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Featured Cacher For October 2008 - Zephyr01

Zephyr01 of Clear Lake, TX.
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What got you interested in caching?
Zephyr01: I am a volunteer for findagrave.com a site that helps genealogists by placing burial information and tombstone photos online for researchers and allows you to place requests for photos of makers anywhere on the planet. I had placed a request for a photo of the grave of an uncle buried in Virginia Beach, VA. The girl who picked up the request didn’t get to it over the weekend like she’d said and emailed me that she’d been so caught up in geocaching that she didn’t have a chance to do my photo. I replied back asking what geocaching was, and the rest is history! And thx to Hockey Guy for our first cache find down in Texas City shortly thereafter!
How did you decide on your caching name?
Zephyr01: The word Zephyr means wind or a breeze. I grew up in Mobile and I’ve always loved that breeze you feel when you’re standing on the beach at the ocean.

When you cache, what equipment do you use? (PDA, Garmin, Magellan, software)
Zephyr01: Garmin Vista HCx now with the old blue eTrex legend in reserve as backup. GeoBuddy software.

What are your all-time favorite cache(s)?
Zephyr01: The more creative ones like “4H TB Inn"" Murfreesboro, TN GCP42E, most have been multis. The ones that take you to cemeteries or historic sites, like ""Ellicott’s Stone"", Alabama (GCKWVW). And the ones that lead me to places I’d have never even known about otherwise, like “Old Man of the Valley” , New Hampshire, (GCJ85Q) and “Oregonia TB Motel”, Ohio (GCRCWF).

Do you have any special caching adventures you want to tell us about?
Zephyr01: The most fun was of course the “Matagorda Fun House” Adventure that had us driving the new Jeep along nearly the entire length of Matagorda Island on a wild goose chase for FTF. (Thx TDW! LOL)Then there was this fence thing with Dyfen which we wont go into but the Ice Dancer coin was pretty neat.

Have any "Most embarrassing Geo-moment" you would like to share? Details please!
Zephyr01: Have had a couple of ‘police encounters’ nothing I’d call embarrassing, but rather positive opportunities to spread the word about geocaching. Hopefully all future encounters are the same!

What is your favorite type of cache (traditional, multi, puzzle) and why?
Zephyr01: I like the traditionals and the multis, because sometimes my ‘blonde moment’s interfere with my puzzle solving abilities! LOL

Summer or Winter caching? Why?
Zephyr01: Either, caching is a year round sport-DUH!

When a new cache is listed, are you tempted to go for FTF?
Zephyr01: Nah. Tried that a couple of times, but some of you guys are TOO FAST for me! LOL

Tell us about your cache mobile.
Zephyr01: Right now it’s a Toyota echo--@40+ mpg with $3.40+ gal gas, you can’t beat it!

What other hobbies do you have?
Zephyr01: Genealogy, history, reading, travel, etc, etc. I have way too many hobbies and interests!!

Do you currently have any caching goals that you are working towards?
Zephyr01: Not at present. My last goal was to hit 2100 which I did while OHail was visiting from Alabama on a nice caching road trip to Corpus Christi with her and SkyRookie.

Is it all about the numbers?
Zephyr01: Nope, it’s all about the people and places —FOR SURE! The numbers seem to just follow along with the fun.

Thanks for this interview. Is there anything you would like to add?
Zephyr01: I’ve admired team ATMA for some time—you guys make an AWESOME TEAM! Keep up the good work!