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  2. That's the problem with not getting notices from HGCS, I didn't know about your post 'til just now. Thanks for the kind words Kenny and the rest of you, please SIGN UP!
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  4. Funny story... when I got laid off I guess one of the other admins shutdown my little cluster. Fast forward a little bit and being a little out of touch it appears I can't remember my password to WCG. I don't want to change it though. <Queue funny part> I guess the admin didn't turn off all my machines I had running BOINC. I guess I still got one machine at my old job cranking them out... Changing my password would break that...
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  6. I have a few coins that I keep in my collection to be discovered by others, but with a proxy that travels the world. Sometimes the number gets out there due to me sharing at events, so when I get random discoveries on the coin, I'm not sure if it's the original people saw, or a the proxy. There is a local cacher (who's name rhymes with PaytownPert) that had a pathtag-like coin minted but with a TB tracking number on the back (100+ tags with the same trackable number). He hands them out with instructions to just discover the trackable number, buy you can see where confusion could arise if people started trying to "retrieve" them or started placing them in caches.
  7. I had a frog one once. They put out 5 of them. Not knowing, when I read the description it said to see if you could place it in a new cache before it hopped away. Sure enough, someone 'grabbed' it from me and put it in a cache overseas. So you just drop it and someone retrieves it and thinks someone else hasn't dropped it and .... you get the idea. Times five. If your 2nd copy comes back into circulation it would be like that. But less.
  8. I have released the same trackable of my Columbian mammoth which I have several mammoths I bought clearanced out. They keep going missing. Right now I have not released it again.
  9. A New Version of BOINC is out for Windows and MAC: Which is currently 7.6.33 Here is a link to release notes. Several notable things have been fixed and updated including NVidia video GPU recognition. BOINC is a program that lets you donate your idle computer time to science projects like SETI@home,, Rosetta@home, World Community Grid, and many others. BOINC is the software behind the World Community Grid. You only need to install or upgrade BOINC 7.6.33 For World Community Grid, Our own Thot's (Jim) team HGCS. If you already are participating in the World Community Grid, chances are you are using version 7.4 of the software, or older. I strongly recommend you upgrade and re-run the benchmark from the BOINC Manager menu at the top of the screen. It only takes a minute or two. The upgrade for me on Windows 10 Pro was flawless. Here is the UC Berkley download link for BOINC: You can follow a link or two and read about the virtual box download and decide for yourself if you'd like to help scientists and researchers in other initiatives such as SETI@Home, which require Virtual Box along with BOINC. Your choice. Speaking for myself, I'm quite proud of my participation in this program to help stomp out cancer in children, and the daunting task of mapping cancer markers. A few years ago, on this website, Jim (aka THOT) invited anyone who was willing to loan their PC or MAC's idle time to science. Several of us did. I for one am really glad Jim did that. I cannot tell you how good it makes you feel to get the occasional updates from the appreciative research scientists. You see your little laptop or desktop PC just sitting there, and you know that when you're not using it it's helping to unlock the cure or solution to many of man's nastiest or toughest problems. Here's the link to the World Community Grid: It's just a little thing, but as part of tens of thousands of other little things all over the world (the World Community Grid), you are making a difference over time. The status reports prove it. It's pretty cool. If you have a computer, that you're willing to leave on at night, or share while you're not using it, please consider this extremely worthwhile donation of some of your idle computer's processing power. It's free and absolutely secure, and fully configurable. Thanks again Jim! (TFP: Dude! You da man)
  10. If they were mine, I'd enjoy twice the anguish and frustration of TB ownership
  11. Almost four years ago this bug disappeared from a cache that is still active. It's had a couple of lives. Late last year I decided to resurrect it. When I do that I like to put the replacement in the cache where was last if the cache is still active. In this case it was, so I made a new copy. The owner of the cache agreed to drop it in, so I packed it up and mailed it to him. The day he said he dropped it in I plucked the old one out of the either and put it in the cache. The very next day a guy took it and stopped caching that very day. I emailed him about a month ago requesting he put it in a cache near him so it could continue. He didn't reply. I'm considering making yet another copy and trying again. If someday this guy puts the one he has in a cache there will be two copies floating around. Anybody know what happens then?
  12. Maybe that project was handled by drunken Hazelwood?
  13. I think Kenny is right. If the electronic compass is turned on and isn't calibrated properly, it will cause the cache direction pointer on the map screen to swing wildly when walking to a cache. As you are moving, the unit used the changes in GPS position to determine your direction of travel. As you slow a bit, the compass takes over and, if it needs calibration, can cause it to suddenly point the other way. I had trouble with this on my 64s when I first got it and had to recalibrate several times a day and it drove me nuts. Finally, they did a firmware upgrade that seemed to fix it, for the most part. I still try to recalibrate whenever I change batteries. Additionally, when recalibrating, make sure you are out in the open and away from any metal objects. Mine always fails on the pitch axis if I try to calibrate it in the house or while sitting in my truck.
  14. My Nuvi 550 does all that, but it's an older unit and has begun exhibiting the same symptoms you mention with the intermittent connector. I don't think Garmin makes a Nuvi anymore that is considered "geocaching friendly", but you can do a lot with GSAK and the POI loader macros. The Garmin Montana will do what you want, and holds up to 15,000 caches. You can even set it to be in Nuvi navigation mode when in the car mount and then switch to hiking/geocaching mode when out of the car mount. Unfortunately, they're even pricier than $450...
  15. I've noticed how Google Earth now displays in this pseudo-3D view, but garbles everything. I was looking at the unit we built at Exxon right before I retired. I swear those pipes were all straight when we built it!
