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    i enjoy having a goal or something to work towards while i go out geocaching. some of the others in my household don't like to just go out for an entire day, so if i have a goal (ie cemeteries, counties, difficulties, etc), then they tolerate more. if i say i'm working on XYZ challenge, they may have an interest too.
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    We ran into a Sheriff at Mingo who had never heard of geocaching. Lots and lots of people from all over the world were there to sign the log and he pulled over to see what was going on. He was very intrigued and was asking a lot of questions and people were excited to answer them. He was very nice and passed out his business cards and said if anyone needed any help while we were out to give him a call and he would come over. He took pictures with anyone and everyone and said he was going to go home and look more into the game. We mentioned to him that since he was an officer he got a FREE premium membership. He thanked us and said he will be creating an account once he got home.