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    • GBP TEXAS - soda tubes on tallows
      I am the owner of the "A" in "TEXAS".  Did you check each cache page for the pictures i put up showing the exact location of the cache?  I did that so folks could tell if something had changed in the area or could look around close to GZ if the area had flooded or maybe the trees (especially in the "A" where the fire hit a few years ago) have deteriorated.  I use rope (or string) to attach most (if not all) of the caches because I think zip ties will break from growth or from exposure to the sun.  Soda tubes are by far the most resilient containers (metal ammo cans are also very good) as long as people put them back together tightly.  I have had issues lately with a large ammo can that had lots of water in it because a finder didn't put the cap back on - I can't fix those kind of issues. The ammo can on A7 survived the fire so I left it out there as a reminder of how hot it got at that time - it's not from lack of maintenance.  If there's a leak or something that is different and I'll check on it next time I'm out there. This was the first DNF on the caches out there for the "A", so I wouldn't necessarily go out and do maintenance until I know there are issues.  If you looked at the pictures and the cache is definitely not there, that would be very helpful to know - too often I go to a cache that is DNF'ed and it's still there. I have added a note to the cache description on A1 to let folks know that I will provide replacement containers to anyone heading out in the case that caches are missing.  I also added a note to each page reminding folks that there is a picture of the exact cache location for each "A" cache.   I also have another plan to help with replacement caches - stay tuned.   All being said - I am going on a maintenance run tomorrow (2/7/16) at 7am, leaving from the east parking lot.  Anyone can join me if they'd like - haven't been out slogging in the park for a while.  Message me if you'd like to join.   Larry
    • Longest since last find
      February Update: Since the last update, 2 caches on the list were found, 4 were disabled or archived and 10 more were added to the list.  As of January 31st there were 26 active caches within a 75 mile radius of downtown Houston that have not been found in over three years. They are: Highland Woods #4 GC3A0NA - was last found on 1/31/12 by rambetta & trea. NinjaKurt's First Puzzle GC3GCPC - was last found on 4/13/12 by criffree and FamilieRyan with one DNF since. Chopped... GC189K6 - was last found on 4/22/12 by Log Dawgs, criffree and SeekerOfSeasons. FTFC #70 A Holiday Cache GC21EKT - was last found on 6/3/12 by Muddy Buddies. FTFC #96 There's a Giant Lettuce Behind Me GC379NY - was last found on 6/3/12 by Muddy Buddies. piccoli corteccia GC2KZ4G - was last found on 6/16/12 by TXWHITEY with two DNF's since. SW 4 - High Plains Cacher GC227AX - was last found on 7/8/12 by rocky4. FTFC #61 Food For Thought GC1MRKT - was last found on 8/3/12 by LogDawgs. Chasing a Night Time Ninja GC2TJF4 - was last found on 9/8/12 by TAZ427 and TeamPoliceBike36 with one DNF since. Devil's Crotch GC34PJK - was last found on 9/18/12 by hfd2722. FTFC #92: You Will Be Assimilated! GC30C6Z - was last found on 10/1/12 by Benttandem with one DNF since. Rope Swing GC1MK6V - was last found on 11/18/12 by metalman69 with three DNF's since. A child logged a find on it on 1/17/16, but it looks like a mistaken find log. Part of the Family GCW38B - was last found on 12/3/12 by Raven & Georeyna with one DNF since. SW 3 - The Good, The Bad & The Cacheless GC227AW - was last found on 12/15/12 by L Clan. FTFC #62 - Or is it a puzzle? GC1P369 - was last found on 12/15/12 by Raven. AHHHCHOO 080 GC2MDCN - was last found on 12/25/12 by 4lmbrJx. Strike One GC3D05C - was last found on 1/3/13 by msbop with four DNF's since. Grey skies......10 yrs later GC3VKA0 - was last found on 1/4/13 by bbqandbeer with one DNF since. Black Box #2 GC2TN93 - was last found on 1/15/13 by TresHntrs with two DNF's since. FOTW Bonus cache GC1BNA8 - was last found on 1/17/13 by . Sundial at George Bush Park GC28Q25 - was last found on 1/19/13 by teamCull, Eagles1181 and .jpeg. Buffalo Trail #3 GC1RZVA - was last found on 1/19/13 by Lonestar 77 and Mustache xo, with two DNF's since. De Astutia (FTFC#4) GCN1AN - was last found on 1/22/13 by Garglador, with one DNF since. One Eyed, No Horned Purple People Eater GC3W17B - was last found on 1/23/13 by mighty felix, with two DNF's since. Rising Sun (FTFC #77) GC2CP27 - was last found on 1/27/13 by HoustonControl. Star Wars - The Clone Wars GC1JRWM - was last found on 1/27/13 by elmdor7797. Now off the list: Double Trouble GC3CCNQ - was found January 3rd by Kirbydox, 45 months after it was last found. "Tour of Champions #1" GCNKEE - was found January 14th by Don Mega and Mrs.Mega, 39 months after it was last found. Other changes since the last update: Billy Goat's Gruff GC2Z86N - was temporarily disabled by TheScarlettReviewer. FTFC #74---Does Not Compute GC26NNT - was temporarily disabled by TheScarlettReviewer. Suburban Offrode Caching #4 GC3P74V - was temporarily disabled by TheScarlettReviewer. Shipbuilding GC2W7N6 - was archived by the owner.   Be sure to check out the Bookmarked List of these caches.
    • GBP TEXAS - soda tubes on tallows
      Okay, thanks. When we plan to go out again, hopefully soon-- I will do as Houston Control suggested and contact the owners first to see if they've been out there (some folks do check on their caches w/out posting a maintenance log) or not. I don't really want to throw a container out there though, just because I DNF the cache unless (and this seems almost impossible) the owner could tell me exactly where it should have been placed.  I'm still confused but oh well, will figure it out.
    • 6th Annual CLAPS MoonLESS Paddle Event 12/12/15
      It's tonight.  Come on out even if you're not going to paddle.
    • OOut CCaching GBP TToday
      Atennisbabe and I decided to do a little GBP caching today and aimed for the FamilieRyan series off Baker Road. It had been almost a year since anyone had logged these, mostly due to the rain this past year. While I would not describe the experience as easy, it was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun. If you are interested in grabbing these now is the time to go. There was plenty of mud but not much standing water. No mossies, snakes or other wildlife to report other than a startled bunny and some birds. Be prepared for typical GBP backwood caching and plenty of barbed wire fence crossing. Very glad ATB and I agreed to a no photo rule or we would be trending on instagram by now!
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