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  2. i'm on FB, but i prefer the forum format that is here still. i'm just less chatty than i used to be. but i'd like to know about the way to sort TBs too, so i'm watching this one.
  3. unfortunately, in our area "progress" keep taking all our trees and wooded areas, leaving us with bushes, fences and lightpoles. i would love more of the bigger sized caches to be placed.
  4. So, is there a local geocaching page I should know about? I'm really sorry to see this website go. It was a place I could get answers to my many questions.
  5. Right, and he gave up his domain too.
  6. We found this cache a couple of weeks ago and it is listed as a "regular". It might be tough to tell, but it's one of those honkin' huge ammo cans that once held mortars or RPG's. The cache was placed in 2003, so maybe they didn't have the "Large" size option then.
  7. Evince was run by Prime Suspect, aka Prime Reviewer. He retired as a reviewer and apparently took his coordinate checker site with him. I don't think I had the Evince checker on any of my caches. I tend to use Geochecker and Certitude.
  8. This site has been getting less and less visits lately. I think more people are on Facebook, visiting various geocacher groups on there. To answer your other question -- I don't think there is a simple way to do that.
  9. I'm certainly not one who would have an idea of how to do this in an elegant way. Key Results and Team Four Paw occasionally check in--perhaps they will have an idea. My only other ideas would require accessing old logs.
  10. You can do that. The history of each bug is on the bugs page. But when you have a hundred bugs and each bug has many actions you have to tediously go to each bug and then hunt through page after page of logs to find the real drops it's more than I'm willing to do. In the old days I wrote programs that would do this automatically but GC changed their website to prevent that. As an example, one of my little found caches has 31 bugs recorded. I took the first one on the list as a random sample. That bug has 165 total actions in its history. If this is typical I would have to go through up to 5000 logs, keeping records along the way, to determine if which bugs were actually placed in the cache.
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  12. It does seem to be getting rather echoey in here. I think some people have moved…some have retired…I'm not sure what has happened to everyone. Perhaps some have gotten burnt out. In regard to your question, I don't know the answer. I suppose if you had a history of the bugs (and I don't know how one gets that), you could look at the history of the individual TB to see if they ever were dropped off.
  13. I had seen hints that it was gone, but since the only time I have ever used it is to check just a couple of puzzles, it wasn't something that I thought I should repeat.
  14. This is getting spooky. I'm beginning to hear an echo when I come here. When I go to Geocaching, Travelers, Puzzles and maybe others I haven't checked I have the latest topic, maybe going back months. Is this site gradually (or not so gradually) going dark? Where'd everybody go? So anyway, I would like to figure out which Travelers have actually been in one of my caches. It has a lot listed in the history but many/most/almost all have been people dipping bugs, not putting them in the cache. I haven't been able to sort the wheat from the chaff. Anybody know an easy way to tell which travelers were ever actually in a cache?
  15. Am I the only one who didn't know the evince coordinate checker is defunct? I'm having to redo all my puzzle and multi fill in the blank pages.
  16. This a large cache.
  17. My test for a micro is the volume (not shape) of a tennis ball or less. If it's greater than a tennis ball and less than a quart container it's a small. I used to say a two quart container but with size creep and all . . . A large should be a gallon or more. Incidentally, there are so few large containers they were not considered in my study.
  18. This sounds like a job for Team Four Paw!!! (cue appropriate super hero music)
  19. Hey, I signed up on this forum 10 years ago. At the time I went by CranksetCacher but now I cache by the name TheBicycler. How do I change my name to TheBicycler for this forum?
  20. Interesting. On the Remember the Alamo series of puzzles SW of San Antonio, the cache owner has pill bottles and 35mm film canisters listed as "Small". used to use a film canister as the example for a micro cache. To me, if you can't put an normal-sized geocoin in the cache, it shouldn't be labeled as small.
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  22. To me the first chart is the most meaningful. It shows the change clearly. The chart distinguishing between caches labeled small vs micro has more issues. The small cache designation wasn't adopted until somewhere in 2005 or later. Before that most people called them micros. My earlier data with smalls must have been people who relabeled older caches small once that designation became available. For example, people relabeled caches placed and labeled small in 2003 may have later changed them to small. My data uses when the cache was placed and I can't know if the size was changed later. My observation is there's been size creep over time. Some new cachers are labeling caches small that in prior years would have been labeled micros. I've imagined this may partly be because newer cachers have seen so many of the tiny containers (nanos, Bison tubes, etc.), which didn't use to exist, a large pill bottle seems like it must be a small. My intent was to show the decline of regular (they were called regular for a reason) caches and the second chart muddies that. I omitted 2001 & 2002 because my data's bad back then and geocaching had growing pains with some odd things going on. For what it's worth in 2001 (the first year of caching) 96% were regular caches and 4% micros in my iffy data. Percent of Caches
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