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  2. I stumbled across it. I can't remember where now.
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  6. Yeah. That was pretty terrible, people taking those traveling caches to events for hand-offs and logging. Really terrible, and bad for geocaching no doubt. More Washington wisdom to help our game grow. (tongue planted firmly in cheek)
  7. As some may know, during a psychotic episode a few years back I decided to have some Houston Geocaching Society geocoins minted. They are nice 1.75" diameter coins that are trackable on with a custom icon. I released some into the wild (a few are still traveling), sold some, traded some, and gave some away. Still, I have a couple of boxes of them left. If anyone is interested in one (or 50) I'll let them go for $8 each. For $10 each, I'll include shipping them to you. PM me if you're interested. I might consider a bulk discount if you want several, so make me an offer.
  8. That's quite a resurrection!
  9. NEW traveling caches were "outlawed" years ago, but the older ones were grandfathered until recently. The idea was that they would move around and be rehidden and their coordinates updated for others to find. Apparently, they all pretty much were just being held onto by people and taken to events to be "found" by others and the coordinates seldom changed, so Seattle decided to archive them all.
  10. And just where did you see it or know about it being in Houston. I know it was in Houston back in 2011
  11. And other archived caches can, on occasion, still be found.
  12. But, it's still active. It just moved to Houston recently.
  13. The link states the cache has been archived.
  14. I'm the last person to care about jerimy's arbitrary and capricious rules, but I thought traveling caches were outlawed a long time ago. This one seems to be alive So, what's the deal?
  15. Last log was 8/19/2010. Today I got this: Just received this coin from a Muggle."do you know what this is? I have it now since 2011 and heard you might find this useful " So this coin is finally back in the game!
  16. Our family stopped by this park on friday (May 26th) on our way down to Galveston for the Memorial weekend vacation. We spend a few hours at Challenger 7 Park geocaching. We found about half of the caches in the park. My daughter and I searched for "The Holding Tree" cache but only found the black string hanging from the limb of the tree. We contacted Thot to let him know we DNF'd it and what we saw. After our vacation this weekend we plan to stop by this park again to finish the other caches in the park we missed. We hope Thot can get these caches back to active status because we enjoyed visiting. The only caching supplies i have is a small bison tube. If you want we can stop by CVS or Walgreens and pick up a few pill bottles to make some new caches. I do have some camo tape. Let me know if you want us to stop by challenger 7 park and put fresh caches out for you so you can re-activate them.
  17. I see. Given the number of people who cache using a cell phone, it makes the function pretty useless.
  18. If they view it from the app it may not log. And if they just DL the coords and upload a find from GSAK or go straight to the logging page (i.e., the loophole for family members on premium caches) they won't show in the audit log as they did not visit the main cache page.
  19. All three of my caches in Challenger Park have been muggled twice and one of them three times in the last few months. Best I can tell, no other caches in the park have been bothered. In the screen capture below you can see that all caches are active except mine. One of mine that is disabled isn't grayed out?? But, I looked at the others and saw none have gone missing in the last several months. So, I decided to look at the "Audit Log" to see who had been to the cache pages since the last find 'til it went missing. I don't see anyone who went and didn't find or log a find or DNF. But, I see they have been found by people not in the Audit Log. According to GC's definition the Audit Log is supposed to show everyone "who viewed your cache" So, how could people be finding it yet never visiting the cache page?
  20. Thanks for the replies. I forget I don't get emails telling me that people have responded.
  21. That's what I like about the OLD, OLD format. I use the Advanced Search quite a bit
  22. I was trying to solve a puzzle cache that involved putting a zip code in the GC search box to get coordinates to project off of, but the new search function gives results in a new format that doesn't include the coordinates at the top of the page. After some looking around, I found if you use the "Advanced Search" link on your dashboard (the old one, not the new one) it gives results in the old format.
  23. Here is what I use to get back to the OLD GEOCACHING FORMAT. Found it on one of their newsletter step 1 ->>>>>> OLD GEOCACHING FORMAT, step 2 ->>>>>> Search for "I’d like to use the old search" OLD GEOCACHING FORMAT, (About two thirds way down) step 3 ->>>>>> Clip on "keeping it around" =
  24. There's another version where the one stripe is blue, representing police officers. I personally don't care for them jacking with the American flag like that, no matter the cause.
  25. It is the "thin red line of courage" flag representing firefighters.
  26. I've seen at least a couple of these on the back of pickups. Saw one today. It's a little difficult to tell from the picture but the flag is entirely black and white except for the one white stripe that's colored red -- the blue is black and all the reds are black. I assume this is supposed to be a message. Does anyone know what that message is?
  27. Define "overlapping zones". You won't be able to move it to within 528' of another cache, regardless of which one was there first. If you draw a 528' circle around each cache, the circles can overlap (Venn diagram style), but neither circle can overlap the center of the other.
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