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    Well, we did our big road trip in effort to get 50 states eventually. Drove to SC, NC, TN, KY, IL.Of course also went through LA, GA MI and AR, but already had caches n those states. Only 5 states left to go: MI, WI, IN, OH and Hawaii.. Will do the 4 next year, AFTER winter, and Hawaii in January of 2019. Get the 50th state on our 50th anniversary cruise out of Los Angeles. Got 72 caches and drove 2800 miles. Had a great time. Mr & Mrs. Sugarlandians.
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    https://coord.info/TB3Z7N1 This one just reared it's head after a 6-year hibernation!
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    I think I mentioned in another thread that I USED to be on the Houston Geocachers Facebook group, but suddenly got kicked off for (I guess) possibly being friends with someone who may or may not have ratted out the admin of that group to Groundspeak for being a terrible reviewer... or something to that effect. Kirbydox and BB got banned too for similar fuzzy reasons. cachestacker isn't on facebook at all (look him up on Instagram!) ;-) I post occasionally on the SETX Gang and the Centex Geocachers groups on Facebook. I still check in here frequently and will be disappointed if this forum ever goes away.
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    I wasn't sure whether to type this in the "craziest cache containers" or "most amusing" since these can be both-- if you're ever in Angleton/Lake Jackson, look for caches by VossX2. I'm sure some of you have seen their older ones and recently they placed a few more. GC5EKCQ and GC5EKCM were really good. Too bad they were archived after flooding. They didn't get seen by a whole lot of folks, (my opinion: middle of nowhere location) but they all are worth the drive.