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    • Little late here but, my first thought was that this was yet another marketing ploy to bring in more potential paying members. Myself, i'm tired of the gimmicks and tactics has tried using over the last couple of years to increase quantity of members. They've pushed the phone app which has caused a ridiculous amount of turn over and a degradation of our hobby. Things like souvenirs and badges could have been a fun thing but because so many are pushed out these days, there's really nothing special about most of them. The option to buy premium membership without auto renewal was taken away and is simply another ploy to catch some members off guard.I hate the fact that knows they have the monopoly and can do anything they want without regard to it's members.TPTB are seeing dollar signs so the main thing is numbers. Because of this, the overall quality of geocaching has gone down and geocaching as a whole, is suffering. I'm sure this is one of the bigger reasons why we've lost so many good, dedicated people over the last few years. Ok, not sure why i got on my soapbox just now. Don't guess it matters much since most aren't reading this anyways because they're using their phones with facebook and the app. Go back to your regularly scheduled program.
    • After a very long weekend of munzeeing, I did not have the energy on trying to convince my mom to find a cache. Although we were less then 300 feet from several caches I was just ready to come home. I did end up finding 2 caches in McKinney, but mom stayed in the car for both of them because it was not the 10th yet and she thought it would be cheating if I took the picture a day early. All well, I dont look at my caching badges much anyway.
    • I would consider any finds logged by TrailHunter as suspect.
    • Apparently kayackers flock here from many miles away to do this. It's in Fall River Mills, California I couldn't get a count on fatalities. I got this from Weather Underground where I post mostly flower pictures
    • October Update: Since the last update, 3 caches on the list were found, 2 were temporarily disabled and 13 more were added to the list.  As of September 30th there were 66 active caches within a 75 mile radius of downtown Houston that have not been found in over three years. They are: Chopped... GC189K6 - was last found on 4/22/12 by Log Dawgs, criffree and SeekerOfSeasons. SW 4 - High Plains Cacher GC227AX - was last found on 7/8/12 by rocky4. Rope Swing GC1MK6V - was last found on 11/18/12 by metalman69 with three DNF's since. A child logged a find on it on 1/17/16, but it looks like a mistaken find log. Part of the Family GCW38B - was last found on 12/3/12 by Raven & Georeyna with one DNF since. SW 3 - The Good, The Bad & The Cacheless GC227AW - was last found on 12/15/12 by L Clan. Hyperhidrosis GCM3E4 - was last found on 2/9/13 by cachestacker with one DNF since. Fools Rush In GC282P5 - was last found on 2/10/13 by Moose.Head and TimGrady. Watering Hole GC2KZ0W - was last found on 2/14/13 by Moose.Head and TimGrady with one DNF since. FTFC #73 St. Patrick's Revenge GC24Y0V - was last found on 2/17/13 by Rich&Lola. I'm Sick of Puzzles Two! GC1DZJP - was last found on 2/18/13 by cachestacker. SW 2 - For a Few Caches More GC227AV - was last found on 2/27/13 by L CLan. Night Time Ninja Aptitude #8 GC2NPZ8 - was last found on 3/1/13 by dmtex, with two DNF's since. Night Time Ninja Aptitude #9: The Unknown Grave GC2P4G6 - was last found on 3/2/13 by DJAX96 & jjax12, with one DNF since. Here Come The Beatles! GC2VMQM - was last found on 3/2/13 by L Clan. Ninja Bait #2 GC3VW63 - was last found on 3/2/13 by DJAX96, jjax12 & TimGrady. Ninja Bait #3 - Ninja Eye Candy GC3VW6V - was last found on 3/2/13 by DJAX96, jjax12 & TimGrady. Ninja Bait #4 - Animal Crossing GC3VW78 - was last found on 3/2/13 by DJAX96, jjax12 & TimGrady. STP (Soda Tube Puzzle) GC1YMXM - was last found on 3/2/13 by L_Clan. DEER XING GC1BADQ - was last found on 3/3/13 by rocky4. Timberlane Hike and Bike 2 GC2JJ1P - was last found on 3/8/13 by TexasWriter & CornDoll. The point of no return? GC252F0 - was last found on 3/12/13 by skunkonthefog & Silliams, with two DNF's since. THORNS GC1QD58 - was last found on 3/12/13 by margeo47 & HeidiPoo with one DNF since. Alphabet Soup Bonus #1 GC2579Y - was last found on 