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Texas Geocaching Association - Board Elections

The Texas Geocaching Association is holding elections for President, Vice President, Regional seats, and an Amendment.

-- Voting rules:
  • All (paying ($5/yr)) members in good standing for 2013 calendar year by March 31, 2013 can vote.
  • Online voting ends March 31, 2013.
  • On site voting will take place on Saturday April 6, 2013 till 5PM at Texas Challenge
  • All members unsure how to vote on-line, or having problems can email voting choice to election@texasgeocaching.com
TXGA has made great strides in rebooting the organization but it's still not there. I personally believe one of the biggest hurdles TXGA needs to overcome is the influence of some key personalities. With this election I truly believe we as geocachers can help this organization to the next level by voting for our own Brent Kitchens (Log Dawgs) for president and continuing with Gary Foster for vice president.

The organization is extremely important as it works for us as a liaison for State & Local governments as well as media outlets.
Without the ability to use the lands, parks, and other recreational areas we would not have geocaching. So it's important that we have folks we can trust, have good face, and our best interests when dealing with outlets that don't quite know or even appreciate geocaching like we do.

The following links are for the online voting. You must be up to date on your dues (a minimum of $5 a year) and registered on the TXGA forums. Keep in mind that TXGA recently switched to a completely new content management system. If you have any trouble send an email to support@texasgeocaching.com or use "Contact Us" link on the main TXGA page.

TXGA President
TXGA Vice President
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Mar 10 2013 10:54 PM

Got my vote in a few days ago. I'm already receiving the kickback checks. :)