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Featured Cacher For June 2006 - MAES

MAES of Houston, TX.
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How did you learn about caching?
MAES: Our children Amy and Scott who cache under the name Team Tulip took us caching the first time and then gave us a GPSr for a combination Anniversary and Christmas gift in 2005. That intro got us hooked.
What kind of equipment used (PDA, Garmin, Magellan, software)?
MAES: We use a Garmin 60CS and the associated map software package. Nothing fancy like PDAs or wireless stuff except for carrying a cell phone. We are quite unworthy of the modern world of electronics and software but are appreciative of the software help several members of HGCS have given us. We still will probably be stick shift drivers of the PC the rest of our lives, but will try to keep up as much as possible.

What are your all-time favorite cache/s and or adventure while caching?
MAES: Almost every cache we have found is special so keep hiding them. That said we will try to answer like this: Our all time favorite cache is GCCC46 "It Ended Here". It is a virtual that just blew us away. It is a full size sculpture of a covered wagon pulled by 6 mules complete with a muleskinner on top of one, a little boy and dog in front waving, a man on a horse riding beside, and an Indian walking behind. It is on a nondescript corner in a residential area of Santa Fe, New Mexico that is away from where all the tourist type attractions are. We would never have seen this without Geocaching.Two locals stand out as very memorable. First, "The Hessian" which is now archived was a wonderful adventure to find as our first (and only so far) nighttime only cache. The second, GCT05B "What's the Point" because it was our 200th find, our very first FTF, and a neat math puzzle that the left brained member of our team found eminently solvable.Our favorite adventure was our recent trip to Europe with Team Tulip in which we found caches in every country visited. Two great ones stand out.. GCHJPZ "War Cave" in Luxembourg which is an old German hand dug cave set high on a hill as a machine gun nest. The occupants had time on their hands as they carved a huge eagle in a nearby flat rock. The carving was so deep you can still see it despite the moss that grows over the rock. GCPNMZ "Burgtor" is a simple plastic sandwich box with a magnificent hiding spot in the hinge pocket of the huge wooden gate leading into the rulers palace in Vienna Austria. One of our favorites because it has been there so long despite the muggle activity. You can reach in and get it or rehide it while pretending to pose for a picture. Ingenious hiding spot. Also, a favorite memory because it is the most distant cache we ever found from our home coords. (5600+ miles)

Do you have any other hobbies?
MAES: Reading if that is considered a hobby. Otherwise, we find caching sort of our consuming hobby. Love to meet other cachers when we run across them or at events.

Have any "Most embarrassing Geo-moment" you would like to share? Details please!
MAES: We are somewhat embarrassed to be named Cacher of the Month when there is so much talent and very nice cachers out there in our area. They have helped us so much. We are also embarrassed we cannot mention in this small space all their names and acknowledge the wonderful caches we have found locally.We are sometimes embarrassed by DNF's. We consider ourselves somewhat adept now at finding a cache, and when we can't and it has been found by many others (especially with like 10 finds to their credit) we get so embarrassed. Recent versions of this are the now archived "Holiday Family Fun Cache 2005" and the active cache GCW51B "Enchanted Paradise". We will keep trying at least three times before giving up on the active ones.