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Welcome to the Houston GeoCaching Society; A loosely knit community of Geocachers in and around Houston, Texas including such areas as Huntsville, Beaumont, and Galveston. The Houston GeoCaching Society''s purpose is to promote "geocaching" in all forms as well as providing a means for geocaching enthusiasts to come together, communicate, and most of all have fun.

You can join the Houston GeoCaching Society by registering for an account and participating in the discussion forum. There are no dues and registration is free. There are no rules in location so if you would like to communicate with the locals feel free to do so.

We welcome everyone.

What is "geocaching"? Geocaching has many different variations, however in the basic sense it is simply the hiding and finding of objects using a handheld GPSr (Global Positioning Satellite receiver) or traditional methods such as a map and compass.


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