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Featured Cacher for August 2005 - UsMorrows

UsMorrows of La Porte, TX.
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How did you learn about caching?
UsMorrows: We were going camping in the back woods of Colorado for 2 weeks in July and August of 2001. I had discovered Topozone and told Frances we should get a GPS. She thought that was a good idea since she thinks I won't ask for directions (male stereotype thing) but then we saw very few people on some of the trails we went on. About a week after getting the GPS we saw segment on Geocaching on a news show, I think it was 60 minutes. I thought this would be a good way to learn how to use the GPS and we tried it at ""Texas Star"" in San Jacinto State Park. I think at the time there were about 150 caches in Texas and 40 in Colorado.
What kind of equipment used (PDA, Garmin, Magellan, software)?
UsMorrows: The PDA Toshiba e755 PDA with Mapopolis Navigator and Dreamware (Wayne did a great job on his Dreamware). GPS is a Garmin GPSmap 76S and Garmin III+ . I usually leave the III+ hooked up to the PDA and use the 76S to locate the cache. The 76S is kind of bulky but the large screen is nice for us old folks. Other software is ExpertGPS, GSAK, National Geographic TOPO, GPS to Maplet, Geocalc and Mapsource. Of course many web mapping sites are used also. Depending on what kind of cache day is planned we may also carry the laptop with us. The cachemobile has three lighter plugs in the front and one in the back, they are often all in use. Geeze sometimes it looks like someone is fixing to have open heart surgery in the thing.

What are your all-time favorite cache/s and or adventure whilecaching?
UsMorrows: The list is long but distinguished but I will only do a few here. We like long walks in the woods so of course Four Notch Loop has to go here as well as Rumble in the Jungle and Fallen Timber. A Bridge Too Far is great not only for the uniqueness but the fun watching Frances. She doesn't get higher than the second step on a ladder and you should of seen her legs shaking. Here legs were even sore the next day from so much shaking going on. Since this is a family site I can't say the names she called Geowyz when she found the second stage. She almost fell coming back and butt scooted back. I don't know if you would call it an adventure but some of the most funwas when the stats pages were up and we were constantly fighting Geowyz for the top Houston Area Cacher. Some trickery was involved like caching all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday but not logging until after the weekend. Geowyz and us got near our 1000th cache near the same time and we laid down our swords and went and did number 1000 together, it was Bull's Favorite Puzzle Pie Cache GCKQ2N, that has to be on the list of favorites.

Do you have any other hobbies?
UsMorrows: Fishing, Hunting, Woodworking, Programming and Model Railroading. Many have been in neglect since Geocaching. Dang I need to retire.

Have any "Most embarrassing Geo-moment" you would like to share? Details please!
UsMorrows: I'll do two here, one for Frances and one for me. When a cache came up near the house I would often tell Frances why don't you go get it but she would say that she didn't want to go by herself. After Babslover, Indian Point and a couple of other ladies that cached by their self she decided to do a solo. That was Mease Tracks GCD394. The parking is a softball park on Red Bluff. There was a practice going on and she drove in and parked. It is a long walk and swampy. When she came out the gates were locked and there was one of Pasadena's finest parked at the gate waiting for the wrecker to get there to tow off her car. He wasn't happy about missing lunch and listening to this muddy woman explaining Geocaching to him. BillyH witnessed it as he turned through the cut-through to go to the cache. She got off embarrassment and got mad when she saw him drive off. She had her cell phone but of course it was in the car and wouldn't have been much good if the Tahoe was towed off. For me there was that cache in Terryl Park in Beaumont. Captain J had done a series on navigational caches and there was a prize for the first six that completed the series. We had done five and the last was in Beaumont. After doing the calculations for the final cache and being a clever person I told my boss I may need to take a half a day of vacation. I figured if I could haul it to the cache and get back I wouldn't need to waste any vacation. The first mistake I made was stopping at a store near the park for a cool drink. A car with some guy in it followed me into the park and was right on my bumper. I decided to pull into the restroom hoping he would continue on. I didn't look back but coming out I saw his car parked at the road. He walked by me and said Hi, with that kind of voice. As I was getting in my truck I heard him yell ""look here"" and it wasn't pretty. No way I was going in the woods now. I didn't want to give up on the cache so I went to Beaumont and ate lunch. When I came back I didn't see his car but it sure was hard finding the cache while looking over your shoulder all the while. Yea, there is the towel to wipe the mud off also."