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Featured Cacher For December 2010 - Nebulus703

Nebulus703 of Highlands/Baytown, TX.
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What got you interested in caching?
Nebulus703: I’ve always been the type to explore random places that nobody would ever go to. If there are a bunch of woods then I want to check them out. If there’s a huge empty field that I’ve never been in before then I want to run around in it. I would even climb buildings in urban areas just to see what the rooftops were like. Then one day as I was working I ran into my friend’s parents and we hadn’t seen each other in a really long time so we hit it off and got back up to date on what was going on with our lives. They mentioned having a new hobby known as geocaching. I thought, “What’s geo-cashing? Can I make money doing this?” They showed me their GPSr and started giving me details about their newfound hobby and every bit of it sounded really interesting. They showed me the website and where I could find my very first geocache. Later that night I went to the area where they told me to go and as soon as I found it I knew I was hooked. There’s something about that first cache that’s just magical. From there, I went home and set up an account and began looking for more in the area. I knew that I was going to enjoy this hobby because it allows me to explore like I normally do but this time I feel like I have more of a reason to do so.
How did you decide on your caching name?
Nebulus703: When I was a lot younger I heard the word nebulous and thought it was a really cool word. I think the reason behind that is because I’ve always been fascinated by space and well, nebula, nebulous, how could I not like this word? The 703 comes from my birthday (July 3rd) and it was a way to insure that I would have an available screen name. So I changed my AOL screen name to Nebulus703 and yes, I misspelled it on purpose because I honestly thought that it looked a little cooler that way. Ever since then, all of my accounts on any website would be Nebulus703.

When you cache, what equipment do you use? (PDA, Garmin, Magellan, software)
Nebulus703: I use paper with notes with highly detailed information, memory of what the area looks like on Google Maps, and my ancient yet extremely durable phone with no internet access and with no camera. No batteries to worry about but it does become a pain having to pull out a flashlight when caching at night so I can look at my GP- er, I mean, notes. I’ve been known to drop pencils and pens when caching so I carry three pens with me everywhere I go.
As for actually just going out and buying a GPSr… I don’t know. At first I was going to save up money for one and just continue caching without one until I could afford it. Well, we see how that turned out. I still don’t have one and I don’t think I want one but I might change my mind later down the line.

What are your all-time favorite cache(s)?
Nebulus703: AB’s STT #2 Aim For The Water is definitely memorable. I got a few of my friends into caching and they immediately wanted to do all the STT and I figured that I’d might as well go for it too. They were amazed when I actually shimmied up the pole on Texas Ave. that one day. Later that night after getting a confidence boost from the two STTs we picked up earlier that day, we decided to go for Aim For The Water now that we were serious about this. The trek out there was awesome, it was dark and we didn’t use any flashlights, we climbed to the top and I ran into a couple of raccoons that were literally face to face with me when I poked my head out. We located the cache, signed it, then just hung out on top of the structure for an hour or so just talking. We could see everything and just being in this secluded place far away from everyone with some of my best friends was just an awesome feeling.
Another favorite of mine is HC’s night cache in Jenkins/J.C. Holloway Park in Baytown. I love night caching and this was done so well. I went solo while doing this and even though I’ve walked through these trails thousands of times I still got a few chills down my spine.
And of course, STT #9 Pole Vaulting. I knew that someday I was going to get that cache. After getting five other STT caches my confidence level was way up there and I talked to one of my friends and we actually set out to do it. This cache SUCKS but it’s still one of my favorites due to the dedication you have to have to actually get to it. I didn’t use any climbing equipment at all to get this and well, you can read about it more in detail later. I’m still extremely proud of the fact that I was able to get that cache. I was showing off the burn marks on my arms for days just so I could brag about it!

Do you have any special caching adventures you want to tell us about?
Nebulus703: Well, there’s Pole Vaulting again. A couple of my friends and I got a canoe and strapped it to a truck and drove it down there to go for it. Then we paddled the canoe out into the nastiest water ever. We got to the pole that the soda tube was tied to and by then I was already having second thoughts. I’ve been able to shimmy up poles since I taught myself how to do it when I was three but this was still intimidating. What’s in that water? There are some sharp remnants of other telephone poles out here that I might impale myself on if I were to fall off, do I really want to do this? But finally, I cleared my mind of any negative thing that bugged me and jumped right out of the canoe and started shimmying up the pole.
Once I got to the top, which was no easy task by the way, I couldn’t get a good grip on the soda tube. I couldn’t use both hands because I needed one to stay on the pole and I didn’t want to fall into the water with god knows what lurking in there! So I used my teeth to grab the soda tube and then I unscrewed the lid off in victory. I descended the pole slowly and had to make the awkward transition of getting back in the canoe. Yeah, I failed. I jumped back into the boat and it flipped over. If that wasn’t bad enough, we were out in this disgusting water where dangerous creatures could be living and I had my cell phone in my pocket. Great. So we flipped the boat back over and paddled back to shore. From there we dried ourselves off, signed the log, and dried our phones off. Luckily, my phone was able to recover and I’m still using it without any problems.
Then we paddled back out there with the lid and log in my hand. Then as we were halfway to the pole I dropped the log into the water! NO! We managed to find the blank second page of the log but not the one with our names on it. We couldn’t write it on this second page either due to it being soaked. Luckily my friend had a piece of paper on him just for such an occasion and we signed our names as well as Thacatfish’s name because if you’re insane enough to go for this then your name better be on the log! I climbed back up the pole and put the cache back together. I came back down, jumped into the canoe and it didn’t flip over that time. Awesome.

