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    Love it or hate it, this App is likely to have a billion dollar plus valuation worldwide by end of the month. Think about that. Geocaching is a microscopic blip comparatively speaking. Big ad agencies, and corporate sponsors are all over it.
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    And now, if you go to Google Maps - just normal everyday Google Maps, PokemonGo locations show up with blue tear drop shaped icons (like the red ones we use to drop a "pin" to pinpoint a location). Some are simply labeled "point #" and some are labeled by the business name. What the heck? And, from what I've read...yeah you can submit a request to add a Pokestop/Pokegym at your place of business/home/anywhere. Not a character floating around in your phone at ××× location, but same concept Bert suggested.
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    Thats not quite how it works Bert, you cant choose where pokemon go. You cant say I want this pokemon in the location. Pokemon randomly pop up in "like" terrains. Like poison type pokemon show up near gas stations or chemical plants; ghost type pokemon show up in cemeterys; water type pokemon show up near rivers, lakes, ponds, oceans; grass type show up in parks; psychic type show up near elecricitcal things.
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    Kenny....see the max weight capacity limit on it? You and I aint gonna fit hahaha. Its interesting concept but a jet powered aluminum tunnel hull jon boat can do the same and more. Less draft, more load, more stability. The yak is maybe 100 lbs lighter but most arent going to be putting it on their car roof or pickup bed at ~175 lbs so they both end up on a trailer anyway. Josh