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Featured Cacher For June 2007 - Georeyna

Georeyna of Houston, TX.
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How did you learn about caching?
Georeyna: I learned about caching through my neighbors and friends “The Popeteers.” Momma Popeteer started out by inviting my daughter to go geocaching with their family. It took her about two months to convince me to geocache. One day she called and said “Get ready, we are going geocaching.” She took me to her caches in Meyer Park and we searched for all her caches there. After the very first find, I was hooked. We had so much fun and about 2 weeks later I officially joined the geocaching community. I have been involved with geocaching since 2005.

What kind of equipment used (PDA, Garmin, Magellan, software)?
Georeyna: I use Garmin. I have two Garmins right now, Garmin Vista and Garmin 60C. I love the latter of the two because of the mapping system if offers, color screen and all the updated features that comes with the GPS.
My personal PDA is a Palm Tungsten 3. I had noticed a lot of people doing paperless caching and was a bit envious that I could not have the same access as my fellow cachers. One day I was visiting with the Muddy Buddies and trying to get them to tell me, in 6th grade language, how to go about switching to paperless caching. Muddy Buddies gave me a quick demonstration at the New Years Event in Brazos Bend Park. I went home and downloaded everything they recommend I get, and then I went to eBay and searched for a Tungsten 3 and found one at a pretty good price then six months later, I was preparing for GW5. I thought “There is no way I am going to print all these caches” so hubby and I forced ourselves to sit, download everything to the Palm, create queries, etc. and violá, we were on our way to Paperless Caching.
I really loved it and it was so easy to use. I will still print a page or two for quick caches where I live but for the big trips or events, I plan to use paperless caching. No more destroying a whole forest from this cacher!

What are your all-time favorite cache/s and or adventure whilecaching?
Georeyna: My all time favorite caching adventure has to be our road trip to GW5. Our family went to Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina. We found some amazing caches but I think our favorite of all time were the caches around Franklin, TN. I had read the book “Widow of the South” which was about the Battle of Franklin and how most of the plantations were turned into hospitals for the Confederate Army. We went to visit the plantation and cached around that area. We were so overwhelmed the by “the spirit” of the Civil War which still existed in the area. You could see the trenches that were built by the Confederate army still surrounding the city. We cached at some cemeteries that held the remains of civil war heroes. It was awesome.
Here in Houston my all time favorite cache is The Popeteers “12 Days of Christmas Caching”. We really enjoyed the walk and spending the day with our kiddos. I really appreciate cachers who put so much effort and time in their caches in order to keep the geocaching community in constant change. I applaud all who do so.

Do you have any other hobbies?
Georeyna: Hobbies, hobbies. Hmmm. I love to needlepoint and read. I needlepoint on a daily basis. If I cannot get some major caching done, then I will work on my needlepoint and be creative. I love to read, especially historical fiction.
Geo-hubby is almost done restoring a 73 convertible Mustang and will begin restoring a 65 Kit Model Cobra. Hubby found this car during our GW5 geocaching trip. I told him “See good things come out of geocaching!!”
Geokiddos – Swim and play. Geodaughter is getting the spirit of working with a needle and thread and is beginning some “beginners needlepoint”.

Have any "Most embarrassing Geo-moment" you would like to share? Details please!
Georeyna: Ok, get ready because this is a good one! I may have shared this one with everyone on the forums but this is by far my most embarrassing moment. My hubby and I were in Oklahoma, on a geocaching road trip last summer. We noticed that a cache was close by some old back roads we were driving. We decided to catch one.
An old road took us to the top of a cliff with swings, fence etc. My GPS show 215 feet going away from the cliff. My hubby said, since it is so close I will stay with the kids while you go get the cache. So off I go, GPS counting down, terrain getting pretty steep but it is going away from the cliff. GPS showing 115, hmm, terrain still steep but I am getting close, I will keep going. I come across another cliff, with pebbles of course. A tree was in my way so I had to go around the cliff to get back on the path. I went around the tree and the pebbles started to move. I was like “Oh Lord, should I keep going?” My GPS said 70ft. Hey I am close I thought. Went around the pebbles and walked the path. Countdown 50ft, 45ft then 35 ft – STOP. There was a sheer drop of about 150 feet and that is where the cache was. Argh. My heart was telling me “What are you doing to me!”.
I thought to myself, “Well there is no way I am going for this cache. Started to make my way back. Boy, hard to climb back up. Oh yea, had to get around the pebbly cliff, pebbles really moving now. Got around, yea! Started to make my way back up, thought to self “did not realize it was this steep”. I could hear hubby and son calling out to me. They thought they would meet me half way. I said “No! Stay where you are!” Kept hearing my son call me and I kept climbing. My heart was sending me signals “Cardiac Arrest”. Finally I see the smiling face of my son and I made my way back. When I got to the truck, I did not realize that I was shaking so bad. Hubby asked me if I found it and I said “No, I think it has been muggled.” He offered to go and look for it, and I insisted that it was muggled. Took me a couple of months before I told him what really happened and he was speechless.

