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Welcome to the Houston GeoCaching Society; A loosely knit community of Geocachers in and around Houston, Texas including such areas as Huntsville, Beaumont, and Galveston. The Houston GeoCaching Society''s purpose is to promote "geocaching" in all forms as well as providing a means for geocaching enthusiasts to come together, communicate, and most of all have fun.

You can join the Houston GeoCaching Society by registering for an account and participating in the discussion forum. There are no dues and registration is free. There are no rules in location so if you would like to communicate with the locals feel free to do so.

We welcome everyone.

What is "geocaching"? Geocaching has many different variations, however in the basic sense it is simply the hiding and finding of objects using a handheld GPSr (Global Positioning Satellite receiver) or traditional methods such as a map and compass.

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Featured Cacher For September 2011 - no muggle

Aug 31 2011 07:49 PM | ATMA in Featured Cachers

no muggle of Friendswood, TX.
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What got you interested in caching?
no muggle: My sister, bittybit, and I were headed to a weekend long training for Texas Master Naturalists. I don’t know where she heard about it, but she handed me a stack of papers and said she had found something that sounded interesting. Anyway, I read the whole stack of papers out loud to her while she was driving, the whole time thinking it was the craziest, stupidest thing I had ever heard. Why would anyone want to do this? Neither of us had a GPS except the cars navigation system, which will only get you so close. I plugged in the coordinates to one just down the street from my mothers house which turned out to be in the park we played in as kids. I could only get within a few hundred feet with the car. I looked but couldn’t find anything, still convinced this was a crazy, stupid thing. Then, Bittybit bought one of those yellow Garmins and we went back. Well, we found a film canister in a tree stump with a log that was so moldy it was basically unsignable and that was it.

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Featured Cacher For August 2011 - cook cachers

Jul 30 2011 02:23 PM | ATMA in Featured Cachers

cook cachers of Katy, TX.
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What got you interested in caching?
cook cachers: Oh Captain, my Captain had some friends who cached and he thought it would be something we could do as a family. At the time our three daughters were 21, 19 and 12, so while the first two sporadically cached with us, the youngest has been avid from the start. “She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Mentioned” logs as cachin shark. Since the Capt. is pretty busy in real life, I do most of the Houston area caching and will be answering many of the questions in first person. Only references to “The Capt.” apply to him in any way and all other answers, stories, lies and insinuations are my own.

How did you decide on your caching name?
cook cachers: We were so excited after our first day out at Stephen F. Austin State Park near San Felipe where we had grabbed 3 caches. When it came time to log them, creativity went out the window and we just used the most obvious names available. Later, after seeing other more interesting cache names, we talked about changing, but decided ours was good enough.

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Featured Cacher For July 2011 - GeoGeex

Jun 30 2011 09:29 PM | ATMA in Featured Cachers

GeoGeex of Katy, TX.
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What got you interested in caching?
GeoGeex: I overheard two friends talking outside my door at work about finding cash. One was telling the other how they had planned out this family hike to find this cash. When they had arrived at GZ, they found themselves surrounded by an army of frogs or some such. But it had not deterred them and they found the cash in spite of the guardians. At this point, I didn’t know if they were talking about some book they had read, or maybe a movie or if they had just totally gone bonkers. In the interest of possibly scoring myself some of this cash, I inquired as to what they were talking about. After explaining to me that it wasn’t money they were after but a container with a piece of paper to sign in it that the entire family had embarked upon finding, I was still a little befuddled. They went on to tell me how much fun it was and how the kids really had a great time. They pointed me to geocaching.com and told me to check it out. I went to the website and did a quick search for the area I lived in. WOW! The place was loaded with hidden treasures! I bought a cheap GPS and printed out some caches that were located in a nearby soccer park. I really talked up how we were going treasure hunting to my 4 year old son and he was really keen on the idea. My wife joined us as we searched for these caches. It took us quite a bit to find our first one as we had no idea what we were looking for. But find it we did! Katy Park Bison Hunt: Tree (GC1AWT6) was our very first find. My son was jumping up and down and all excited. We went on to find several more caches in the park that day. We, as a family had a really great day but it will live in infamy as the day my wife became a caching widow. She now says that if there was a hundred dollar bill sitting on a bank across an alligator infested bayou, I would turn away, but put a piece of paper into a tube and call it a cache, now I MUST find a way to get over there!

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