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Welcome to the Houston GeoCaching Society; A loosely knit community of Geocachers in and around Houston, Texas including such areas as Huntsville, Beaumont, and Galveston. The Houston GeoCaching Society''s purpose is to promote "geocaching" in all forms as well as providing a means for geocaching enthusiasts to come together, communicate, and most of all have fun.

You can join the Houston GeoCaching Society by registering for an account and participating in the discussion forum. There are no dues and registration is free. There are no rules in location so if you would like to communicate with the locals feel free to do so.

We welcome everyone.

What is "geocaching"? Geocaching has many different variations, however in the basic sense it is simply the hiding and finding of objects using a handheld GPSr (Global Positioning Satellite receiver) or traditional methods such as a map and compass.


Pinned  Texas Geocaching Association - Board Elections

Mar 10 2013 09:07 PM | Team Four Paw in Articles

The Texas Geocaching Association is holding elections for President, Vice President, Regional seats, and an Amendment.

-- Voting rules:
  • All (paying ($5/yr)) members in good standing for 2013 calendar year by March 31, 2013 can vote.
  • Online voting ends March 31, 2013.
  • On site voting will take place on Saturday April 6, 2013 till 5PM at Texas Challenge
  • All members unsure how to vote on-line, or having problems can email voting choice to election@texasgeocaching.com

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Visit: Lake Houston Wilderness Park

Mar 31 2012 05:43 PM | JustKeely in Articles

Posted Image

This park recently received the first part of a $6 million facelift, courtesy of the city of Houston. Recent upgrades include the addition of four new cabins, two screened A-frame camping platforms, and five screened shelters. Also, a new entrance has been added that makes the 5,000 acre park more accessible. Cabins should be available for rental beginning in mid-April. Plans also call for creation of an archery ranch and horse rental concession.

This municipal park is the second largest of the 366 parks listed in the city of Houston’s Parks and Recreation Department, and the only one that offers overnight camping. It is only a half hour away from downtown Houston, off 59 in New Caney. There are currently three geocaches inside the park.

From the 1950s to 1990, the 200 main acres of this park operated as one of the most popular Girl Scout camps in the San Jacinto Council. Girl Scouts of the era will recall it as “Peach Creek Ranch”, a haven for horse enthusiasts. A herd of forty horses lived here, where countless girls learned how to ride from the instruction of horse wranglers (teenage girls who worked with the horses) and adult instructors.

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Texas State Parks and The Budget

Mar 31 2012 03:33 PM | JustKeely in Articles

At the beginning of this year, supporters of the Texas State Parks were solicited for donations. On the homepage of TPWD and the top of each park’s website, there is still a message asking for financial help. Part of the reason TPWD needs such urgent financial help is due to the droughts and wildfires last year that reduced tourism and park visitation. Some of the reason the parks need help, though, is something they are not discussing in their plea, but potentially is the source of the problem.

Before 1993, funding for Texas state parks was provided through the fees for entry and activities, and through 1% of the tax on cigarettes. The Texas legislature that year decided that perhaps the smoking tax was not something that directly related to the support of the parks, and perhaps even went against the image they were trying to promote. It was decided that year to appropriate funds from the tax on sporting goods instead to finance the park.

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