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    • OOut CCaching GBP TToday
      Atennisbabe and I decided to do a little GBP caching today and aimed for the FamilieRyan series off Baker Road. It had been almost a year since anyone had logged these, mostly due to the rain this past year. While I would not describe the experience as easy, it was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun. If you are interested in grabbing these now is the time to go. There was plenty of mud but not much standing water. No mossies, snakes or other wildlife to report other than a startled bunny and some birds. Be prepared for typical GBP backwood caching and plenty of barbed wire fence crossing. Very glad ATB and I agreed to a no photo rule or we would be trending on instagram by now!
    • Tarpon 140
      In addition to safety and equip fit, the ACA kayaking course covers a lot of paddling skills that may not be intuitive for many people. They weren't intuitive for me. I suppose it depends n the instructor too though so I'd check to be sure what's covered. I learned several paddling maneuvers years ago that I may neve have picked up on my own. It's definitely not a waste of fact it would be a hoot with a small group of friends. RE: the pedal power, I concur. Several TKF (fishing club) members have acquired PA yaks and seem to love them. Long paddle in 20mph + winds in open bay will definitely make you wonder if the budget and space could handle one more addition to the yak collection  I clocked a buddy in his Hobie at steady 4mph in breezy flats a few years ago. I was working my butt off and could not sustain that speed for more than a few minutes. He could go all day, and he could use his hands for other stuff, like drink a beer while trolling (and heckling me). 
    • GBP TEXAS - soda tubes on tallows
      Ok -- condensed version of what I tried to send and hit submit and it just disappeared. >> W/all that being said, isn't nearly a year w/ no found or maintenance logs excessive for such a great series? What do you mean by this? More people should be visiting? Or owners should be coming by more often to check on them? >>would appreciate help with maintenance if I were co-owner of it. While I understand this, let me tell you it's no fun getting logs where people have replaced without asking and future finders say "found both and signed both logs." For this reason, many COs don't want people just replacing. We may be picky about who we let replace. >>nobody goes back once they get all the TEXAS or is that not right? Let's say you did the S. And the A. You going back? Certain series lend themselves to that. Many attendees at CLAPS paddle events are waiting on the new series to come out but will come paddle that series at any event. But that's a bit different than just about any normal series. CLAPS, Once Cache Loop, Four Cache Loop, and Soda Tube Trials #2 are the only other caches/series like that I can think of around here that most people voluntarily go do again just to do it again. Think of this first as a game. Second think of the location and ease of maintenance and the time commitment necessary. TEXAS is not easily maintainable. And partly for the reasons you state -- infrequent visits -- the maintenance factor is lower than a normal series with easier access. With GBP, you know what you're getting into. I hate having an unfound in the middle of art or series. I feel bad when someone goes 1/2 up the bayou and can't find one. But I don't want them swapping it out without facetime or it being someone I trust. And on my paddle caches, I'd say the DNFs truly result in missing caches about 50% of the time. Sometimes a DNF is just a DNF no matter how frustrating. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Tarpon 140
      Kenny & Windknot, Thanks for all the great advice.  As to the paddle I'm picking up a carbon fiber. I HATE a heavy paddle that works against me. Definitely agree on the Life Jacket. As for certification what do the teach other than paddling, reboarding, etc? the reason I ask is I already do water survival often enough for work! I learned long ago that crawling my big rear into life raft, boat, etc ain't easy and I better use all the tricks to my advantage hahaha! Definitely not looking forward to the 5 day North Sea class doing it in a dry suit! Josh
    • GBP TEXAS - soda tubes on tallows
      I'm a girl. But yes tuba_dude, from what I remember from reading logs when yall were out there, you had to replace only one of Donna's w/permission from her. This is what I meant by it looking good on "paper" ( geoart/map/smilies on map for the word of this state) which is ..Certainly, I would appreciate help with maintenance if I were co-owner of it. Understand that we had to wing it on the S since we got there so late but we were determined and prepared. W/all that being said, isn't nearly a year w/ no found or maintenance logs excessive for such a great series?  From some of the responses, I gather the series is a group effort from everyone around here. But, being in the environment it's in, nobody goes back once they get all the TEXAS or is that not right?  
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