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    • Changing from Traditional to Multi
      I discovered this phenomenon because it's happening to the cache I want to change to a multi right now.
    • Changing from Traditional to Multi
      But do you think these difficult to place locations you currently have are being lurked on that much?  And, in reality, PR would get pissed that someone keeps submitting, as it will keep coming up in the queue when there is an existing cache there.  That will only be tolerated so long.  They send back to the submitter and after a while I presume would just archive the submission -- unless the cache is gone. I just don't imagine that strategy working very well.   Not for the choo choo series.
    • Changing from Traditional to Multi
      I think you're missing the point of my post.  Assuming you submit the new cache and archive the existing cache in the same day.  If there's a lurker who has submitted a cache at your location earlier and just standing by, they'll get your location, because you just created the replacement and he submitted his earlier, so he's ahead of you in the queue. 
    • Changing from Traditional to Multi
      HC - I've had several I had been working on over the years have that happen.  Surprised it took so long, too. Thot - The easy way for this to submit your new cache at the same location and then archive the old.  Your new cache is already in queue when you archive it (even if minutes before) and any lurker will have a submission in queue after yours.  Never had an issue.
    • Changing from Traditional to Multi
      Slightly off topic, I had an unpublished puzzle cache from 2009 that I built just to put trackables in.  I never intended to submit it for review (though it would be fun to publish a brand new cache today with a GC code that started with GC22), so it just sat there.  Well, about 10 days ago, Groundspeak archived it.  Their log stated:  This old, unpublished cache has been archived as part of site maintenance and database clean-up. You are not required to take action. If you are working on a new cache, create a new listing and submit it for review. Should you prefer to use this listing, contact your local reviewer to request unarchival. See [this Help Center article] to identify the reviewer for your area. In the future, please work to submit cache pages for review within three months of creation. If you are working on a complex cache, or are waiting on permission, communicate your progress by posting regular reviewer notes to unsubmitted listings. Submissions older than six months may be automatically archived. It doesn't really matter to me because my trackables can sit in an archived cache was well as an unpublished one.  I just thought it was interesting that it took them 7 years to decide they needed to do site maintenance and database clean-up.  
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