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  2. That's what I like about the OLD, OLD format. I use the Advanced Search quite a bit
  3. I was trying to solve a puzzle cache that involved putting a zip code in the GC search box to get coordinates to project off of, but the new search function gives results in a new format that doesn't include the coordinates at the top of the page. After some looking around, I found if you use the "Advanced Search" link on your dashboard (the old one, not the new one) it gives results in the old format.
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  5. Here is what I use to get back to the OLD GEOCACHING FORMAT. Found it on one of their newsletter step 1 ->>>>>> OLD GEOCACHING FORMAT, step 2 ->>>>>> Search for "I’d like to use the old search" OLD GEOCACHING FORMAT, (About two thirds way down) step 3 ->>>>>> Clip on "keeping it around" =
  6. There's another version where the one stripe is blue, representing police officers. I personally don't care for them jacking with the American flag like that, no matter the cause.
  7. It is the "thin red line of courage" flag representing firefighters.
  8. I've seen at least a couple of these on the back of pickups. Saw one today. It's a little difficult to tell from the picture but the flag is entirely black and white except for the one white stripe that's colored red -- the blue is black and all the reds are black. I assume this is supposed to be a message. Does anyone know what that message is?
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  10. Define "overlapping zones". You won't be able to move it to within 528' of another cache, regardless of which one was there first. If you draw a 528' circle around each cache, the circles can overlap (Venn diagram style), but neither circle can overlap the center of the other.
  11. Thanks for the info. I believe I can find a place that's within 528 feet. One of the problems is two other caches already overlap into my zone. And I'm guessing if I move into the overlap it may raise flags. My cache was there long before the overlapping ones but those technicalities never influenced Prime Reviewer.
  12. Got mine!
  13. Be sure to log a find today to get the Blue Switch Day 2017 souvenir!
  14. I'm pretty certain it's 528 feet. Well, YOU can move it 528 feet. Any further than that an the reviewer has to do it, which he may, depending on the circumstances. I have an old multi that I recently converted from a 5-stage multi to a 4-stage multi by just eliminating the first stop. That meant moving the posted coordinates a couple of miles, but leaving the rest the same. PR did it with no hesitation.
  15. In my younger days, I moved one from Huntsville to Houston. I wanted to keep the same cachers that found the cache with that cache. Right off hand, I don't remember which one it was, could be LIL STINKER, PICTURE THIS, HIGHER EDUCATION or another one of my early caches. I moved the cache 528 feet at a time. If I moved it a mile or even 530 feet, GC would reject it. It took me a good while but I was able to get it moved to Houston without any interference from GC. I suppose you could ask your friendly reviewer to do it for you, explaining what you wish to do
  16. Really good article on an important topic if you kayak in deeper water and fall out of your boat.
  17. Just checked, and I qualify. Guess I'll have to go sign it some day. As I was scanning through my GSAK DB, I happened by chance to land on a particular cache and heard the trademark "bosun's whistle" sound effect. RIP Bosun.
  18. I've never heard of a specific distance, so I suppose it would be up to the reviewer. At some point common sense would be a factor e.g. to move a cache from Beaumont to El Paso. Why?
  19. How far can you move a cache before you have to archive it and make a new one?
  20. Yes, I made my bookmarked list years ago but have never gone to sign the log.
  21. I didn't know about the county version, and the one in Plano sounds like it might be the one I remember--much appreciated!
  22. We will be in the same area this week (camping at a state park) so I looked at some of my saved lists searching for certain caches in needed counties and came across this one : GC54C8X It sounds the same as you describe but is for counties, not cities. And, it's in Fort Worth. Still looking for the challenge by cities you are talking about....maybe I'll come across it. Found this one in Plano: GC1E28V
  23. That certainly matches the name, but I must have the wrong name. Perhaps it is a name like Texas Alphabet Challenge. The idea was to find 26 caches around the state--such as a cache in Abilene to count for A, a cache in Bedias to count for B and so on.
  24. I think you're talking about I've Been Everywhere Challenge--Texas but the challenge is to visit all the towns and cities mentioned in the song "I've Been Everywhere (In Texas)."
  25. Hi Thot, I might be interested in adopting the "snake tree" geocache. I will need to drive down there and take a look at the cache, its location and type first. Seems like a great park for geocaching. -HoustonTxDave
  26. My Snake Tree cache, the 8th oldest in the Houston area is up for adoption. See latest log.
  27. I seem to remember a challenge cache with a title similar to the title for this topic, but I don't remember all of the details. It was a challenge to find caches in towns throughout Texas that begin with each letter in the alphabet. I also seem to remember that a cache in Mexia would count for X. We were caching in Mexia today. And the search function at has changed, making it more difficult to find caches by name. So…does anyone know about the cache I'm describing and have a GC code?
  28. I just checked and I didn't get it either and I got the same message after I submitted and "Attended" log!
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