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    Texas Geocaching Association open positions

    Team Four Paw

    The Texas Geocaching Association is looking for your dedication

    TXGA is currently without members for 3 (soon to be 4) very important roles on their Board.
    TXGA seeking a geocacher/s who are driven and willing to enthusiastically help promote our hobby and sport through the state of Texas and beyond!

    The Technology Director is a detailed position that would be responsible for TXGA's website and Online presence.
    Our Finance & Compliance Director will soon be leaving us as well. As the title implies this position would be responsible for TXGA's finance and Compliance related issues. 

    South and Central Texas regions are currently not represented.
    The South region is pretty much everything south of San Antonio, and the Central region is Austin and surrounding areas. 
    TXGA would love to have a local geocacher to represent these areas to help promote geocaching and TXGA in their respective areas.

    If you or someone you know feels like they could help make their local or statewide geocaching community just a little bit better please contact TXGA by visiting their website.

    Texas Geocaching Association
    TXGA Contact form

    Please feel free to read through TXGA's Bylaws for more information on the positions.


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