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    • TEXAS Status
      I went out to the park today to do maintenance on the "A".  I only managed the east half of the "A" - the going is very tough and the waterway down the middle of the "A" was deep enough to prevent easy crossing.  The terrain is a lot more thorny that it was a couple of years ago - the fire helped clear the path for thorns to grow.  By using the pictures I had from the previous maintenance run, I was able to locate all of the caches and get them set for the next finders. I wore brush pants (with thorn guards and they worked very well.  The thorns didn't penetrate the pants, saving me from many scrapes.  The thorns do make the going slow as every step is a chore!  Here's a detailed status of the caches: A5 - wet, thorny terrain.  Soda tube was on a tree that had fallen.  Using the picture from the cache page, I found the tube, all was in great shape.  Reattached to another tree and will update a new photo to the cache page. A4 - Low thorns, lots of them!  Cache was still attached to tree, but it had fallen so I reattached to a new tree.  All in good shape, new picture will be uploaded to cache page. A7 - Pure brutality.  Lots of thorns, particularly the last 200 feet from the pipeline right of way.  Ammo can is shot, so I connected a micro to the ammo can with a new log.  Good to go, new picture will be uploaded to cache page. A2 - Thorns lighted up a bit.  There are two containers at this cache - one was fire damaged but I left it.  The other is still in great shape.  Reattached containers to a new tree, new picture will be uploaded to cache page. A1 - Original tree at GZ was gone, but the cache was right on the ground - dry and in great shape.  I reattached to another tree - good to go.  New picture will be uploaded to cache page. A3 - even the right of way was difficult due to mud today!  Not too bad on the way to this cache.  Found it where it should be and reattached it more securely.  Good to go and new picture will be uploaded to cache page! All in all, the terrain on the northern part of the "A" is tough - lots of thorns.  Be prepared for a long and tiring day - not sure if you can do the whole series in a day anymore - the thorns make it difficult and more importantly tiring!   Have fun out there!
    • Longest since last find
      De Astutia (FTFC#4)  archived!
    • Longest since last find
      I logged another  DNF on this one. I probably waited to long after it was replaced.   Chasing a Night Time Ninja GC2TJF4 - was last found on 9/8/12 by TAZ427 and TeamPoliceBike36 with one DNF since.
    • We need a team captain for 2016!
      I realize that by starting this topic, one might think that I am volunteering--I most certainly am not.  A colleague of mine retired and I am teaching a course this semester that I haven't taught in over a decade.  This means that my always hectic spring semester is busier than usual, and I don't have the time to be team captain.  Additionally, I think it is probably helpful if the team captain kind of lives in the general area where most of the team lives--and we live in Huntsville. We (Tealcat and I) plan to compete and we need a team captain! Is anyone willing to volunteer? 
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