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Featured Cacher For September 2006 - MedTexPlacer aka Sockpuppet

MedTxPlacer of Meadows, TX.
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How did you learn about caching?SockPuppet: I was visiting with my only brother in California. His brother in-law was over and he mentioned that a friend of his had been geocaching. In the cache he had found a neat paperweight with floating dolphins. At that point I wondered why anyone would spend all the time and energy just for a paperweight. At that point I was still not interested in caching.
What kind of equipment used (PDA, Garmin, Magellan, software)?
SockPuppet: It just before Christmas of 2003 that I happened to be looking at the Oshman's (Now the Sports Authority) Advertisement. I spotted a sale for a GPS unit that was 50% off. I waited a few days before checking it out and when I arrived at the store was told the unit was sold old but the salesperson mentioned that I could have any of the other units for 50% off. Knowing nothing about GPS brands I picked the yellow eTrex for its compact size and easy to spot color. It was only $49.99 plus tax. I thought I might as well enjoy something that my tax dollars have paid for. I am still have that unit and use it today. Unfortunately, while trying to find the Tree Monster cache hidden by usmorrows I become lost in the woods. In addition the rubber buttons fell off the GPSr. About an hour later I was still stuck in the woods and a branch must have caught the lanyard of my GPSr and both the lanyard and battery cover were lost (This is not the most embarrassing moment). I continued to cache with the mangled GPSr for quite awhile until I decided to purchase an eTrex Vista. I then was FTF on a Dreamcacher's cache where the FTF prize was a most generous yellow eTrex belonging to Wayne himself. I was thrilled to have another yellow eTrex until I lost this unit while searching for a Geek_Qualizer Terracache. I recently purchased another used yellow eTrex on ebay and have repaired my original eTrex. As for Magellan, I enjoy their clothing. Enough said. As for software, I use the Dreamcachersware for complicated triangulations. I use EasyGPS to store coordinates into my GPS unit. I use GPS Visualizer to determine the order of my hunt if multiple caches are involved. I have also used a feature to convert addresses into GPS coordinates. For puzzle caches I use a number of different tools which will go without mention for fear of losing a FTF.

What are your all-time favorite cache/s and or adventure while caching?
SockPuppet: My all time favorite caches are High-Five, A Bridge Too Far, and An Occurence at Owl Creek all by geowyz and Sugar Land Safari and Circumcenter both by Dreamcachers. Most of these caches required multiple days to complete. I still smile when I pass waypoint number 2 of High-Five. One special cache was Head-Case by Geek_Qualizer since I found it while looking for a short-cut back to my car. My heart was racing when I opened the cache. I also enjoyed the variety and challenges of the MTP1K series that was set up for me in honor of reaching 1000 caches. I enjoy caches in other States with the different terrain. I have enjoyed the Coin Quest games and GpsTheGame.

Do you have any other hobbies?
SockPuppet: Who has time for hobbies other that caching? But I have incorporated mountain-biking and photography into geocaching.

Have any "Most embarrassing Geo-moment" you would like to share? Details please!
SockPuppet: Probably my most embarrassing Geo-moment was when Wayne of Dreamcachers invited me to go with him to find Row Versus Wade by Snoogans. When it was time to cross a creek I suggested that we walk across a fallen tree. Wayne being the adventurer ran quickly across the tree to the other side. Before I had made my way across, Wayne mentioned that it seemed like the tree had snapped. I dismissed his concern and started to walk across the tree. Halfway across the tree snapped in half and I was up to my neck in water. I panicked and held tightly to the tree. Wayne told me to hold on and me graciously tried to pull me up from the creek only to fall in himself. He swam upstream and stood up in knee high water. I let go of the tree and made my way to where he was standing. We did complete the cache and on the way back we walked across the stream in ankle deep water. It seems like every time I am around Wayne it always involves water in some form or fashion.

How did you decide on your caching name?
SockPuppet: One of the first caches I did was placed by MoTexOutlaw. I just adopted his format and used a variation of the small city I live in called Meadows Place Texas. I have no formal medical skills. Lately I have been signing the log as mtp to minimize mossies bites. I also go by SockPuppet on Terracaching. I have other aliases as well that will remain nameless.

Do you currently have any caching goals that you are working towards?
SockPuppet: Many of my goals are behind me. I once told geowyz that at the rate I was going I would pass him in caches. Since he does relatively few caches unless he is out of town, I have accomplished this goal. I am also neck and neck with the Dreamcacher in total caches. I will never pass the MuddyBuddies. My one remaining goal would be to have done a cache in each of the 50 states in the good ole USA.