandals and bored teens. However, I also agree that it is essential that we have a selection of geocaches, good ones, available to the newcomer. The barrier to entry to play this game is still pretty high when you consider the need for tech to play, but it's gotten better with GPS enabled smart phones. Having a good selection of free geocaches must be maintained to help recruiting IMO.
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    I'm not sure where you got a terrain rating of 5. It isn't so much seeing what I want to see, I'm no longer able to climb a fire hydrant, so I look more carefully at caches above 2 terrain
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    I guess I'm the only person who posts questions here. I'm not exactly sure what elevation change means, but if it were me, I would count climbing on top of a fireplug an abrupt elevation change.
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    Yeah. That was pretty terrible, people taking those traveling caches to events for hand-offs and logging. Really terrible, and bad for geocaching no doubt. More Washington wisdom to help our game grow. (tongue planted firmly in cheek)
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    Really good article on an important topic if you kayak in deeper water and fall out of your boat. http://www.topkayaker.net/Articles/Instruction/PaddleFloat.htm
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    Ralph, You saved the day with the camera! I got so busy trying not to burn the dogs I only got 6 pictures. Awesome write up as well! We are already trying to figure out how to do a repeat in the fall on a different section of the lake. Josh
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    Here is a photo i took of the Southeast Team just before the challenge started. I teamed up with no_muggle and bittybit and found 21 caches and did 3 activity challenges. Had a lot of fun and enjoyed 4 days up in Tyler, Texas. Thursday night we went to the drive in movie theater and saw the GIFF short films. Then watched the "Treasure" movie. Did some late night ninja caching after the movie. Friday did the Tyler Texas lab caches. Saturday was the challenge with over 300 people visiting and many teams from all over. North Texas got first place, Out of State was second. But i think everyone enjoyed the events, the competition, and the city of tyler (rose garden, alzalea trail, downtown and the many parks to geocache in.
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    I generally refer to "it" as "asocial media".
  31. 1 point
    The girls working for Baytown and the geotour are really doing a great job of responding to online logs and checking up on the caches. Also, thanks to HoustonControl and BaytownBert for getting things going over there. Hope yall do as well or better than Brenham! It's almost been 3 weeks and looks to be headed in that direction.
  32. 1 point
    HoustonControl and I are meeting with the Baytown tourism director to start to plot out exactly how the Baytown Geotour will work. The money has been approved BTW. As with any geotour, the amount of money you spend doing it is very important to document. When you turn in your passport, make sure you document the bucks spent. Zipping into geotour country and zipping out will kill the program. Baytown's geotour will be funded by a hotel/motel tax. I think any city hosting a geotour through GC.com pays $3000 per year to be listed. Now of course, none of us locals will probably spend the night here, but we'll buy gas and burgers for sure.
  33. 1 point
    This sounds like a job for Team Four Paw!!! (cue appropriate super hero music)
  34. 1 point
    I'm gonna finish my passport and turn it in with about $100,000.00 worth of restaurant and gas recipes attached!
  35. 1 point
    Well I don't know how much this site is visited anymore, but I've gotten back into Geocaching now that I have a 4.5 year old and 7 year old who are interested. Grabbed 6 today!
  36. 1 point
    Probably not the answer you're looking for but if you have a Smartphone (Android device in particular) you can use Locus Pro. It pretty much does everything. Supports Geocaching Live, Static Vector based maps, GPX, Track recording, etc. I believe there is even a GSAK Plug-in for it.
  37. 1 point
    I can't remember off hand how far out his goes, but here's a current list for 2001 & 2002 placements. If anybody wants more years I can do it. Houston's First (GC203) by Zephyr (2/2) The Dam Ladybug (GC8C0) by NAROYAPA (1.5/1.5) Challenger 7 Park (GC88E) by Mike Flannigan (3/2.5) Brazos Bend Birthday (GC10E8) by Britt&Bess adopted from ljtxhiker on 2_10_09 (2/2.5) 'Arbored in the Trees (GC1D6F) by westtexgeo, Log Dawgs adopted by Bubberdad (2/1.5) Texas Music Jukebox Cache (GC2255) by Paul Ag (2/1.5) BB's Little Cedar Bayou cache! (GC2638) by UsMorrows now BaytownBert (1.5/1.5) Snake Tree (GC2BDB) by Thot (1/2) Solstice Spot (GC2D05) by MarfaRocks & KOR (1/1) Abandoned WWII Blimp Base (GC2E13) by MarfaRocks & KOR (1/1) Near the Yellow Dirt Road (GC3238) by Paula&Nizar (2/2) Hoot 'n Holler (GC3A2A) by geowyz and zach (2/2) Off the Jogging Trail (GC3D1D) by ATMA (2/2) Conroe Diamonds (GC3D1A) by Team Troglodyte (1.5/2) T.C Remembers (GC3F61) by Mardocff (1/1) The Protector of Life (GC3F63) by Mardocff (1/1) Burnett Homesite (GC46AD) by Rudy & Jerrydene (1/1) TC Geography 1300 Series #1 (GC55A0) by Tomball College (WLCH) Spring 2002 Students (1.5/1.5) Four Wheel Power (GC5D16) by Team Troglodyte (1.5/3) Diablo's Cage (GC687B) by The Pigmundts (3/3) Military History Series - San Jacinto Battlefield (GC73A0) by Breaktrack (1/1) The dancers (GC73BD) by C, D & E (1/1) Where owls fly (GC73BC) by C,D & E (1/1) 1st National Oak Park (GC82D6) by teddielynn (1/1) Houston Zoological Gardens (GC84FF) by Teddielynn (1/1) Keeping The Kids In Mind (GC8576) by Teddielynn (1/1) Houston Holocaust Museum (GC8501) by Teddielynn (1/1) Not Everything is Big in Texas!! (GC8676) by benoutlaw (1/1) Rails of the Southern Pacific (GC8673) by benoutlaw (1/1) All Aboard! (GC8671) by benoutlaw (1/1) Wedell's Corner (GC88F1) by Ed & Greg (1/1) One Man's Castle (GC8C39) by The Simplers (1/1) Dementia Concretia (GC9A93) by Team Troglodyte (1/1) The Media Cache (GCA96E) by NoFear & ARVPanda (3/2) High and Dry (GCB7AF) by Thot (Adopted) (1.5/1.5)
  38. 1 point
    For most of the date/event specific souvenirs, I find out about them here or on various geocache social media groups. Groundspeak sends out notices of some. If you haven't seen those, you might need to adjust your settings so you you get their emails.