Have any "Most embarrassing Geo-moment" you would like to share? Details please!
Nebulus703: Well besides the cell phone and log dropping debacle that I previously mentioned, there was one cache that I almost lost completely! I was going for one of BaytownBert’s caches on Sjolander in Baytown. This was a nano cache and I was doing this at night. After finding the cache I went back to my car to sign the log. After spending far too long rolling up that tiny piece of paper I realized that I had lost the cache. I panicked. I looked everywhere for that little nano! I looked all in my car, under the car, back outside in the grass or the road in case I dropped it. All I was able to find was the lid to the nano and that had fallen underneath my seat but where was the other part? Finally, I looked down and noticed that the magnetic nano was stuck to the button on my pants. I gave out a big sigh of relief and put the cache back.

What is your favorite type of cache (traditional, multi, puzzle) and why?
Nebulus703: I think I prefer traditional caches the most. They usually involve the least amount of work and the least amount of time to do. Puzzle and Multis are fun but they usually take a lot of work to pull off and since I don’t have a GPSr, I might have to end up taking multiple trips home to my computer to see where the coordinates take me. A traditional cache is just one trip and one smiley right there.

What is your favorite local cache?
Nebulus703: I already mentioned three favorite ones and all of those are in my local area. But I guess I could mention ONE more. I guess I’d have to go with Latitude_Attitude’s Sofa Dude Trail #3 outside the San Jacinto Mall. A friend and I got this one when it was dark and it was our very first FTF. We met LA out there and he told us that he had recently changed the coordinates so all of our hiding places that we had planned were shot. We eventually found the really clever and awesome container and laughed about it. Our very first FTF and it was just exhilarating.

How about your favorite out of state cache?
Nebulus703: I’ve never cached out of state. Next time I leave I go to Colorado or Louisiana I’ll be sure to compile a list and grab a few.

Summer or Winter caching? Why?
Nebulus703: Well seeing how I started caching in June of this year and have never really had a chance to go caching in the winter I guess I’d have to go with the only one I know. Besides, I HATE the cold. I’m such a wimp when it comes to the cold. Don’t get me wrong, 100+ degree heat isn’t fun either, especially with all the hair and the bushy beard that I have, but I’d take that over freezing temperatures. Also in the winter it’s usually a combination of cold and wet and that’s such a horrible combination. However, I wouldn’t mind trying a few caches out in the woods during winter due to the vegetation and insects not being so bad.

When a new cache is listed, are you tempted to go for FTF?
Nebulus703: YES. I check every chance I get to see if there’s a new one in the area. I don’t have a premium account so I don’t get them emailed to me so I work a little bit harder on FTFs. I’ve met Latitude_Attitude as well as Maverick Monk (or Arm7070) out on the trail before while trying to get a FTF. Most of these involve me having to go out at night and get them. Luckily for me I’m a borderline insomniac so sometimes I cache when I can’t sleep.

Tell us about your cache mobile.
Nebulus703: My cache mobile is a black ‘95 Acura Integra. It’s a really old car with over 190,000 miles on it but it’s still going strong. Inside the car you can find potential cache containers, sheet music, candy, a hippo figurine on the dashboard, and so much other stuff. I pretty much live in my cache mobile.

What other hobbies do you have?
Nebulus703: Music. I’m currently pursuing a degree in music and I also give private guitar lessons. Teaching is such a rewarding experience and I love it very much. I write music, perform music, and pretty much think about it all the time. I can play five instruments and I’m hoping to add more to my arsenal.
Skateboarding is another one although I haven’t had a skateboard in over a year. I’ll occasionally drop by the skate park and see if any of my friends are there so I can ride around a little. I skate a lot differently than those around me but I’m having fun with it so it’s cool.
I can also be quite the gamer but I’m as not bad as I used to be. I used to be an addict and it was horrible. Now, I still play video games every now and then but I play more of the classics and ones I grew up with as opposed to the newer ones.

Do you currently have any caching goals that you are working towards?
Nebulus703: My first goal was to get to 500 by the end of the year and I’ve already accomplished that. I truly am addicted. So why not go for 600 by the end of the year? Or more? I’m almost to 600!

Is it all about the numbers?
Nebulus703: Yes and no. Personally, I’m a numbers freak. I love stats. I love keeping track of how many finds I have per day, per month, how many FTFs I have, so on and so on. However, I’m still very new to this hobby and sometimes numbers don’t necessarily equal experience. There are all kinds of different caches out there and each one has the potential to be its own unique adventure. It’s the experiences and adventures that matter the most but counting up numbers and stats can be fun too… at least to me.

Thanks for this interview. Is there anything you would like to add?
Nebulus703: Yeah! I want to thank all of those who put out caches. Without any caches being put out then this hobby wouldn’t be any fun. I’d also like to thank BaytownBert, Houston Control, and Latitude_Attitude for giving me help when I needed it.