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    I sat in on the scoring for a bit and it seemed to be going very well. We hand-checked and re-checked the scorecards so no mistakes were made. They also went out and picked up ALL the challenge caches that evening before they finished totaling the scorecards... and eliminated one of the hides from the tally because it had gone missing sometime during the competition. That said, participation was down and it appeared they had about half as many scorecards to deal with that we had last year, AND they decided ahead of time to not announce the winners until Sunday morning. That certainly took he pressure off and made things go smoother!
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    HoustonControl and I are meeting with the Baytown tourism director to start to plot out exactly how the Baytown Geotour will work. The money has been approved BTW. As with any geotour, the amount of money you spend doing it is very important to document. When you turn in your passport, make sure you document the bucks spent. Zipping into geotour country and zipping out will kill the program. Baytown's geotour will be funded by a hotel/motel tax. I think any city hosting a geotour through GC.com pays $3000 per year to be listed. Now of course, none of us locals will probably spend the night here, but we'll buy gas and burgers for sure.
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    Well I don't know how much this site is visited anymore, but I've gotten back into Geocaching now that I have a 4.5 year old and 7 year old who are interested. Grabbed 6 today!
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    Awesome news! Glad we get one much closer to home. Thanks for the heads-up. Can't wait to make a go of it. Sounds like it's no slouch.
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    Looks like the Baytown Geotour has begun (3-11-17). It rained the first day but there were a small group of FTF hounds out. We cached sunday and monday. Had a great time and enjoyed getting to know Baytown. Wonderful job putting this together.
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    Storage is cheap. I have a 6bay and 8bay hotswap drive dock. I use a Dell H310 Raid controller flashed with LSI firmware. These things are cheap but highly functional. I would suggest a RAID10 with 4 drives. You would be able to survive two failed drives with no need to reinstall your OS on a new drive. I don't run boinc on this machine as it's the lifeblood of my little network here. Lost of redundancy built into it though. In other news.. I remembered my password for WCG...
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    Funny story... when I got laid off I guess one of the other admins shutdown my little cluster. Fast forward a little bit and being a little out of touch it appears I can't remember my password to WCG. I don't want to change it though. <Queue funny part> I guess the admin didn't turn off all my machines I had running BOINC. I guess I still got one machine at my old job cranking them out... Changing my password would break that...
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    I am meeting with the City of Baytown 3-16-16 to run a punch list of the caches. There will be some combination padlocks in high muggle areas so we can have a safe container.
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    The Baytown Geotour is NOT dead. It has been delayed, but should start picking up steam very soon.
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    Make sure there is a Geo-tour stop at Buc-ees. They'll be $$ spent there, for sure!