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    It still took him 9 days to respond to his own robot. That's pretty funny.
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    So in the last six years of caching I have found 778 caches. 768 in the first three years. 10 in the last 3 days Becoming a dad was rough!
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    I've found 10 in the last three days after taking what became a three year hiatus because of having kids!
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    Not sure what it is but my Dr. told me last year after BB a crying run when the PI got into my blood stream that if I kept caching he would prescribe me something you drink at the beginning of spring an it is suppose to not let the oils effect ya. I'll have to give him a call.
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    Dang, Greg, you should be sitting in the big boy seat by now. Lol. Had a great mental visual of you in a car seat, though. Thanks for the unintentional chuckle.