  16. Yeah, the weekly emails. Or the geocaching blog.
  17. The weekly e-mails that show the events near you, assuming you plugged in some location for yourself in your profile, is normally how I hear about them first.
  18. I guess reading slowly was not my forte that day.
  19. I think his question is "how did you know about them in advance to earn them?"
  20. Looks like the Google Earth 3D view didn't switch to Streetview when you zoomed in. This is the closest I could get using CTRL + Mouse drag to tilt 3D View.
  21. I have every non-state "digital trinket", (souvenir), since Aug 2013. Um, not proud to say that I participate like a sheep...but, if you truly need a reference...look at my profile.
  22. Probably not the answer you're looking for but if you have a Smartphone (Android device in particular) you can use Locus Pro. It pretty much does everything. Supports Geocaching Live, Static Vector based maps, GPX, Track recording, etc. I believe there is even a GSAK Plug-in for it.
  23. $450 for what? My 2797LMT? Paid just over $250 2-3 years ago when they first came out
  24. Wow, $450. Does that thing prepare, bake and slice bread then wash dishes? The last Nuvi I bought cost $80. I use Red Roo's POI loader macro for my Nuvi 2495, but I find it's flaky. It always works for coordinates, but sometimes you get descriptions, usually not. Rarely do I get logs and never more than a couple. That's why I'd like to find a Nuvi that accepts .gpx files directly and shows all the data in them, like the GPSmap 62 does. The connector in my current Nuvi model has become intermittent, so sometimes it turns on and charges when I start the car and sometimes not. Sometimes it connects to my desktop computer, sometimes not. So, I'll need to buy a new one soon. In case you're wondering if there's a connection between the Nuvi's behavior and Red Roo's macro. The macro has behaved that way since I bought the Nuvi 4-5 years ago and the intermittent connector just began about 5 months ago.
  25. I recall some chit chat about souvenirs where some were suggesting that HQ has kinda cheapened them by using them in many of their membership promotions. One was the 31 days thing awhile back. Personally, I like collecting em when life permits it. I mostly hear about the souvies via the member emails or the Groundspeak blog promoting various events. With activity and membership down, the achievement of participation using the souvenirs is added motivation for some. I admit that I am slightly more likely to try and participate in stuff to collect new souvenirs. What can I say? I'm a lemming.
  26. Talk about your fixer-upper
  27. If you use GSAK there is a NUVI macro that will build a gpx file with the different parts you need (desc, logs, etc). It has been my experience with my Nuvi 2797 that converting it to a POI file with Garmins POILoader (.gpi) it is more user friendly. I have 20K caches loaded in the POI and they all show up on the map and when I tap one and get the description I see the logs, etc. The macro will also use the different icons for the cache types as well.
  28. I can't remember off hand how far out his goes, but here's a current list for 2001 & 2002 placements. If anybody wants more years I can do it. Houston's First (GC203) by Zephyr (2/2) The Dam Ladybug (GC8C0) by NAROYAPA (1.5/1.5) Challenger 7 Park (GC88E) by Mike Flannigan (3/2.5) Brazos Bend Birthday (GC10E8) by Britt&Bess adopted from ljtxhiker on 2_10_09 (2/2.5) 'Arbored in the Trees (GC1D6F) by westtexgeo, Log Dawgs adopted by Bubberdad (2/1.5) Texas Music Jukebox Cache (GC2255) by Paul Ag (2/1.5) BB's Little Cedar Bayou cache! (GC2638) by UsMorrows now BaytownBert (1.5/1.5) Snake Tree (GC2BDB) by Thot (1/2) Solstice Spot (GC2D05) by MarfaRocks & KOR (1/1) Abandoned WWII Blimp Base (GC2E13) by MarfaRocks & KOR (1/1) Near the Yellow Dirt Road (GC3238) by Paula&Nizar (2/2) Hoot 'n Holler (GC3A2A) by geowyz and zach (2/2) Off the Jogging Trail (GC3D1D) by ATMA (2/2) Conroe Diamonds (GC3D1A) by Team Troglodyte (1.5/2) T.C Remembers (GC3F61) by Mardocff (1/1) The Protector of Life (GC3F63) by Mardocff (1/1) Burnett Homesite (GC46AD) by Rudy & Jerrydene (1/1) TC Geography 1300 Series #1 (GC55A0) by Tomball College (WLCH) Spring 2002 Students (1.5/1.5) Four Wheel Power (GC5D16) by Team Troglodyte (1.5/3) Diablo's Cage (GC687B) by The Pigmundts (3/3) Military History Series - San Jacinto Battlefield (GC73A0) by Breaktrack (1/1) The dancers (GC73BD) by C, D & E (1/1) Where owls fly (GC73BC) by C,D & E (1/1) 1st National Oak Park (GC82D6) by teddielynn (1/1) Houston Zoological Gardens (GC84FF) by Teddielynn (1/1) Keeping The Kids In Mind (GC8576) by Teddielynn (1/1) Houston Holocaust Museum (GC8501) by Teddielynn (1/1) Not Everything is Big in Texas!! (GC8676) by benoutlaw (1/1) Rails of the Southern Pacific (GC8673) by benoutlaw (1/1) All Aboard! (GC8671) by benoutlaw (1/1) Wedell's Corner (GC88F1) by Ed & Greg (1/1) One Man's Castle (GC8C39) by The Simplers (1/1) Dementia Concretia (GC9A93) by Team Troglodyte (1/1) The Media Cache (GCA96E) by NoFear & ARVPanda (3/2) High and Dry (GCB7AF) by Thot (Adopted) (1.5/1.5)
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