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Featured Cacher for April 2006 - Red Eye Rebels

Red Eye Rebels of Houston, TX.
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How did you learn about caching?
Red Eye Rebels: A buddy of mine named Wes Green was the original Red Eye Rebel. He and a couple of my other friends started caching one year when his parents got him a GPSr for Christmas. For about a year they found a cache here and there and he tried to talk me into going. I always said no!!! Finally I gave in but the first 3 or 4 we searched for we couldn’t find, I had about quit already. Eventually we found a couple and as I started to play with the site I became interested in its features, though it was very limited then. Soon after I was hunting down caches closer to my house, and the thrill of new caches on my front search page began to pull me in for good. My buddies quit going long ago, they had found about 20 that first year…I think I found over a thousand the second.
What kind of equipment used (PDA, Garmin, Magellan, software)?
Red Eye Rebels: I have many units, among them, a Magellan Meridian Platinum, a Garmin 60, a Garmin Map 60, a yellow etrex, and last but not least a BT338. That last one is a bluetooth GPSr about the size of your computer mouse. It is without a doubt the best GPSr I own, it’ll tracklog under the seat in my car, upside down and wrapped in a blanket thanks to the Sirf III in it. I use the BT338 with a PDA/Smartphone and Mapopolis to navigate instead of using my mapping GPSrs, just preference. I also use Cachemate for PocketPC to carry my caches around with me. I have always used my Garmin 60 from the car to the cache since I bought it, for me it works better than the rest. Of course I have GSAK, Geocalc, Dreamcacherware and whole host of programs at home to speed me along.

What are your all-time favorite cache/s and or adventure whilecaching?
Red Eye Rebels: There’s an awful lot to choose from here, but when it comes to my favorite cache I’d say the Four Cache Loop, that’s why I have done it multiple times. Otherwise I enjoy almost any caching adventure when among friends. I can cache alone faster usually, but I never have as much fun as when I am caching with others, even if there is someone who “smells the flowers”. As far as adventures go I like making it out of the city to do cache runs in other towns where I grab 60+ caches and come home exhausted. Those are the best fun for me. Lots to choose from and if there’s a bad one there had to be many good ones to make you forget about it anyway.

Do you have any other hobbies?
Red Eye Rebels: What?? Lately I have started doing other things, and been more devoted to work, but for a year everyone sort of wondered if I’d disappeared from the face of the earth. There for a while there was no side show, now geocaching is learning to share me and I have slowed down.

Have any "Most embarrassing Geo-moment" you would like to share? Details please!
Red Eye Rebels: Hmmmmm, I’ll tell you a secret story not many people know. This whole geocaching thing might not have lasted as long had one event gone differently in the beginning.I had less than a hundred finds and was just getting into FTF’s. There was a cache around 40 miles north of my house which had been out for a year or so and was never found. The Troglodyte’s had attempted it but said there was no way to get to it without swimming. I decided we should go after it, especially after such a well-recognized and honored team had turned it away. Don’t ask why but I used to do all my caching at night, so that is when I went after this one. It was north of Lake Conroe in the shallows, half deep, half ground. A couple friends of mine and I started out at about 1 am loaded down with gear. From parking it was more than a mile walk jumping and swimming gullies, and it took us some hour and a half to get there and find it. It was soaked, completely unsignable and just laying on the ground, we traded (I still did back then), and I placed it in the fork of a tree to keep it off the ground. To keep the story short on the way back it took twice as long, this was mainly due to the fact we had killed all three flashlights and spare batteries. I also slipped once we were walking in the dark by GPSr light and cut my hand wide open. Luckily we had some first aid gear. Then I managed to get us out before daylight though I was bleeding and as we got about 1000 feet from making it out of the woods the last GPSr's died. We barely escaped and the event could have gone much worse than it did. In the end, they owners archived the cache so we were the only ones to ever experience it. Oddly enough this didn’t make me quit night caching, I just vowed to become the best at night caching so I didn’t end up in that situation again. It’s still my favorite, and I go whenever I can. It’s just more challenging.