3/23/13 by L Clan. FTFC #112 - Yes, it is tax time GC49G4W - was last found on 4/12/13 by FamilieRyan, Manofsteel73 and criffree. Russian Roulette # 2 GC3AF87 - was last found on 4/17/13 by BaytownBert. Off the Grid GC2WARC - was last found on 5/14/13 by Kirbydox. Deliverance 4 GC1QQHM - was last found on 5/18/13 by Lukeash2003, with two DNF's since. You can't get from there to here GC4D0G2  - was last found on 6/12/13 by theBasty and Craziestcatlady. FTFC #71 - 2010 GC22WDP - was last found on 6/15/13 by TexasWriter. Muy Caja! GC18J5X - was last found on 6/16/13 by TexasWriter with one DNF since. FTFC #54 - Pitch Perfect GC1EAGG - was last found on 6/6/13 by terratin. Rumpelstiltskin's Treasure GC47HFC  - was last found on 6/17/13 by Quigman. Night Time Ninja Aptitude #11 GC2V42P - was last found on 7/27/13 by AVOdizzle, with three DNF's since. Oldies but goodies GC350B3 - was last found on 8/1/13 by drew8, with two DNF's since. AHHHCHOO 097 GC2MCQM - was last found on 8/4/13 by KeyResults, with one DNF since. CR1000 GC1N97A - was last found on 8/6/13 by Twisted Willie. I See You GC2NPTT - was last found on 8/15/13 by finnfive, with two DNF's since. Still more Golden Oldies GC377WY - was last found on 8/16/13 by amaranth1211. Old and (Not) Gold GC37AV7 - was last found on 8/16/13 by amaranth1211. Grant's Hole in the Tree GC2K21Q - was last found on 8/18/13 by cache.points. The Found River GC4D0H9 - was last found on 8/19/13 by rambetta. You can get here from somewhere, maybe! GC4DWJ5 - was last found on 8/19/13 by rambetta. You have to go this way to get it from here GC4DZH3 - was last found on 8/19/13 by rambetta, with one DNF since. Under Water? What was I thinking? GC4EK4Z - was last found on 8/19/13 by rambetta. Close to the Others GC21ACQ - was last found on 8/20/13 by Team Blacklist. Badguys Rule! Heroes Drool. Tiamat's cache GC2MQ2M - was last found on 8/20/13 by TrailHunterD, with one DNF since. Badguys Rule! Heroes Drool. T-850 model 101 GC2MQ31 - was last found on 8/21/13 by TrailHunterD, with one DNF since. Badguys Rule! Heroes Drool. KARR GC2MQ3J - was last found on 8/21/13 by TrailHunterD with one DNF since. Star Wars Empire- Darth Vader GC3PGZH - was last found on 8/23/13 by april_marvelous, with three DNF's since. Do Snakes Climb Trees? GC2KWCM - was last found on 8/24/13 by Bubberdad, with one DNF since. Santa's Coming GC39ACM - was last found on 8/25/13 by fendmar, with one DNF since. GCWLGBP: SUPER SUNDAY GC2MN0J - was last found on 8/27/13 by fendmar, with one DNF since. Wave It GC4C1H3 - was last found on 8/31/13 by Cache Advisor with one DNF since. Troubled bridge over still water GC4D0HM - was last found on 9/1/13 by redcar & mr redcar. Scrambled GC3XZQD - was last found on 9/4/13 by davarle. "The Cut" - The Bend GC1CXEV - was last found on 9/6/13 by Trea, geojrh & rambetta. "The Cut" - Piggy #3 GC1DE44 - was last found on 9/6/13 by Trea, geojrh & rambetta. "The Cut" - Piggy #1 GC1DE3B - was last found on 9/6/13 by Trea, geojrh & rambetta. FTFC # 82 - The Final Game GC2KEE7 - was last found on 9/10/13 by MedTexPlacer. Wizard's House - Redux GC44MAV - was last found on 9/19/13 by Benttandem, with two DNF's since. FTFC #115 - Hard Sudoku GC4FQHW - was last found on 9/19/13 by Benttandem. 4 AGNAV GC1ZVVT - was last found on 9/21/13 by thefrozenghost & 1s+0s, with three DNF's since. GBP West Trail Series #3 GC1HX88 - was last found on 9/22/13 by Hoosier Ranger, with six DNF's since. Behind the Stink GC3BXMB - was last found on 9/27/13 by searching4you, with one DNF since. A SERVICE FOR ALL GCMRRF - was last found on 9/28/13 by finnfive, with one DNF since. Joseph of Cupertino GC302N2 - was last found on 9/29/13 by davarle, with one DNF since.   Now off the list: lp park tour 3 GC18K5A - was found September 2nd by marinebuck, 40 months after it was last found. Chasing a Night Time Ninja GC2TJF4 - was found September 14th by Mdiin, 48 months after it was last found. Sundial at George Bush Park GC28Q25 - was found September 25th by tuba dude, 44 months after it was last found.   Other changes since the last update: Black Box #2 GC2TN93 - was temporarily disabled by GeoCrater. Badguys Rule! Heroes Drool. Dr. Horrible's cache GC2MQ2A - was temporarily disabled by GeoCrater.   Be sure to check out the Bookmarked List of these caches.
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