How did you decide on your caching name?
Georeyna: Did not have the slightest idea what caching name to use. I think we decided on bearcreekbears first, then at the last minute Georeyna. The Popeteers were having a hard time saying “Georeyna” even though the trail name included our last name. It was funny.

What is your favorite type of cache (traditional, multi, puzzle) and why?
Georeyna: I like traditional caches the most. It is pretty much go find it. Multi’s I like as well, especially when the coordinates end up at an historical location. Puzzles, well Piman and Kingwood Pathfinder have challenged me on my “puzzle capabilities” so right now I am “No comment” on this one.

Tell us about your cache mobile.
Georeyna: My cache mobile is a 2002 Green Chevy Tahoe. My husband wanted to install bumpers because I run into sides of walls and will hit a pole all for the love of geocaching. I have tested the “4WD” of this truck and then my hubby informed me that it does not have “4WD.” So far it has been a great car though. Lost my keys once and got stuck in a ditch once, no two times! Have been prompted by Momma Popeteer to go into “backwoods” with dirt, and I mean dirt roads to get 245 feet from a cache.

Do you currently have any caching goals that you are working towards?
Georeyna: Well I reached 1000 caches during GW5 and I am hoping to reach 2000 before the end of the year is up. I would also like to complete the Texas County Challenge if at all possible. I would also like to attend a lot of events, especially ones around San Antonio, Austin and Dallas.

Is it all about the numbers?
Georeyna: Oh, of course it is!

Tell us about your personal coins. How many do you have including micro coins?
Georeyna: I really wanted a personal coin and asked my hubby if it could be my Christmas gift. He agreed and production started. I went with something really simple, like the jalapeno. I thought of the jalapeno because of our ethnicity and how much my hubby and I love Salsa. At first, I was going to do Pancho Villa, his devious wife and two devilish children but I thought, hmm, maybe another time, so the jalapeno stuck with me. I have about 40 left from the original order. I have another coin in ""the works"" but do not see it coming out till the end of the year. I have three pathtags, one of a jalapeno, one of our two cockatiels, Tia and Tweetie, whom we adore and one pathtag for our geo-kiddos. It is of two jalapenos dancing.

Do you do coin trades? If so, what are some of the more interesting ones you have traded for?
Georeyna: Yes, I do trade coins. I went to the Temecula Coin Show in Temecula California and got to trade with Moun10Bike Coin for one of my Jalapenos. It was nice since he is the grandfather of personal geocoins. He is super strict about coin trading and he will only trade one. You can give him four of your personal coins and he will only give you one of his and that is it. I am sure some of his close friends have more but in general his is a one coin trade guy.

What are your plans for different coins if any?
Georeyna: I do have a plan for a coin in the future. Currently I have the designer, who designs dorkfish coins, assisting me with a design. She does very detailed, intricate work. She sketches everything by hand and gets a feeling of what she wants the coin to look like then transfers it to computer. It is in production. Her idea for my coin really interested me and the rest is umm.... Shhhh.....

Thanks for this interview. Is there anything you would like to add?
Georeyna: I really have enjoyed geocaching and meeting all the great people who come with it. Thanks to all in the geocaching community who has kept this hobby alive and whom I now know I can call friends.