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    Thank you! We are in Kerrville so I was able to check emails and this forum. It sure was nice outside last night at the park and tomorrow morning should be great for those hikes! Just love it here, always have : ) No skeeters and thanks for tips on the bug from hell.
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    You could try this FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SAGeo/ It's the San Antonio Geocachers.There is also a CENTEX cachers Yahoo group that I've followed long before moving to the Hill Country, but it doesn't have much activity these days. The old puzzle cache is a pretty long hike. I did it last year with RRM10 and another Kerrville cacher. We ended up with about 8.5 miles according to my GPS log but you could do it with a little less distance depending on the route you pick. Larry's earthcache, and the nearby official park cache are just a short distance from parking and the monkey rock cache mentioned earlier by TFP is a relatively short hike. If you go to the park website there's a .kml file of the park trails that you can look at in Google Earth and get a better idea of how the trails relate to the terrain and caches if you load them into GE as well.
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    You'll have no cell coverage so plan accordingly with however you cache "offline”. A mile up the road from lost maples is foxfire cabins. Highly recommend. We've stayed there several times. Chiggers, yes. Prepare accordingly. Monkey Rock is cool. There is a cache there. It's hot. Hydrate. Garner and Texas Hill country SP are reasonably short drives from Lost Maples. Garner if you've never been is very nice.