  39. 1 point
    I'll start by saying, I don't have a smartphone, so all the synergisticness is not meaningful to me, and the terrible screen on the 62s is not improved. I can't read the damn thing a lot of the time unless it's in direct sunlight. Of all the additional features the 64s has my 62s doesn't almost none are meaningful to me. The 62s holds all the caches I ever want plus their logs, so the major jump in storage ability isn't useful to me. I suppose the more accurate coordinates could be useful, but most of the time the hiders error is the greater error so having a more accurate fix on their inaccurate coordinates isn't much help. But, one thing I read you say somewhere KeyResults is that the location doesn't jump around. The one aspect of Garmin units I absolutely hate is their jumping around. As I walk towards a cache the map pointer can swing widely. I often see it jump between 45 degrees to the left of my heading to 45 degrees to the right. This drives me nuts. Before the 60CSx, my GPSr was a Magellan. After it homed in on a cache it continued to point in roughly the same direction, none of this jumping 90 degrees from left to right both of my Garmins do. The downside was, when you got near GZ you had to stop and let it settle down, and if you weren't careful you'd be past it and have to backtrack. But, that's much better than zigzagging all over the place or trying to mentally guess the average direction it's pointing. So, all that drivel said, is it true the 64 doesn't swing widely like the 62? Given what I've said about my needs, are there any other reasons I should upgrade from my 62s to a 64?
  40. 1 point
    Apparently this area of the site isn't well visited anymore.
  41. 1 point
    We're running a half marathon in Baton Rouge in January...& perhaps we'll have time to grab a few of the GeoTour while we're down there if ole' grumpy is in the mood So, has anyone devised a plan, like the Brenham tour, on the most efficient route to take? Thank you in advance
  42. 1 point
    GPS to get to a street/block is OK but then the drivers need to use their eyes and look at the house numbers/addresses for the specific delivery.
  43. 1 point
  44. 1 point
    Picture this: You've fired up your gadget and found that HGCS.org is suddenly gone. It died. You are compelled to write a eulogy and say a few words in response to this news. What say you?
  45. 1 point
    This is the one site I never want to see go. But too many people are on too many other apps, etc. so the traffic is just not the same. I don't Facebook so it's kinda this or nothing for me.
  46. 1 point
    At least I'd have a good excuse to stop updating that Longest Since Last Find list every month!
  47. 1 point
    It would be nice to have, but I'm not going to attempt to get it. I have talked about geocaching with all of my muggle friends and no one is interested. Actually I just thought of a way I may be able to get it. My mom recently made an account so she could log her will attends for the round up, but she has never logged a find. We will be in McKinney for the big munzee bash on Monday the 10, so I wonder if we can find an LPC with a munzee on it and she can log one of those.
  48. 1 point
    Looks like my next puzzle cache will be in Universal Polar Stereographic coordinates! When I project from the south pole, 13,731,996 meters north along the 120th line of west longitude, THEN due east 2,061,011 meters, it comes out near Hamilton, about 250 kilometers (150 miles) north of San Antonio.
  49. 1 point
    I am meeting with the City of Baytown 3-16-16 to run a punch list of the caches. There will be some combination padlocks in high muggle areas so we can have a safe container.
  50. 1 point
    BUT no matter who you are, if you are on HGCS, you need to pay your dues. BEER & DONUTS! Send to the attention of: TEXAS DREAMWEAVER, Official Treasurer of the Houston Geocaching Society c/o hgcs.org. Don't forget to include your box tops in order to be entered in the official rebate drawing held every Feb 29th at midnight.