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Featured Cacher For November 2008 - davarle

davarle of Houston, TX.
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What got you interested in caching?
davarle: We liked hiking, and we read an article about geocaching, and we thought it might be fun to go hiking with a purpose.

How did you decide on your caching name?
davarle: Dav for David, and arle for Arlene. We originally had this name when we made some homemade wine and wanted to come up with a French-sounding name for the bottle label.

When you cache, what equipment do you use? (PDA, Garmin, Magellan, software)
davarle: Garmin 60CSx. Palm Centro (Cachemate) for the PDA. We use GSAK, and Mapsource. David uses a space pen that writes on wet paper. It’s supposed to write underwater and upside down, but we haven’t had the opportunity to test it out yet!
What are your all-time favorite cache(s)?
davarle: We can’t pick a favorite. There are just too many. We have so much fun caching, that we find something fun about each one.

Do you have any special caching adventures you want to tell us about?
davarle: We were in West Ranch Nature Park, having a nice walk, finding caches. We were headed for the last one that we needed to do, and instead of walking all around, David decided to cross over the water over a log. A man appeared and told him that he was now on private property, so when he tried to go back, he slipped and ended up in the mud. The mud went up to his knees, and he couldn’t free himself. He started sinking more, the mud now above his knees. He was able to sit on a log and slowly dig himself out. We made our way back to the car. He was covered in mud and totally exhausted. (Of course Arlene went and grabbed the cache.)

Have any "Most embarrassing Geo-moment" you would like to share? Details please!
davarle: We were kind of new to caching. Arlene went out in the middle of the day, into the woods, and found an empty log. I signed the FTF, and logged it on GC. Later someone wrote that they were there that morning and were the FTF. I guess in my haste, I didn’t look carefully, and I was the STF. Whoops.

What is your favorite type of cache (traditional, multi, puzzle) and why?
davarle: We like caches in parks along a trail or off a trail in the woods. It’s a reason to get out, do a little hiking, caching, and picnicking. We aren’t good at puzzles. We like any cache that takes a little time to find, and we end up finding. We care more about the location than the type of cache.

Summer or Winter caching? Why?
davarle: We like winter caching, mostly because we like going out and walking without mosquitoes.

When a new cache is listed, are you tempted to go for FTF?
davarle: David isn’t. Arlene is, but it has to be within 5 miles of the house.

Tell us about your cache mobile.
davarle: We both have Civic Hybrids. It’s great on mileage, but it’s impossible for off-roading. There were some caches in the Pastor series up in East Texas that we couldn’t do because our car couldn’t handle the terrain.

What other hobbies do you have?
davarle: David likes photography. Arlene likes watching movies.

Do you currently have any caching goals that you are working towards?
davarle: We are looking forward to 1000 someday, but don’t have a time frame on when we reach it.

Is it all about the numbers?
davarle: Of course.

Thanks for this interview. Is there anything you would like to add?
davarle: This month marks our two year anniversary caching. We have had a blast. We love going to the geocaching events. We have met a great bunch of people who have become friends. We love caching with friends, going out at midnight for a FTF, caching in a park or meeting a fellow cacher on the hunt. We are really excited to be chosen as the cacher of the month.